Do you want to really feel great? Then give your encouragement to someone else. You'll find it impossible to be discouraged after putting so much energy into encouraging another.

Do you wish to be wealthy? Then find a way of adding wealth to the lives of others. Do you wish to be loved? Then give your love to another. Would you like to be more respected? Then show more respect for others.

Can a bright, shining light focus on itself? Of course not. Light has no meaning unless there is something to illuminate. In the same way, you have plenty of energy and overwhelming abundance, yet these only become evident, only become useful, when they're radiated outward.

Send your energy outward, where it will truly do some good. Shine your light on others and it will, in turn, make you glow. Life will reward you precisely to the extent that you express yourself, in your own unique way, to the world. Give what you've got and you'll get whatever you desire.

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