The key is to not give up! It is so easy to let go, because it requires no effort at all. A decision to hold on will require faith beyond what you feel, courage to face the unfamiliar, God’s strength to cover our weakness and a willingness to let go of the old hurts and disappointments. Many people walk away when things get tough, some even extract themselves emotionally with other distractions and others just stay in neutral. They don’t go backwards but they refuse to move forward. There are some battles that we will have to fight and like a good soldier we have to endure while we are in the fight. There will be times when we get wounded as well, but it doesn't mean that we have lost the battle. 
Right at this moment many of us are in our battles and we have reached a crossroad. We are asking ourselves should I stay or should I go? Should I keep trying or should I just throw in the towel? I tell you today if you just find the faith way deep down in your spirit and replay in your mental storage every time God brought you out, ask Him for the strength to do what you need to do, engage your mind, will and heart, set your mind like a flint , push past all that you feel and see, move forward and Trust Him, hold on even tighter and if you can’t hold on any longer, than pray on and if you have to do it with tears in your eyes and a brokenhearted , don’t you dare give up! Hang in there a little while longer, because just like the dawning of a brand new day your change is coming! Help is on the way!

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