Okay after just posting two other blogs.. making sure that my grammer was correct and I was using bible scriptures...

i needed a break from being poitcally and gramatically correct.. so I started surfing other sites and groups..

and guess what.. i found a group called ANGRY BLACK WOMAN!!

oh i was floored... but then guess what.. I was like.. are we angry? AM I ANGRY? WHY DID I JOIN THIS GROUP!!!

then i wanted to see what was going on with my fellow sisters and see if i could help with feedback OR BEING HONEST TO SEE IF I HAD SOME OF THE SAME ISSUES AS THEM!!

Thank goodness I saw that I was OVER some of the issues that I did see.. but then realized that some people do not even ask why women are even angry!!!

Now the average person seeing this title.. especially if it was a black man would automatically think that we are literally a bunch of angry balck women.. but do you realize that most people dont even ask why we are angry..its like to people its a SIN for a black woman to be angry....but an angry black woman surely got tyler perry paid in the movie box office..

things happen to us black women... we are taught to keep things to ourselves.. and just suck it up.. or just go somewhere and pray about it!! well isnt it NATURAL THEN SPIRITUAL..

trust me.. i will bleed BEFORE i speak in tounges!!

but isnt that helping us to hurt ONE ANOTHER and the black man?? it is NOT all of our fault why we have a stain ... via when it comes to dating or marrying a black woman, you hear it from the brothers... the excuse is we are too mean or bossy etc..

you even have a brother like wesley snipes OPENLY saying he will NEVER be with a black woman etc.. i say its HIS LOST like other black men that thinks like him.. becaus i have realized and i do understand that they were hurt badly from a sistah....

so what did he do.. he gave up on us.. ok that is his perogative.. ( im not a bobby brown fan! )

but that's just like also saying.. we as women get hurt by brothers of any color.. so now we are going to go and date women?....... hmm.. something is in the water and trust me its not the water that the FISHER'S OF MEN were working out of!! lol!!

for men and women.... be angry yes.. just dont STAY angry.... FIND STRESS RELIEVERS and know that whatever or whomever got you upset.. the BEST REVENGE for me has always been success!!

okay maybe not always.. id love to break a window or two about 10 years ago!!
but hey.. if we cant be honest.. who are we really helping and hurting?


We surely cant be going through all this extra curricular FOOLISHNESS for ourselves!!

whew.. that felt good to post..

P.S. Men at times are "just as" or " more angry" as black women but they are taught to shun it, throw it under the rug or just get a pat on the shoulder from a fellow brother preacha and assures them that " it will alright doc"........ but in honesty before it and HE can be ok.. just like women.. you have to deal with the things that have been tainting your ministry, your family, your personal relationships and your WALK WITH THE ALMIGHT...

Thanks for listening.. and know that your ministry will not take off ( how God has orchestrated it for you ) until your insides gets cleansed, I dont care how many preaching gigs that you are in your date book..

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blessings my friend..

NOT ALL are angry.. and yes i DO AGREE that a great deal of sistahs are angry.. but why arent men even interested in finding out why?

too much work? i can understand.. because in all honesty.. who wants baggage.. but let us just pray for the men and women who need help from past hurts.. and not judge..

i have a great deal of girl pals white and black who are angry and it is literally destroying them...
bro lbusby,

thanks for your honest comments
Not an angry person by nature……
but slightly irritated on this wonderful blackpreachingnetwork website by
the MESSAGE BOARD TROLLS* who have make it their career to stroll from postings to posting under the umbrella of "free speech" making condescending comments, snide statements, legalistic laments, registering rebukes while degrading every discussion with their derogatory hate.

WOE NOW THAT…is a person with some real lingering pent-up DL anger my dear sister.

~Prayerfully yours IHS

* Definition of an internet troll….

An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.
blessings my sister...

can you please expound MORE on what you are trying to go into... i do not want to read your message the wrong way..

thank you kindly.
My dear sister I hope you did not take my comments personally.

As I stated in my mail to you, I loved your discussion on the "angry black woman" it was thoughtful and insightful.

I was just venting (letting off steam)
..or as I have heard my dad say...letting out some emotional farts its good for your heart..LOL

I was merely commenting about the pesky internet trolls on this website who come in and ruin a good discussion with negativity.

Too Blessed to Be Stressed..

Peace & Blessings!

Additionally my sister, when it comes to TROLLS and trolling.

It is a way of life for many people who live under the TROLL bridge online.

Trolling is often described as an online version of the breaching experiment, where social boundaries and rules of etiquette are broken. (People are obnoxious, rude and insulting because cyberspace is anonymous.)

Self-proclaimed trolls often style themselves as Devil's Advocates or gadflies or culture jammers, challenging the dominant discourse and assumptions of the forum they are trolling in an attempt to subvert and introduce different ways of thinking. http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Internet_troll

yes i saw the other emails that you sent me before i read this one..

much love!
Are Black Women Angry?? YES, Black Women ARE angry and they are angry for various reasons. Black Women over the years have endured, rape, torture, discrimination..just to name a few (SO has the black MAN). When it comes to relationships "WE" tend to choose someone who is UNequally yoked and then end up going through trials and tribulations because of the choices we made. We see the warning signs flashing, flag waving..yet...we still get with the "brotha"..WHY? "He has potential"..LOL...POTENTIAL? For WHAT exactly? We make excuses for the Brothers that AREN'T any good, then when we have a GOOD one enter our lives, they end up paying the price for the one that had all that "POTENTIAL"! Then what?? We are right back at square one...more like ground ZERO! We carry "baggage" from relationship to relationship. I'm not talking JUST love relationships (dating). I'm talking friendships, kinships, EVEN church family. We will LEAVE a congregation out of ANGER and take the DRAMA to the next church we decide to fellowship with and later join...then say.."THAT'S why I left the last church". What I'm getting at is this:
WE are angry because WE don't know how to L-I-G it. LET IT GO SISTAS...PLEASE. We can't fault one individual for another's actions. Completely UNFAIR to that individual and YOU.
Sisters, I'm speaking from experience. I had to learn this the HARD way. I stopped speaking to my own MOTHER for FIVE whole years..why?...I didn't know how to let it go, nor was I equipped with the knowledge to do so. I thank GOD, I was able to do it before my Mom passed. A man will only do to you what you ALLOW him to do. The same statement goes for ANYONE in your life. Don't get mad, Don't get even...GET DELIVERED...and enjoy the Fruit of the Spirit!!!
Love You all.
Lol...see Bro Busby...you 're about to start something!! LOL...Truth is truth though..Right is RIGHT! Vengence is MINE said the Lord, so WHO are WE to be angry and get even. God won't dwell in an unclean temple and one that harbors anger is unclean..plain and simple.
I'm thankful these discussions ARE reaching , helping and encouraging people. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!
I'm ALWAYS willing to learn. Truth is VERY valuable.
yes truth is valuable..

but in our communities.. when we speak truth.. we lose most people...

i understand.. truth hurts... but i rather learn and heal.. than stay wounded and DIE


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