Do you know if you have the gift of prophetic writing? The categories of Christian Creative Writing and Scribal Ministry

A Message -A Lesson for Prophetic Writers

To All Members of Anointed Works S D:

Greetings Anointed Vessels,

For those that were not fortunate enough to tune in last night to the Blog Talk Radio Broadcast, "SPOKEN: In Praise, Poetry & Spoken Word!"  September 16, 2010.

I encourage you to do so; it will be a blessing of learning not only  is it a lesson/message for scribes but  also the foundational purpose for all creative artists to use their gifts to edify and exalt God and His Kingdom.

Prophetess Sandra Dukes



Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson founder of

The Scribal Anointing Literary Network  

 Voices of Christ







You may listen live at 9PM EST at or directly on this Ning!




Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International is reviving its BlogTalk Radio Broadcast, "SPOKEN: In Praise, Poetry & Spoken Word!" SPOKEN ran faithfully from 2003-2007 on a local radio station here in Metro Atlanta; then through Internet broadcasting on The Praise House, and finally on BlogTalk Radio. Due to the demands of family and ministry we were unable to keep the broadcast going. But recently, Father has REVIVED the broadcast and brought devoted volunteers to help us!


The broadcast will be hosted primarily by Theresa Johnson, VOC Founder; and  Randy Goss, VOC Georgia Chapter Director & Founder of S.W.A.M. Ministries. Our focus here is quite simple: "We are raising awareness concerning issues of importance to the body of Christ and bringing God's people into a place of accountability through varying aspects of literary ministry."


By literary ministry, we are referring to using the creative, administrative and instructional aspects of the ministry of writing to publish biblical truths. No aspect of literary ministry that brings Glory to Father will be excluded in this broadcast. Voices of Christ, however, does have a special anointing to release prophecy through poetry, praise and spoken word. For you, this means that you can write from a place of dreams and visions; or a place of direct hearing through the prophetic word or even creatively through poetry -- and still be a guest on our broadcast. The central focus of his broadcast is (1) Hearing from God; (2) Being relevant to the move of God, and (3) ensuring that sound doctrine and understanding comes forth.

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