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Thanks for sharing Brother Bowman. I signed up for your site.
May it prove to be a blessing to you - and you to the membership. Looking forward to your contributions.

Absolutely Breath Taking......................My God, My God
Prophetess Katherine, everytime I listen to this, which is often. It just confirms that I'm not the only one. It just stirs me to leave the comforts of my home to hit the streets to say, "Repent...Repent...Repent make your crooked roads straight". You can't listen to that and your soul and spirit not be moved powerfully. Tired of late going to church after church and listening to sermons that are based on easy believism that leads to a misguided thnking that discourges us to really examine ourslves to determine if we are really in the faith.

The Bible teaches clearly that the evidence of God's work in a life is the inevitable fruit of transformed behavior. Real salvation is not only justification. It cannot be isolated from regeneration, sanctification, and ultimately glorification. Salvation is an ongoing process as much as it is a past event It is the work of God through which we are "conformed to the image of His Son". Genuine assurance I've come to understand, comes from seeing the Holy Spirit's transforming work in one's life, not from clinging to the memory of some long ago recitation of a "sinners prayer" while our lives continue to reflect not a life of regeneration that Christ commands us to be.
The extended version of this message. 5 more minutes of powerful preaching. I too would gladly join this church in worship with preaching like that. This is a part of a very healthy diet for any one who is seeking spiritual truth. Not milk by any means.

Wow, thanks for this EW and he had the nerve to go to Proverbs 7 too...LOL Love that proverb, one of the ones I take my son too. Lies in wait at every corner...Amen, thanks again, will be sending this too out to some of my co-laborers who will surely be blessed by this.
Side note: And EW do you know why this father or mother is teaching this to their son, in Proverbs 7? To protect him, because they love him. To warn him from those who seek to steal his breath away. To those who on BPN who despise us for doing the same in warning others of those who seek to steal, kill and destroy those unaware. How can we say we love our children as well as others and not warn and name those who's aim is to ultimately kill us by mishandling God's Word for their own profit and glory by teaching heresy and deceiving even the elect of Christ.....
Amen brother, we love our children and others, which is why we tell them the truth. I don't understand this new false gospel of, "leave em alone and let God work on them". I know that no man can come unless that Father draws him, but that doesn't mean that we are to keep our mouths shut.

We use that same proverb as illustrations to our children, especially my oldest son. It is important that they understand at an earlier age, the consequences of being a spiritual simpleton. My eldest son is wise beyond his years because God has blessed us to teach him the truth. My oldest daughter is wise beyond her years because mommy and daddy don't play. We don't play because we love them and they can only expect the truth from us.

Sure, we have made mistakes along the way, but that doesn't mean that we have to wallow in our mistakes. We must move on in the strength of the Lord. We have already told our children not to expect to grab a hold of our ankles when the rapture happens. You must know God for yourself a be ready when he returns.

Unfortunately, a lot of what I read here on BPN are doctrines that are contrary to God's word. They are doctrines designed to keep people in their weakest state and unable to grow. People are dying (spiritual death) in the church pews sitting under dead leadership and nobody wants you to say a thing about it. We have been commanded to cry aloud and spare not, so that is what we will do.

Those that despise us really despise Jesus and those that they minister to. How can you preach a gospel that compels men to stay in their sins until they are comfortable with letting them go or God takes them from you. You might as well take an axe to their head with that kind of gospel.

I must admit about 6 years ago I was uncomfortable with naming those who preach contrary doctrines but I grew out of that as my children began to age and look to these people with respect. I saw how my oldest daughter had a growing interest in a particular ministry so my husband and I had to kick in. I love those that carry the true gospel but I will not allow apostate, pimp preachers to undermine the teachings of the Lord that we have instilled in our children. Our kids will know of every snake that God reveals to us. If someone wishes to call us sin snoopers then so be it. I say that when speaking of leadership that has chosen to lead people astray. I have a great deal of love & concern for those that sit under this leadership but they must seek the truth for themselves or they will fall into the same ditch as their blind leaders.

Preach on brother. Lastly, I hear that this message in it's entirety is somewhere floating in cyberspace. If you come across it before I do then please post it as will I. Below is a link to another message that may grab your ear. It is over an hour long and is broken up into 16 clips so you may want to watch a little at a time. Let me know your thoughts on the message after hearing.

God Bless
EW this is so true what you say about revealing the snakes. Most people take Matthew 7:1 out of context and twist it so they won't be judged so they can keep telling these false doctrines that are leading people to hell. We are to judge all things in the spirit and reveal those that are teaching contrary to God's Word. How else will they be revealed and those under them come to the truth. Peronally I come and go when it comes to BPN because I don't fit in their mold and don't keep my mouth shut. I speak God's Words and not mans words because man is a liar. If you and Brother Scott ever want to visit my site at please do because there is some serious fellowshipping going on and most would not understand it and there is no fighting either. We need strong soldiers for the Lord and those that are not here to please men but to tell the truth of God's Word. God bless you all.
Hello brother John,
It is always a pleasure to see men and women of God stand up and take there places. I would be happy to join your site as we love Christian fellowship with truth seekers & speakers. Please also join us at My husband Watchman Banks is the site administrator there. His site deals a lot with the end time message and what the people of God must look for including FALSE PROPHETS AND DECEPTION. Right now one of our featured topics is Seducing Spirits in the Churches. Hope to see you there as well as you brother Scott Newman. God Bless.
Praise Yahshua, Brother Newman

To reiterate: " To me it seems most Christians or those who characterise today as "born again" assume that because Scripture contrasts faith and works, faith may be devoid of works. They set up a concept of faith that eliminates submission, yieldedness (spelled right?), or turning from sin, and they categorize all the practical elements of salvation as human works. They stumble over the twin truths that salvation is a gift, yet it costs everything."

You have touched the pulse of the erroneous machine which has operated in Christianity for centuries.

After Martin Luther brought the understanding of being "Justified by Faith", some protestants added on to the Word of God.

Faith is something which requires continuous action on the believers part. This warrants [works on the part of the believer] This is also to be counted continuously, as spiritual fruit. The operative word here is continuous !

One thing which confuses most is that they are taught that "We are not under the law" There is a misconception that we are not to use the Torah, Ten Commandments, as a guide as to what we should and should not do, to please God.

Like you said " Salvation is free, but it costs everything. Yahshua(Jesus) gave His all on the execution Stake (Tree) [which satisfied ,the required, blood sacrifice by a perfect sinless Lamb(Jesus); once and for all, but ,we [believers]are to do like the scripture says, "Take up your own cross and follow me", Jesus said this. This means that we have to put to death our old nature, daily.

There has to be a guiding rule of thumb, Right? This is where the Torah/ Ten Commandments, are used as that measuring tool to set boundaries for the believer, by the word of God.

Unfortunately, Christiandom tries to justify reasons to sin and it is the sin of Presumption. There is moral decay because most are listening to the voice of the anti-Christ spirit. The one which places importance of sel- worth and feeding the believers flesh, While drying up the believers spirit.

Sister Brenice that is the lie that the enemy has provided and sneaked into the minds of so called Christians that the Ten Commandments are dead and that the Old Testament/Torah is dead. The only thing Jesus did away with was the animal sacrifices by becoming the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. If people would understand when Jesus answered the question posed to Him by one of the Pharisees in Matthew 22:36. His answer in verses 22:37 - 40 was if we love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our minds and then if we shall love our neighbour as ourselves, the rest of the law and the teachings of the prophets fall into place and would not be an issue because of the love we have in us. We wouldn't kill, still, covet, lie or anything of the flesh. He never did away with the law or OT, He fulfilled the law. We need to understand the spiritual meaning of the feast days also and that communion isn't an event that takes place once in a blue moon with crackers and wine/grape juice. We should do this often and can be done at home and not just in a congregation. We should pray and understand we need to build on our spirit each and every day and to overcome our flesh each and every day and as you say die to it daily. God bless.


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