Did you know that when you are in a battle you do not have time to pray?

Did you know that we as a human race should never go into battle without the Lord being approached? This includes all types of battles (military and civilian).

Did you know that when the test is hot that the Lord is furiously leading the battle to make you the victor?

Did you know that you should give God the glory all the day long-in action and in deed?

Did you know that the saying the idle mind is the devil's work shop is not in the Bible literally-but that God owns all rights to our thoughts even when their not on him?

Did you know that when the saints sing the song "All My Sins Are Under The Blood", this is to be taken literally? It means that when the Lord placed your sins in the sea of forgetfulness that he did not provide golashes and long rubber gloves to any human or being on this earth to dive under the blood and through the sea of forgetfulness to retrieve (pull) it out and use it against you?

Did you know that the scripture that says "to him much is given, much is also required of that one" (paraphrased), means that whatever the Lord suffers to happen to you and whatever the Lord allows you to become privy of you and I have a heavenly responsibility to him to live in that knowledge? I know-I know-sometimes we'd like to play possum on the subject matter but our God is one whom gives day visions as well as night visions-so he's inside the possum with us at all times. Smile.

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