An apostle who is called by God to set the house in order

Confirm pastor in there right place

Bring revelation with anointing in the house

Signs and wonder follow them

There is a different with the last day apostle then the early church apostle

Last day apostles sets a higher standard then the early church , Jesus taught greater things shall YOU do…….

They teach in a much higher level because they themselves are being taught by the Chief Apostle

Chief Apostle teach high levels of Rhema words that demonstrates hermeneutics skills.

Apostles should never have a pastor filling alone in ministry .

Apostles will never manipulate pastors for their own gain.

Apostles realize pastors has visions too

Apostles put into the pastor and into his/her church

Apostles are train to train

Apostles are called to established principles

Make sound proposals and establish priority

Apostles understand the bottom line


To whom much is given….saints you know the rest


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Are there any signs and wonders that follow the Apostle??

Why does the Apostle have too teach so much , when in the five fold ministry there are teachers??

Set a higher standard than the early Church (huh), the early Church is the standard, for we hear of great demonstrations of the power of the Most High {YHWH}. The new day Apostles are just in title..........
The bible says,these sighs shall follow them that believe sign follow believers
Many of the true anointed teachers are Apostles,(Paul peter etc....,) even today many of the great teacher are pastor and apostles .The early church is a pattern but not the standard,they had many problem in early church history, God has called us to do even greater works then they.Today i hear of great things God is still doing,HE HAS NOT CHANGED,Paul pushed timothy to go even father and do more then he.The biggest problem i see in todays church is everybody want to be an Apostle.
So what follows the Apostle?, for truly he must also be a believer above many who are just starting out. But now he is supposedly to teach the Pastors, and just hear from God?? There is so much more to it than that.

They had many problems in the early Church(hmmmmmmm). The Church sir is full of problems today, more than at anytime................

Christ said that greater works than these shall you do................

The biggest problem you see is everybody wants too be..............

The biggest problem is those who say they are, to be truthful are not. Too many false teachings, if one is who or whom they claim too be, the proof is in what they do. Not about all they say, you see you have to do more than you say, in this Kingdom

with Love
Very true my friend,those that live the life are true Apostles.True also there is much that the Aposles and Pastors are called to do, much more then teach but to be examples,Have you ever read The Making of a Leader? by Frank Damazio check it out you'll love it stay blessed my friend
Please feel free,How are sis,i want to know whats on your mind please


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