I find it interesting that a Bishop must come through the sacred vehicle of consecration, He must be consecrated by Bishops with Apostolic Succession, and He must govern an assigned diocese but an Apostle (some of whom were never consecrated Bishops) does not. The fact is that there is more than one line of succession (for those who claim that succession was broken); I refer to both the Eastern and Western streams. Prelates who were granted Apostolic Succession are the only clerics who can create another Prelate in spite of what heresy is being taught. I have friends who are Apostles but they are also duly consecrated Bishops in good standing within the Episcopal community. These mighty men of God boldly speak out against those who want Prelature without proper Episcopal dispensation. By definition a consecration is in fact official permission to enter into the Episcopacy; this being true how can one claim the office of Bishop without a consecration? One can not be a Prelate without being consecrated into an order of Prelature. 5 of those orders are Episcopal and 1 is Potentiary. The truth is simple, one can not claim to be a Prelate if they were not properly consecrated by Prelates with Apostolic Succession. A side note: exactly how does an Apostle, who was never consecrated by Prelates with Apostolic Succession, see himself comparatively to a properly consecrated Bishop? Does he believe himself equal to, superior to, or subject to that Bishop?


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This is very interesting.....your explaining something that I never heard taught before not to many people are bold enough to take a stand about the protocol order in which a person becomes a Bishop to that of Apostle. Is the Bishop greater then the Apostle who has not gone through succession does it make the the person not truly chosen by God because he hasn't followed protocol or does consecration really matter today. I say what I said because this is some of the confusion that is going on today I have never really truly understood such a process I have witness many but never really understood it fully. What I do need to know are Bishops and Apostles one in the same. I know what the bible says but what I have witness being displayed in the church is not what the bible definition is can you explain Bishop. 

Amen...Bless you Woman of God.....Bishop is the highest OFFICE in the church. APOSTLES are called of God. The problem we are having most people dont know how to submit to authority and that Apostles are concentrating Bishop inwhich they have never been......how would you know about the office inwhich you never served..Its about accountable.

I totally agree...So many self made and self validated Apostles. They are just popping up all over the place...No works...no order...Thanks for this post.........

Thank you for your interesting post.  The problem is many ministers are unaware of the origin of Christianity and the Church governance.  Many do not even know the root of Christian Church not to talk of the Church government.  It is unfortunate that lot of events occurred in the last 200 years that has brought in reformed theology that has ignorantly reduced the office of the Orthodox (Not Eastern Orthodox) Bishopric.  Ministers do not even know that the earlier Church believed that the Apostles are no more and that the office of Bishop replaced that of the Apostle.  People need to read about the early Church, Church fathers and Church councils to know about Christianity.  In addition, we need to do more in a way of educating Christians in this direction.  Thank you and God bless.


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