I write a monthly column for a local church (not my own) and I thought you all might be interested in reading them. The column is free for syndication if you'd like it - just let me know. All I ask is that the column title, subject title, my by-line and the contact info at the bottom be included as is with no changes. Here is the May (Mother's Day) edition:

A Mother’s Faith - by Deidre Campbell-Jones
The second letter of Paul to Timothy begins with Paul calling Timothy “his dearly beloved son.” Immediately thereafter he thanks God that without ceasing he is in remembrance of Timothy, and that Paul is filled with joy when he is called to remember the unfeigned or sincere faith that is in Timothy.

Paul describes this faith as one that was not originally Timothy’s own, but instead “dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois and thy mother Eunice;” (2 Timothy 1:5). Suddenly I was struck by the awesome nature of Paul’s statement in regard to these simple women – a mother and a grandmother. Here we have Paul – one of the most extraordinary of Christ’s disciples giving such love and praise to Timothy because of his faith – but he gives all credit for that faith to Timothy’s mother and grandmother!

What a legacy these two women passed down within their family. How strong and faithful a woman Lois had to have been to not only have passed down that faith to her daughter Eunice but also to have passed it along with the necessity of it, the joy of it and the ability to pass it on as well. Not only did Lois do an extraordinary job of exampling that faith and teaching that faith to Eunice, but Eunice as well continued the example before her and passed that same depth of faith to her son. Oh, that every mother and grandmother should have the same legacy!

You see, I am the only daughter and niece of three sisters – one of which whose name was Mary Lois. My grandmother and grandfather raised their daughters with an unwavering faith in God – so much so that upon my Aunt’s passing – political leaders present at her funeral from throughout our country all said that within minutes of meeting Lois you knew that she loved the Lord.

And from this legacy of legacies, rich with spiritual trials and triumph over those trials - comes me: a humble, often bewildered mother of a 3 year old son – a son that now has the awesome legacies of grandmother, great aunt and a great grandmother to contend with! And if I didn’t have enough concerns as to whether or not I could raise a strong black man in this day and age; just days before my third Mother’s Day I wonder, do I have what it takes to raise a man of great faith?

Before my son, I told every mother of a son I knew to raise a good husband and not just a good man. You see, I figure whether a man wants to marry or not, if he’s raised to be a good husband he’ll always be a good man. But not every good man will necessarily make a good husband! It is an abstract and possibly daunting concept that now has clarity – a man of faith is far greater than a good man or a good husband! And indeed I can raise a great man of faith! Furthermore, I assert that every mother reading this can do the same for her son or daughter as well.

Proverbs 31:28 says, “Her children rise up, and call her blessed;” Why? It is only from her having been faithful to do every other duty before her. All we have to do is be the women God intended us to be and live the faith He’s given us to live. Now then do you know the woman you’re intended to be? Submit your answer, or ask your own question at www.dcscompanies.com/theconnector

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Thank you Ladies -
I'm just now seeing your replies, shame on me! :D

Power, love & peace
~Min. Dez
the first call is to be saved by jesus the next is obeying the word of god this is the greatest warfare for all of us obeying the word the devil fights the body in this area look at genesis god said do not eat the fruit look at job1 feared god and avoided evil. there is a great blessing for obeying the word of god on earth and in heaven i will not tell you it is easy but it is worth it holywomen of god in proverbs 31 it says is worth a great price proverbs18 says a man that findeth a wife findeth favor with god. the bible says love your wife like jesus love the church and gave himself for the church with love and respect women you give us favor with god


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