Is your church teaching Gods commandments or man's traditions. Yes, I am aware that some traditions are to be passed down from generation to generation. But here lately I am hearing a lot more about what seems right unto man and not what God said in his word. Be careful! Are you looking for religion or salvation there is a difference?

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very good question sista Benita, i would like to add
Are you drink of the cup of the lord or thr cup of babylon???
This is a great Thread, and should edify the soul if the righteousness of the God of Israel is represented.
I agree because it is all about the righteous ness of God not man. FOr righteousness comes from God.
I drink of the cup of the Lord do you drink of the cup of babylon. Do you have religion or salvation. One can have a ton of religion and not an ounce of salvation. Check yourself
that includes those in the congregation. preachers think they can get in the pulpit and single folk out... watch yourself when you preach... "touch not my anointed and do my prophets not harm"... I agree, "keep your lips off of God's anointed" ones in the congregation! don't hate, celebrate!
What exactly is the "cup of the Lord"?
I have left the church for good! I have been wonded by the church they think that they have done nothing worng. Prideful High minded non-repentive Church Folks. Mean spirits false accusers lyers. New doctrine Church!
Mrs Henley writes~"I have left the church for good!
About time ..tired of that roller-coaster ride are you >?This may help Posted earlier,...However for those seeking with a little more salt or meat this may help:::I will defer back to my March 8th comment, as the Links would grow up any serious student to a higher level when fully understood..they would soon see the difference in Teaching. No jump and shout foolishness, just good solid teaching from those who wrote the Book..and those who were Married to the King of kings of kings of kings at Has Sinai..( Mt. Horeb)

Enjoy your journey.
If the Children really wanted to know the Bible,... They would turn from there superficial understanding and sit at the feet of the Sages of Israel.
~ Why? Because the Sages and Hasidim of Israel wrote the Bible WITH UNDERSTANDING and Really do know their Scrolls far more than the Gentile court has taught. Second least you forget that the Rabbi Yeshua was a Hebrew man educated in the house of Rav. Hillel ( Obvious as the Prayer that Yeshua taught, is the One that R. Hillel wrote for all of Israel,... so it was not a new item on the block as some would suppose:
Also all through out history Sages and Rabbis have Laid their lives down for the protection of Israel and the TORAH INSTRUCTIONS,...( Five books of Moshie) plain and simple.
Great site to learn from-CK it out

Above are ~Just some starter places for those wanting to come out of 'The Imperial Church of Rome's' Misconstructed dogma and embrace the real Halachah of Israel inclusive of all the days understandings.
The Torah, Prophets and writings and qabbalah(= received traditions / tree of life teachings) Tanya ( psychology of the Soul/heart) that Yeshua taught from.
Simply Yeshua was a product of his generation with all the trappings and persecution from Rome.

Trust me in that the teaching is like night and day and the revered KJV has some serious discrepancies which are the reason of the leading astray.

Simply if people want to know the Set in Stone rulings regarding Tithe or anything all they have to do is STUDY and OBEY the sages as Yeshua taught them to do...But Sadly they refuse to go back to there heritage and walk the walk.

This is a MUST listen to audio lecture from a Previous Ordained minister And this Lady sure knows her Bible...Check it out..Inspiring to say the least::....

May HaShem bless your study~

i agree with the 2 comments above... but also, the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availaith much... PRAY! that's what i did. stand on God's Word. don't ever let anyone run you away from God's house. He will take care of everything as long as you stand... the battle is not yours!!! seperate yourself and stay saved. God will honor your faithfulness... you shall reap if you faint not! STAND! i know the pain you feel... Jesus will meet you in your infirmities.. Run to Him and tell Him all about it. cry unto the Lord and watch Him shake some things up! He will comfort and fight for you but you must STAND and see the salvation of the Lord, amen. Love you!
Mrs Sistah writes:"don't ever let anyone run you away from God's house.
Sweet... even sweeter when we all discover that the god you are speaking of YHVH,... really does reside within you and there is no special two step plan to get a G-d who is everywhere into your already occupied Him. And yes run to PaPa but do it in integrity as Daveed did and HaShem will always answer the heart -cry of a mother. Why is that? Because a women of Virtue is likened unto the women of the Psalm 31..likewise Ha'Shem will cover Himself in his Tallit (prayer-shawl) and not hear us, if we are not sincere or have not learned Humility which is now the case why so many prayers are going unheeded. ...So we have a paradox.
When Rome refutes there own Doctrine It was enough for me to start digging down past the quagmire and find historical facts.
Plus I find the teaching of Rome misconstructed The Linage does not even work out and it is either Anti-Judaic or antisemitic or anti-rabbinic or just plain against the Torah of Elohim.
But for the gentile culture that actually walks it out ( firat john 2:v6) It is a good walk none the less..Just to bad the world was taught that J-sus was YHVH's name and the fullness thereof.
Foolishness at best more-so very deceptive of the Imperial church of Rome.
And lastly, not into contention but rather integrity of the Torah of YHVH and truly desire to see that which was lost by Rome be brought back to you in its historical and cultural practices.
If you really knew who you are...


This may be of interest: Lost~ ten tribes

B'H /james,...Sistah May the Ahavah (love) of Ha'Shem ( the-Name) rain upon your heart in seeking and be overflowed with Torah wisdom to teach the generations to come.

Check your Bloodline and enjoy the rich heritage in Judaism the religion of your Rabbi.
Did you leave the church...a local body of believers or did you leave the Church...the Body of Christ? We must never forget the the local bodoy of believers are just that... individuals with their own personalities at some level stating that they are connected to the true and living God. Are we all in the local body(ies) connected to Christ? I would said that most of us are at various levels in God, working out our own soul salvation. Pointing fingers only implies that you (me/us) notice in others what needs to be worked out in ourselves. Yes, doctrine and rituals in various local bodies are just that "traditions of man", but let's not mistake that for the righteousness of God in the Body of Christ...the bride that is being santified and developing into the holiness of God of creator and heavenly Father.
Can we perhaps step this up a little to the Multi-verse where the Master creator first established Adam number one.
The Celestial Adam or the prototype for all Humanity.
We are all one from the ONE..
Go watch Avatar that is kabbalah-101-Judaism. Interconnected as One in the Divine, with Shalom(peace) one to another....
Then you have the heart of Amalek~ The rest is the Arrogant War machine of the Elite banker liars in the house called white" or someplace..of your choosing~
The place a true Tzaddik works ( the Miraculous) and operates in a ~' Baal Shem Tov- type or the way Yeshua is portrayed as one who went around doing good... is the portrayal of AVATAR Of course it was written by guess who?~~~ those Wonderful Jewish Sages and their " handed down-received traditions = kabbalah"- teaching was responsible for that great movie...And Now you know the rest of the story:

Again the basics of Community we call it the Sheitel..

Simply it is an immense intimacy with the Divine that we are all one interconnected together as one celestial Soul.

OK that's a little higher up the scale from Romes version ...but you all catch on real fast:

OK, so we know that J-sus was a Jew Rabbi or Sage of Israel and he came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel...Ok so far...Now the heavy:

The Kingdom of G-d is here,... great so now say that while pointing toward your own self...say it,... the kingdom of G-d is within me....That is what they taught then and what we still teach now. G-d is everywhere The very life breath of YHVH is within you...So If that is what we teach all these eons of time,... Then certainly Yeshua-J-sus being a Hebrew man of higher learning, taught a similar thought: ~Right?
If G-d is everywhere Then why do you have to invite HaShem in????

In Judaism there is only eight sects,
The Zionist and karites we won't mention ??
However the other Six (6) for the most part,.. all base our intimate love as Shema Israel (Deut: 6:v4-9) which boils down to~One G-d~ One Israel~ One command that all Israel is responsible for one another.

All Israel is responsible for one another." (Talmud Shavuot 39a)~"Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh." = "~

Just like any deep rooted Culture: Had those who have heritage back to when your government sold you off to the Portuguese and Dutch traders starting 270 years of slavery...None of you would be christians Simply because it is Idolatry to worship any man as a G-d. Commandment number two The Commandment states:-It is up to you not to commit Idolatry:

Also I miight mention YHVH stated "No man dies for the sins of an'- That is the word of YHVH through His Prophet...Replacement theology to the One Marriage at Mt. Sinai will never come close to the true redemption set in stone before the foundation of the world was framed.

Their in is the Celestial Man The Adam-Kadmon the Blueprint for all humanity...
Thrust me the Sages of Israel for 3300 years have always held to certain precepts: For the Jew the Basic ten and the (7)-Festivals celebrated in reverence:

And to the gentile an obedience to the Noahide laws will be enough to merit in the world to come..That was the house of Rav.Hillel's stance and Yeshua uttered the same he was taught the same things as every Yeshiva student and so it continues to this day for gentile and Jew Obedience to the Basics is greater than sacrifice...Anybody can do it there is no we are all equal as One unit one humanity

: Now go and study and If I can help connect the dots of just what the Rabbi Yeshua / J-sus taught,... verses what the common xian church thinks is correct Torah ...let me know.--- Shalom to one and all:
Hillel the Elder said, "Be of the disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving your fellow creatures and bringing them close to the Torah." (Pirkei Avot 1:12) -


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