Genesis 29:16 -35

Leah had it all... let Racheal tell it! (Gen. 29:31)

However, Leah suffered from several emotional secrets, but it only took being delivered from ONE secret before she '.... left bearing..." (Gen. 29:35)

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT ONE SECRET WAS? Can you identify with Leah and admit, there's a bit of Leah in YOU?


Want to discuss your comments and/or questions? Simply get together with a few friends and establish a date and time each of you will log onto my site
( )
using individual computers ~ email that designated date and time to ~ ANYTIME prior to the scheduled session, each person must chose a Chat Name & Character ~ log on at the designated time and start chating! Dont worry, a S.H.O.E.S Site Minister will be assigned to join you!

Dont forget to leave us your comments... let us know what you think!

Get delivered! Grow! Be FREE to love YOURSELF!

God Bless,
Evangelist Tonya, Founder & CEO

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