As an inquiring brother would like to know what you Godly Sisters, Mothers, and Wives feel your position in the home is

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Man this is going to be soooo good!
John in the discussion about godly men's role you said:

"Also 1Cor 7:1 - 17. Godly men have to have order in their own home and I agree Eph 5:22 - 33 says it best."

The answer to both questions of a man's role and a woman's role is in Ephesians 5:22-23. The specifics that people tend to argue over are:

*what specific tasks should or shouldn't a woman do as it pertains to the household
*what specific tasks should or shouldn't a man do as it pertains to the household.

The answer is still Ephesians 5:22-23

Proverbs 31... a beautiful example of Ephesians 5:22-23 but don't forget, A QUEEN was telling her son the KING the type of woman he should pick to be his Queen.

Too often we have men who don't understand that they are (or should be) KINGS (with dominion) and yet they demand a QUEEN. If they got her, they wouldn't know what to do wiith her. She'd be seen as non-submissive because of her Queen-like character when in fact, he just needs to know who he is. And don't forget that submission is an act of both the will as well as the emotions. Submit out of both love, respect but mostly because I choose to out of obdience to the Father. Both the man and the woman have to submit...but I'll let you find those scriptures... believe me, they are there LOL

I so tire of hearing men say about women, "oh she's just too independent" when in truth she just doesn't have someone in her life to submit to...LOL (notwithstanding the Father of course)

I so tire of hearing women say about men, "oh he's so weak" when in truth he is as strong as a lion but you need to stop tearing him down and comparing him to the past bozos you encountered.

If we could be in relationships alone, we wouldn't need each other...LOL (duh). Our strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, roles and responsibilities in the home should come together harmoniously when we do it the Father's way.

Personal note: single parenting was never meant to be. But when it is (no matter the reason why a man/woman is a single parent) under those circumstances what is the man's role BIBILICALLY? what is the woman's role BIBLICALLY?
not evasive at all... the answer, simply put is...

Ephesians 5:22-23

These, are the perfect wedding vows!

If someone is looking for a list of do's and don'ts from ME... then they obviously don't know me... LOL

I will not be baited into a convo that will end up with me being on a merry-go-round discussion that leads to nothing but going round... and round... and round... and round.

My answer stands.
by the way... I didn't know you "tapped danced" LOL

I eagerly await with baited breath your response to the question (smile-ish)
Yeah I know you and many others are waiting to hear certain things and by now you know... that I tend to wait also. So often, questions are loaded because of a person's hidden hurts or fiery frustrations rather than truly teaching or reaching a place of truth.

I could be speaking truth but the way I say it may not be acceptable nor palitable and I"m ok with that (well depending on the forum, I'm ok with it) If it is truly a place of teaching then I will expound on my answers if I want.

n'est pas mon ami?
Actually, it is an open ended question that asks what does the woman "feel" her role is in the home.

I answered how I "feel" and yet it was not well received. It wasn't a trick answer. LOL I answered the question that was asked.

No, wait.. I didn't answer what I "felt" my role was as a godly sister and mother. I only answered the "wife" portion.
I still ask, did you answer the question? LOL Sounds like a lot of going around the mulberry tree to avoid saying something to me. Answer in your own words then! LOL Now you expected straight answers from your two blogs about relationships so just answer Brother West's question straight up. You can do it Teach and if not give me my apple back.
Wasn't a similar topic already discussed here???
can you answer the question sister
will have one with beard later
are you serious? how about next time a full beard......
Tracy is a teacher and scholar so enough said. She has me in class all the time! You gotta love her! LOl It's about time you put that picture up my Brother. I'm wondering if Tracy will be the only woman coming to this post. LOL


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