Apostle Howell MADE CHASE GOODEN delete his page because Howell is in trouble.  Howell the man who said that he never ran from anything is now on the run.  COWARD!



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Just another Howell insurgent that loves and practices a lie.  Apostle Ronald D, Howell is the hater and the deciever and we have proof.  All of us are telling our stories of abuse by a reprobate.  He is not a reprobate because we say so, but the bible tells us that Howell is a reprobate.  He is afraid of the truth, as all who support him are afraid of the truth.  It is the truth that is uncovering Howell after all these years, and he can't stand it.


Feel free to call it whatever you want, but again we are only stating what we have heard and seen from Ronald D. Howell Sr.  Again, Howell is on public record for what we are warning people against.  Howell sold the messages and comments to the general public.  We were there for years and over 100 people from various times cannot all be wrong and the reprobate be right. 


We are not in error to report a vile and profane man, in fact every Christian has a duty not only to warn others of the dangers of a false gospel, but we are to warn the ungodly such as Howell to repent.  When you get saved, you will understand, until then, we understand your bablings. 


It is not agianst black preaching network policy for people to discuss present day sin in the church.  What Howell has been doing for he past 17 years is wrong, and it is consistent to bring it to the light - free for discussion.  Besides, if Howell wanted it kept a secret he would have not made it public.  So get your facts straight, and go enjoy your celebration of blasphemy next weekend.

So this is the man of God who started the LALC group and I'm on here to set the record straight. I figured I would let you all discern whether or not this is really me like most of the people I have read here are doing. I chose the name Verity because it is what led me to Christ...I was seeking just that. I never expected to see so much division in Christendom as I have throughout all of these years since I have seen people who claim hold to the faith. Thank God He kept me despite all of it...He is so mysterious.  When I began LALC it was after prayer and during accountablity to my spiritual father back in the states who sent my wife and I here which is what I had explained to Apostle Howell face to face. May God raise up more spiritual fathers because there are too many spiritual sons and daughters that need them and are truly hurting. I have nothing to hide nor ill intent just looking to give a voice to those who over the years felt like they had none. In return I was told I was like Absalom standing at the gate. On last Tuesday morning I come to work only to receive a Google Plus message at my job saying LALC is "A satantic cult" with a picture of my wife and me attached. I am actually awaiting a Skype this month with my spiritual father as to whether the season of the LALC group is over with because loyalty does mean much in the kingdom of God and it must be by God's spirit. As to Noble Son, you know where I live and where to find me. I will tell you as I told Apostle Howell to discern my spirit and I am not trying to be macho or whatever you can say towards this statement that I just made. Bottom line: I am not your enemy or LCI's and I pray that whatever God has me to do in ministry that I may be like Paul when I leave this earth in that I have fully ran the race and that I am clean from the blood of all men. Yes I left LCI in right standing as Apostle Howell told me and just moving on to "do what I know to do". The call that was in me since before I even came to LCI. No, I haven't pastored but maybe that's what God is equipping me to get ready for. Jesus even left the 99 for the 1 that was lost...funny how everyone kepts mentioning the number 100 from LALC. Let me make it clear that I don't want to influence or give wisdom to anyone other than those God has called me to influence. I would also rather go to a desert place to discover an unchurched people but he has also called me more to those who have been hurt while seeking the church. I know who I am and whose I am--that's all that matters. Love God and love people. All those who are currently at LCI who have heard from me can even tell you of what spirit I came to them in whether it was of God or not--they all knew me when I attended there. I never said anything judgmental towards them or LCI. As I matter of fact, since I left LCI in 2003 (of which Aposstle Howell also told me that I left in right standing when I saw him several months ago) every church that I had been to since then will tell you the spirit of humility that I operated in. Like Jesus said in Jn 18:21 (NKJV), "Ask those who have heard Me what I said to them. Indeed they know what I said."  I thank God that He has kept my heart pure and that is the main prayer I have for Him to do for me each day.  I pray that you all will also guard your hearts because it is the only thing that God is truly after. Grace and peace be multiplied into you all.


Like Joshua said, do what you feel led to do. Yes, backlash is inevitable because many are being set free and healed. I know you will do what God instructs. I just believe many more will need this opportunity to heal. As sad as it may be, I don't see this leader changing and this revolving door may be continuously needed in the future. Nonetheless, you seem to be mature and I know you will be led by the Spirit.

Well said.


I would like to say thank you for LALC.  You have saved many lives in this season with your site.  Your site is not a cult, and all of us know it.  So many people left cult LCI and the abusive false apostle Ronald D. Howell Sr, they left wounded, sick - hurt.  Now, many people have a place to come to, and be refreshed, blessed and healed.  Your ministry is great! 


Thank God for you.  Your ministry has hurt the kingdom of darkness and it is rebeling against all of us - stand and be a light for those in need.  You will be blessed.


Of course Howell, Nobel Son and Lacie are going to call it a cult, because they are afraid of the wrath that is come.  Howell can never, never, never-ever stand in the light of the truth, because "truth" exposes his shame.  Nobel Son, and Lacie have given up their lives to follow a lie, and it hurts them to find out that they have wasted so much time and energy following and defending a scum-bag.  That is a fitting definition for a man who has no respect for women, families, marriage, sick children and most of all, no respect for God.  At one time or another all of us have heard Howell lie against the Word of God.  Of course he is going to call your site a cult; it is the devil's job to confuse and twist the facts, just like Jorge has done.  All it means is that we are getting the best of this frail, sick and twisted old buger.  Howell don't have much time left to do what he is doing.  The devil has a claim on Howell, because Howell sold out God for the world, and it so ashame because the devil did to Howell what Howell does to others, the devil "cheated" Howell.  You see, Howell is reaping what he has sown.


As for those currently in LCI, remember this, they are under the teachings and influence of the spirit of evil, and Howell is the face of this evil.  In reality, Howell is to the devil, what VJ, and BW are to Howell, no better than a piece of tissue or toilet paper to be used and discarded after use.  Isn't that sad?


If Howell was a servant of God, he would have never created a page like yours to confuse people and malign his former wife, and others.  In fact, if Howell were a servant of God, he would have never sent people on these sites to answer us.   If Howell abided in the truth, he would have rested in that knowledge alone, kept quiet and allowed the "facts," speak for themselves.  Instead, Howell is afraid of losing his 30 minute  Word Network spot, which he cannot afford, due to the mounting debt owed.  Howell is afraid of being evicted from his hole in the ground which he calls a church,which is no church, only a place of slavery, and Howell is afraid of losing both the money, and the admiration of those handful of people he currently manipulates, intimidates, and controls in that prison called Life Changers International.


Your site has not manipulated, or abused anyone.  Be encouraged, and don't stop doing what you are doing.


All we want to do is warn others of the dangers that exists.  We want to help families avoid the destruction that is at Life Changers,  We want to help women avoid being molested.  We want to help children not be subjected to beatings.  We want to help people invest their money in a real Bible believing Church, instead of wasting it on a lustful, and selfish false leader, who has delusions of kicking back on the beach and phoning in his messages he wants others to preach.


By now several reports have been filed against Howell, and his leaders prior to this celebration he is having next weekend.  Howell is not going to enjoy his shepherd's appreciation this year.  We have given his ungodly mind some competition.  Howell enjoys infamy now, not the fame he tried to achieved through lies an deceit. 


On your site, go back and read the testimonies that we have given, and how we have overcome.  It would be wrong for us to get healed and hold our peace.  Others must be warned.


God Bless You and your wife.


Love Shelly




I am of the belief that we are not perfect people, but we serve a perfect God that requires us to genuinely repent when necessary. That’s really the conclusion of the entire matter. It’s not Wanzo, Shelly and the countless of others you have in some way violated – it’s you.  Howell, your unrepentant attitude is the direct result of what’s being said in this blog. Dude, you can not violate people, and then lie on them to take the attention off yourself. A real man would just admit he was wrong and that would be the end of it. You have turned what could have been a pillar in the K-Town community and made it a Cult where you are the shot caller and Jesus has no say so.  A public forum is the only way you will listen to all the sheep you have violated. If you are confronted, you will publicize a lie to look innocent. Therefore, this is the correct way to handle this situation – you have no choice but to listen. Nevertheless, one on one would have been the best method, however, you wouldn’t have listened but defamed the person who was already abused. Howell, you are not getting away with it.  I agree with Shelly, you can’t do nothing to anyone but tell a lie, but why do so when you were wrong? Why not admit to Bonnie that you have no intentions on marrying her and she let a blessing go for someone who will put her aside for a later model. Allow all those broken men to follow a Shepherd who will show them how to be real men who can face their responsibilities and admit when they are wrong. You can only reproduce who you are. How many ministers have left your church to start another ministry and can say – Howell is my mentor and I will support him to the end. None that I can see and this proves you are failing at what you say you are called to do. Any minister that leaves there will open their eyes and run as far from you as possible – that should tell you something.  I personally believe you are called, but have become to corrupt for God to utilize as he originally planned. Give your keys to Bishop Neil and let him or one of his ministers take over. Your staff is corrupt and will only reproduce the same fiasco.  I will continue to stand on the wall until the following occurs: You resign or change the name of your organization to reflect the Cult that it is. Bottom line up front, don’t call it a church. I don’t want to hear your twisted scriptural view point – repent or stay away from God’s people – it’s just that plain!!!!

"For by your words you are justified, and by your words you shall be condemned."


Matthew 12: 37


Some people don't recognize truth, because they don't want to; they are openly disobedient, and proclaim the Lord's blessings upon themselves.  They are lying on God.


Rather than to repent Apostle Howell continues to transition, never having the right attitude to serve the Lord.  Howell's big dreams of being another Creflo are quickly dimminished due to his disobedience, and stepping on and over others to achieve his goal.  Howell has been a ruthless thug throughout his ministry.  I am amazed when I think that this man calls himself an apostle.  Everytime Howell's behind is uncovered, Howell slowly kills himself by portraying his wrathful side, which says "I can use one of you for my problems."  It is always somone elses fault.  Howell never admits that he is wrong.


Howell's mantra is "this is the way I am, and I won't change."  Howell has failed to realize that his righteous indignation invites God's wrath.  It is his choice, he set himself up.   Howell's wrath - His choice.


God's wrath comes because people fail to do what God's says, yet many people try to declare their righteousness, craftily handling the truth in unrighteousness.  This is Life Changers International, and the leader Apostle Ronald D. Howell Sr.  While he does his dirt in secret, and stands up in that pulpit telling others how to live - all his dirty little secrets are coming to light and he does not like it.  As the muck and mire surfaces people are begining to see that LCI is a cult and apostle represents Satan.


Anytime a person decides to go in a direction other than God's way, it works against you.  Howell is so decieved that he is unable to see that he is going in the wrong direction - HELL BOUND.  Often sitting around that upstair conference table I would hear a voice of unhappiness in Howell,  that all "his" plans were failing.  All of us could see his displeasure and frustration that his cult was losing members, money was getting tight, and his butt was always in the news for something bad.  Howell has a bad reputation in Kaiserslautern for being a crook and blaming others right up in that pulpit.  Now, Howell is mad at God, mad at us, mad at life.  He is going in circles because he does not have a way, but he wants his way because by nature he is a child of wrath.


God gives us directions that takes us away from his wrath,and we must make sure that we are on the road to improvement going away from that wrath.


One thing I remember Howell saying is that staying where you are, not changing is an invitation for everything in "your" past which knows where you live, and it will continue to come to you.  Apostle Howell, that is your life, and you are not going to escape.  You can keep on lying on those other people, but it won't save you.  You can keep on scandalizing and pointing the finger at whom you may please, but it is not going to save you.  Howell, you made a deal with the devil, and you lost, now it is time for you to pay up.


Everyone, please be encouraged, don't give up the right for the wrong.  The devil is a liar, and he is defeated.  We are approaching our solemn assembly this Friday, 20-22 April.  Those who will fast and pray for any amount of time will be appreciated.

Well I thought I had seen it all. You sent Jones on here to tell us how we should allow God to handle the wrong you have imposed on his people. However, you created a website lying on your ex-members who once supported what you call a church.  I have never come across a Shepherd like this in real life nor on television. You are definitely on the same level with Jim Jones.  Life Changers International (Germany), this is what your leader is capable of. When you decide to leave because you are tired of the abuse, this is what kind of tactics he will execute, so tell me if everyone else have been wrong. Jesus is only preached there as a disguise for a Cult where you are controlled – how comfortable are you taking a vacation or marrying someone from a different Church? This are simple things Christ died for you to have, but taken away by a mere human – look at it for what it is.  Look at all the quotes by Noble Son about how we were all wrong from doing this on public forum but Howell a clergyman discloses things that were told to him in confidentiality. Howell, I believe what you fail to realize is you have attacked people who are actually following the Lord and He will actually avenge for them. You will soon see a real example of what happens when you offend one of God’s little ones – not your twisted interpretation of touching not my anointed and doing my Prophets no harm. I encourage those involved to rest in the Lord and watch how God go before in the Cloud by day and Fire by night. God is God and you will see who wins. You have proven you’re not as righteous as Noble Son made you or him. So according to your own book, what is being done here is correct. Again, those on that web site know that God will handle this.  God is going to show you sooner than you think what happens to False Prophets. It’s just Howell’s last attempt to salvage his empire that is quickly slipping through his fingers- he is desperate.

Life Changers International, the proof in the pudding. A clergyman should never reveal things about people who have talked to them in private. What secrets have you told him about yourself ?– you could be next…………….

Howell, you don’t deserve the right to call yourself a minister of Gospel and no one should recognize you as such for you rather drag this out than repent and apologize to the people you have hurt. This is sad!!!!!!!!!



Remember Howell taught us about both the "fool in you," and "transference of demons."  It is only a demon talking back, every response is a demon's response.  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood.


I am accutely aware of the demon in apostle, only because of what he taught us, and he has led the way in a nasty type of lifestyle by precept and example.


I want everyone to know just how deep the deception goes at Life Changers.  This weekend there is suppose to be a member of law enforcement at the festival of the inbred, and they know all about this nasty man.  When you look at LCI's website, look at the decieved being led by the damned.  The Word of God says he that believeth not shall be damned.


In Jonestown, the decieved were led by the damned to their death.  Hundreds of people gave their lives because they chose to follow a liar.  It is no different at Life Changers.


I remember Howell told us that we could not fire him.  Howell claimed that God hired him, and only God could fire him.  Since Howell has lied on God and the His Word in previous messages I don't believe God hired him, but I believe that one day soon the devil will ask God for Howell's soul.  When Howell is gone, I want to know what will they do with his clothes and shoes?  My suggestion is to burn them, in fact burn everything that he owns so others will not touch the accursed things.  It is so sad, that man at Kleber Kaserne spent so much time making clothes for a liar.   Here we are walking around for years wearing old clothes, and giving Howell our hard earned money so he could live a rich lifestyle, and drive an egg shaped car, and we could not afford a new car.


I am not surprise that Howell, Lacie or Jones would reveal what a member told them in confidence, again LCI is a cult, they are hirelings, all they care about is the money, but the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just, "THAT'S ME!"  and Nobel Son, and Lacie say "Amen."


For  breakfast tomorrow, I have a sudden taste for "waffles."  Colm Heaney gave me that idea.

mmmmm, waffles.


Homer Simpson


Hey Colm, one good turn deserves another, why don't you let Lacie lay her hands on you and practice healing your roids.  (laughter)


I hope Colm has a sense of humor.


I have come to the conclusion that if one is genuinely sorry, there is no problem repenting. I believe he has done the things that Andrea and others like her speak of. Honestly, one must be brain dead not to see that the proof is in the pudding. Over 100 people can’t be lying. This leader has gone as far as making a blog lying on ex-members to intimidate people from exposing his sin instead of changing his ways.

 Howell, if you are listening this will not go away due to your manipulative tactics - just repent. Stop being vindictive and just get things right with God. Jezebel was vindictive and would kill if it meant having her way. Kind of how you attempted to kill the credibility of your ex church members on the blog you ordered your eunuchs to create because you are not allowed to have your way (Nabal’s vineyard) – sounds familiar? You have become a Cult Leader and should no longer use the Holy Bible to back up your horrific organization. You have ruined what could have been great men and women of God like Jones and Williams. They both had great potential like Saul but will end up falling on their own swords (like Saul did) because they are handing you the knife as you slaughter God’s sheep.

 If you are a member at LCI, where are you concerning self-esteem? Look around you and see if low self- esteem is the common denominator of most of the congregation. It’s nothing wrong if that’s the issue for God wants to give you the answer and help you along the way. The only answer Howell has is, give me control of your life and I will validate you in return. A person with healthy self- esteem or mature in the Word will not last at LCI because they will not need his validation which comes at the price of being controlled by this Cult Leader. Take your self-esteem issues to the Cross where there is no price for it has already been paid.

Shelly, you seem so bitter, you must spend hours on this.  You say alot but your telling us nothing, you seem to insult anyone who does not believe every word you say.  You write a lot of scripture, we all know scripture, what people are asking for is evidence to back up what you say, this is a reasonable request.  People are wondering if this is hearsay are whether or not there are people, dates, witnesses to back these claims up.  I feel your going to write back insulting me in a round about way and asking me not to be insulted by your insults.no problem. May I repeat noble sons question..have you ever been directly hurt by apostle howell and if so how? I you cant answer why would you expect anyone else too.

The girl who andrea who says she was abused..i dont now her.  So in your reply...no heresay, no she said he said, no i seen him with a married woman, no scripture and no "God just spoke to me and said" if Gods talking to you he's talking to you about you and only you,  Be polite, dont run the people of your trying to convince.  Be polite and let your finger typing follow your brain not the other way around.  selah

"Never answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes."


Proverbs 26:5


Colm Heany just gave me an idea. 


I have already answered all of these questions in previous post, so I will not answer them again.  If Colm wishes, he\she or they may read back over my previous posts, and they will have their answer.


Now for the idea.


After sharing with a real minister the delimma of our sisters, (and brothers), I learned that this is what those who have been singled out should do:  All of you sisters must hold a lot of powerful information against the cult Life Changers.  Why else would you be singled out?  Report whatever you have against apostle and his cult to the authorites.  Go to the police, and the local German Church.  Tell them everything.  Get a lawyer, get Milledges lawyer, any lawyer.


Let the lawyer know about the recent allegations of abuse-molestation, beating children, camp disease (cult children church), anything you witnessed regarding cult finances, remember everything is important, nothing is insignificant.  Tell them about Howell's twisted requirements for dating and marriage, don't forget to include Nobel Son's post, as it will allow authorities to see into the workings of cult leadership thinking.


You need to let the lawyer know about Howell's constant public allegations against the German legal system, all of us heard Howell say that they are a bunch of "crooks!"


For my beautiful sister that has been accused of extortion, we know that it is not true.  Tell the lawyer.  You should discuss putting that building up for sale.  It would be funny when Howell drives up to those blue gates and sees a lock and chain on that blue cult gate.  (laughing)  Sister, you hold great power against this man, you are sitting on a gold mine.  Tell me they are not stupid, than to mess with the land lady.  (laughing)  Just like the politicians honey, "Throw the bums out!"


How stupid can one individual be, living in a foreign contry, and attacking the natives?  I suppose when your mind is in the sewer that is what you do.  Germany ran out the Scientologist, and with the "truth" that all of you are holding onto, you can be a great help in running Life Changers out of Germany.  I cannot remember what organization there is in your country that you have, but you must report Howell and his cult; the lawyer will know what to do.


Ladies, it appear that this fixation on you could constitute stalking. Again, it appears that apostle has establshed a pattern of misconduct against women.   All of you are German women, and you must have some powerful information that Howell wishes to be kept secret.  Be bold like me, and tell it!  I reported what happened to me.  The more of us that come forward, the more powerful we are.  You see, we have Nobel Son's comments about nothing being wrong with a so called man of god hanging around with a married women, then there was his comments about dating and marriage, that come straight out of the horses (Howell) mouth.  Use it.  Whatever position you held in the cult, tell the lawyer about the amount of time spent in the cult and what you witnessed during your tenture and position/s held.  Tell the lawyer about Howell's constant nagging against families.  This is important.  Tell the lawyer about the cultic means by which Howell tries to seperate people from their families, just like Jim Jones did.  Tell the lawyer about camp disease (cult children's church)  If any of your children, or yourself for that matter ever caught something in camp disease - tell it.  You need to report any beatings your children recieved from any of the cult leaders, that was without your knowledge.  Think - patterns of misconduct.


For heaven's sake, do not answer a fool according to their folly.  You have much power on your side, go tell the lawyer the truth.  You see, if I tell them who I am, then they will put my face on that site and tell lies on me as well.  Remember when our sister came forward how Nobel and Lacie tried to attack her credibility?  Tell your information to the right person/s and it will help rid Germany of the cult.  Again, no matter how insignificant you may think your information may be - report it, and that includes you brothers as well.


Thanks to brother Jefferey's our membership on LALC has grown.  Again, for those reading this post, LALC is a "closed" group, we are not a church, all of us are geographically dispersed in other countries and states in the U.S.  So that makes Jeffereys, Howell, Williams and Jones a liar, but at least we have more members than Life Changers.  (laughing) 


Howell must have really been hurt when you sisters dumped him and his cult.  Whatever you did, you did it good, so he misses you.  Remember the movies Beauty and the Beast, and King Kong?  Think about it.  I remember Howell once nagging about how much time he invests in people, and then they leave him.  That is why Howell likes to control who marries and dates.  That is why I am calling this weekend's anniversary the festival of the inbred.  (smile)


Remember not to be discouraged, Howell nor any of his cronies can hurt you, they can only lie on you, that is the devil's job, to steal, kill and destroy.  Everything coming out of LCI is death, and everything happening in LCI is death.  All of us escaped this death, and the devil + Howell is mad.  Don't give - fess up - tell what you know.  Go as group, together you are so powerful, that you will prevail against this beast and his anti-christ's.


Everyone, please prepare yourself for the Solemn Assembly begining this Friday 12 a.m. through Sunday 12 a.m. (20-22 April 2012)  Again, any amount of time given to prayer and/or fasting will be appreciated.  I have recieved notice that people are supporting this occasion, and I appreciate it.  More on the matter during the week.


Lastly, remember, do not answer a fool according to his folly (foolishness).

same old waffle with no substance, i gotta say i expected as much, i dont think this guy would say half of  such things tp peoples faces, i do believe there is something wrong with him. basic questions still not answered.


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