Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I was blessed to see and hear President Barack Obama deliver an awesome speech to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) at the Hyatt Regency on Monday, August 02, in Atlanta, Georgia and as God would have it, I was able to shake hands with him at the end of the speech. One thing in which I am clear, is that he is truly living out the ministry of Jesus in that his whole aim and focus is to help people, although he is hated for it by some. But so was Jesus when he was concerned about the needs of the people. President Obama has an overwhelming concern for the Veterans, their benefits, being treated as human beings when they return from the combat zone by ending homelessness among Vets and making it easy for them to apply for benefits by reducing mounds of paperwork and relieving the burden of Co-pay on prescriptions and doctor visits. I am so glad he is in the White House. To all of you who voted for him, you have no idea the history you have made and the people who are benefiting from your vote. It has gone a long way. As I sat there at the Grand Hyatt, middle section, fourth row from the front, which in itself astonished me that I was able to sit so close, I could see the power of God at work guiding our President. Make no mistake about President Obama, it is the anointing that makes the difference.  The Bible is clear that if we live for Christ, He will cause us to sit in high places, among Kings and Princes and yes, even Presidents.  To God be the glory for all of the things that he has done.  I give Him all of the Praise.  Please continue to cover President Obama, and his family in your prayers.

Evangelist G. M. Dixon.

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