In the Gospel according to Matthew 17:1-5 we see in scripture what is commonly called the event on the “Mount of Transfiguration”. While beholding what is expressed in this scripture the LORD (as I believe) spoke to me concerning those that run from place to place hoping to get a word of confirmation concerning their ministry and/or anointing.

In Matthew chapter 17’s opening we see the first verse express something significant; JESUS took those with HIM to a place of higher revelation who were most passionate about HIM. Peter, James and John are commonly understood to be the LORD’s inner circle.

Next, we see our LORD changed from a natural to supernatural visage being in company of biblical patriarchs showing indeed that while yet on Earth HE abided in heavenly places as well. The meeting between our SAVIOR, Elijah and Moses was to declare a precedent that the LAW (represented by Moses) and the PROPHETS (represented by Elijah) are fulfilled in CHRIST JESUS. Peter, James and John after missing the point were corrected by “validation” which came from the heavenly that only GOD HIMSELF can do for HIMSELF. They heard a declaration stating “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye HIM”.

I remember once ministering at a certain church and after the service I was approach and gracefully challenged by someone about not declaring anything in their life during the prayer line held after the preaching.  I answered briefly and actually didn’t quite know if I should try to answer fearing to make matters worse. This is, sadly, not a rarity among believers. There are many people that feel they cannot function properly spiritually except someone declares something over their lives. I 100% believe in Prophecy. I believe prophecy confirms something that GOD has already said. What is personified in my example expressed in the above sentences is someone dependant on a person in order to feel spiritually validated or that they matter.

Now, in caution, I am not proposing that one should aspire to achieve a sense of spiritual validation without regard to guidelines according to the Word of GOD which no doubt includes a shepherd or message bearer. It is necessary to note that GOD’s Kingdom has a system of “checks and balances” that includes everyone being subject to someone in order to maintain continuity. It is each individual’s responsibility to properly respond to the Word of GOD which includes the recognition of shepherds. But though shepherds point us (or should) in the direction of salvation and give us instruction for righteous living along with encouraging relationship with GOD the ultimate stamp to identify what and who you are in GOD can only come from JEHOVAH GOD always according to HIS Word (whose salvation name is JESUS meaning JEHOVAH is become my Salvation [John 1:1-14]).

Let’s work the verses backward: The declaration of the “Anointed One” being anointed (as first openly manifested when John the Baptist baptized our LORD) was done was done by GOD of HIMSELF. It was not and is not the job of believers to go around heralding the anointing of others (hero worship [GOD help me]) just as it should not be the quest of believers to seek out people to declare their anointing. Our job is to advance the purpose of the Kingdom of GOD in the Earth. With that said, none of us need be concerned about what people think of us being anointed or not but rather if GOD thinks we’re anointed.

Our focus concerning comradery should be as JESUS CHRIST demonstrated. The LORD had people around HIM that were genuinely passionate about HIM and what HE was trying to accomplish in the Earth and HE still does the same.

As for people, make sure that those you are connected to have the authentic love of CHRIST in their heart which as a byproduct will spread to you.

As for validation, know that only GOD can truly give it; nor does it matter if it comes from any other source.

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