Is your church teaching Gods commandments or man's traditions. Yes, I am aware that some traditions are to be passed down from generation to generation. But here lately I am hearing a lot more about what seems right unto man and not what God said in his word. Be careful! Are you looking for religion or salvation there is a difference?

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I am a member of a cell based nondenominational church. I have recently run in to confict of sorts over disobedience to church authority. I have served in and out of church almost immediately since becoming a member. My passion and willingness to serve was noticed by those in authority and I was asked to join the church "leadership". I accepted because I thought this would be a way top assist in introducing community programs. I stand on 1 Kings 13- a disobedient servant when on direct assignment from God is in danger of destruction if he listens to anyone, especially a "man of God" who tries to turn him around.
It is sad when one in authority is truly serving to please God and when others wonder why someone was given a position by leadership to carry out an assignment and tradition gets in the way. Old mindsets that had not been renewed and refuse to grow to help develop a more excellent way of doing things to get the message out, the ministry to grow and to inform the community by leading by example. Talking about real issues of life and helping a man learn to fish in layman terms is most beneficial because it starts a chain reaction that the WORD of God has an effect because an example is being set with no strings attached!
It would be great when the WORD of God is truly in a manifested state of being and non-believers see miracles to increase their faith; along with believers witness that the WORD continues to live in us those who walk the way Jesus the Christ walked and greater things we are to do than He as He has prophesized we are to do. Or course God's command is the ultimate. Man's tradition and contradiction may be nothing but sounding brass because perfect love is not there!
iam glad to joinyour group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
iam bless to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
I was just reading about this in Matthew during bible study for my kids. We must remember that doing God's Will is greater than pleasing man's.
Jesus commands us to not call any many father, He is not speaking about natural fathers; Jesus is speaking about the modern evangelical "tradition" of calling men spiritual fathers. This tradition is Pauline. Is Paul greater than Peter? Of course not, God is no respecter of men. Peter never called anyone his spiritual "son". Jesus went farther and said don't call any man master (teacher,Rabbi) either. During slavery the white "slave owners" in an attempt to exalt themselves demanded that the slaves call them master. But, God, in His infinite Wisdom would not allow this so the slaves voiced a corruption of master that sounded like "massa". Most modern church overseers whether they prefer to be called reverend, (reverend is not even a church office, it is English in origin, as in right reverend so-and-so) , pastor, apostle, evangelist, prophet or prophetess will have to answer for the exalted outcome that these titles have brought about and the damage to Gods' people. Malachi 3:1, Malachi:1:6, Job 22:29, Proverbs 15:33, Proverbs 29:23, Luke 14:11, Luke 18:14...


There is an article on my blog Christian News Briefs on the un-Biblical tradition of "first lady" to describe a pastors' wife and the strife and division this practice brings to the Body Of Christ. Because men have exalted themselves with titles they expect nothing less than unquestioned obedience. This is totally outside their office. Jesus said this: "You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. And, our modern pastors do the same. Most church leaders today are practicing Pharisees, whether they acknowledge this or not. If you are a sheperd over Gods' people and your only means of support is from tithes and offerings then you still have one foot planted in the Old Testament Priesthood. But, pimping The Word is not new. The wheat and the tares are still growing together. It's almost harvest time.

They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity--for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him. 2 Peter 2:19. Jesus is my master ...
God's will before man always!
Mrs Edwards writes"God's will before man always"~
YHVH is how the word G-d is written in the TaNaKh.. we do not use the word G-d in print never in the Holy Scrolls of Adonai. When a Jew or Hebrew man see's Y H V H~ we say Adonai~
The Hebrew Bible for some of you is the OT..

Misleading as that is it should be noted that Rome accepted the TaNaKh. Although bastardized it to fit their dogma over the seventeen hundred years she formulated the story of Yeshua and venerated the poor Rabbi of Note...However all that written to write again this question~Why does the Xian church with its over 23,000 versions on the planet ----600 demonations in Amerika alone~which Violate the very tenants of the Rabbi of choice and his teachings..Let alone the desire of his heart~~ John 17: I pray that you become one as I am one / Echad with ABBA/the Father / Ha'Shem~Creator of the Multi-verse.
There is the Paradox The man was a Jew Rabbi and yet when I try to show that very Fact historically and linguistically and culturally putting everything back into its proper order I hear That is all passed away in favor of jc
Absurd to say the least:

Yeshua taught out of the Torah understanding of the day~Period.
No New testament, No Paul sitting at his feet or traveling with his academy:~Remember, Paul choose Not to go up and learn of the Talmidim / disciples of Yeshua:

So,... Really who do you all follow.
.As a Jew and a Sephardi we follow the Seven festival unto the Master. obey the basic Ten. Give Charity=Tzadakah into our community where it is needed Not to an institution~ and we understand the very basics. Do Teshuvah [ return to G-d and then go and study] Like the prodigal son story the who trip is to realize your undone do Teshuvah ( repent) and then go and study so you can go out and repair the world Tikkun Olam~ in some way:

Not all the Paganism infiltrated into christianity violatiing the very Torah foundation it accepted...Go fig....

Time to arise and come up higher from the quagmire of Rome...Anyone want that???
What happened here name calling directly. Why are you angry? Is this the way to respond or respect all of God's people? Are you a minister who speaks in this manner? How would you bring salvation and the message of the good news of Christ to someone who may lead the lifestyle of homosexuality? How do you think God Almighty would want you to handle how you communicate to repentance and to change the desired nature? Just something to think about. How to be effective with the treating of the WORD of life to the body. We have to live here with all kinds of people believers and non believers, sinners those who confess and live in carnality. Take it from there.~
Thank for sharing are you from the old country? I've heard some of what you are conveying and to be enlighten for all people about the truth and living the righteous lifestyle of the example of Christ the anointed one as our model now about that... because He was born in old testament times where new testament did not enter in until after the life, death and resurrection of Christ and the meaning of the Messiah coming in the flesh. What type of belief as a jewish teacher or minister are you under again now let me understand?
Rabbi-Gutman Locks answers fundamental questions about Judaism for a Pastor of xianism._ __


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