Is your church teaching Gods commandments or man's traditions. Yes, I am aware that some traditions are to be passed down from generation to generation. But here lately I am hearing a lot more about what seems right unto man and not what God said in his word. Be careful! Are you looking for religion or salvation there is a difference?

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Nothing Changes...G-D established the set-apart day and it is so!!!!

Melech Solomon stated there was NOTHING new under the sun...see nothing changes.

It is Shabbat or if your Azkanzi Jew Shabbo's starting when the Sun goes down friday evening and finishes up with the Havdallah meal on Saturday evening.

Candle lighting times for around the world here

Everything in between is study and prayer and to communication regarding HaShem the most high G-d of Israel.

Shema Israel~~ Deuteronomy 6:4-9ff

Speaking of which Happy Shabbos everyone...OBEDIENCE is greater than sacrifice Right?

Main-site So lets all obey the Masters Mitzvot Honor the sabbath and keep it holy"

Hi, Evangelist Howell. I'm Junior Minister Isaiah Simpson. I am only 13 years old but truly have a zeal and currently getting my knowledge. I really like what you said about God's Laws and Man's traditions. We need to start listening to God and stop celebrating these holidays such as Christmas. God doesn't want us to celebrate this holiday according to Jeremiah 10:1-6. Just wanted to say your words touched me. May the God Of Israel Bless you.
Mr. Simpson writes:"Hi, Evangelist Howell. I'm Junior Minister Isaiah Simpson. I am only 13 years old but truly have a zeal and currently getting my knowledge."
Well in getting knowledge seeker of truth..First you need to know that the revered christian Bible does NOT read the same way nor is it in anyway taught he same as the Xian Hellenist misconstruction.. So get yourself a Hebrew-English TaNaKn,.... I believe the stone TanaKh is both English and Hebrew. This will show you on how it read and one of the base explanations of how is is taught below~~~~~
The verse at the beginning of Bereishis ( genesis) says "And the land was astonishingly empty, with darkness upon the surface of the deep, and the Divine presence hovered above the surface of the waters." Rashi ~~~( Rashi and miramonides are just two of the most referenced Bible scholars in Judaism~~and there really is a greater Wealth of info Correctly taught in Your original religion which is most likely Sephardi / Yemenite/ or Ethiopian decent) ~~~explains that the word "תהו" means astonishment, bafflement, that a person is astonished and baffled at the emptiness of it.

We can explain this with the following principle: Something only gets a defining name when it is finished and reached its objective. Any time before this, it is unspecified – it is still in a worthless state – תוהו. This is the latent potential (כח) that has not yet been actualized (פועל).

~~~~At the end of the day with much historical evidence uncovered..Christianity is another religion that tapped(grabbed a few precepts) into the Hebrew religion which is the oldest and most reliable of all takes on the deep calleth unto deep' understanding that G-d is calling people to now Back to their original roots and not the ANTI-SEMITIC version birthed from Rome.

Above all enjoy your journey and if I can help let me know... Lastly: Rome Lied, if anything the story is very, very "Embellished" as is what there own historians call it.

As Rashi stated ~explains that the word "תהו" means astonishment, bafflement, that a person is astonished and baffled at the emptiness of it.

If anybody truly searches out the historical documents (and we have for twenty plus years) they too will be ~"astonished and baffled at the emptiness of it."

Choose this day whom you will serve Rome or the one true G-d YHVH. The Master of all creation

Personally I have had enough of the Vine and Branches is time to study the ROOT of our rich heritage in YAH His name is YAH or YHVH (Psalms 68:v4)

Shema Israel Deverim/ Deuteronomy 6:v4-9-ff13
The powers of darkness are not suppose to be in the Church but they are, we have had traditions handed down to us by people who do not understand fully what the powers of darkness can do and will do if we are not anchored in the Lord. We are at a time when we need to chose between man's traditions or God's commandments, because there is much deception and darkness infiltrating today's church. The powers of darkness do have the ability to control people, they can make them think what's good is bad, and what's bad is good. The traditions of man is darkness, some of our traditions actually do seem right, but in Jeremiah 10: 23 we read, "...that a man's life is not his own; It is not for man to direct his steps" but when we act without the leading of God we make a tragic mistake. Sometimes we justify our actions by saying to ourselves, "I feel that this is what God is leading me (or us) to do" but what we FEEL can be very deceptive. There are some of us who believe that as long as what is done in the church is effective it is alright, as long as it reaches someone it should be ordained. But we need to be very careful, because following our own traditions and trying to move God's hand can have some horrible consequences. You are correct Evangelist, religion is one thing but salvation is much greater.
Mr. Miller writes:"But we need to be very careful, because following our own traditions and trying to move God's hand can have some horrible consequences. You are correct Evangelist, religion is one thing but salvation is much greater "
Salvation is a word thrown freely around..and some folks who follow the traditions of Rome and Greek Hellenist and proto agnostic teaching spread through the protestant daughters of Rome believe in such a thing: However it is nowhere in Judaism is the word ever used or taught~~~ Why is that?????????? Because Salvation is within intimacy/Intellect/and Avodah (worship) and Davening ( Prayer) with the Divine until you are One with the Master....Simply Salvation-to use a Xian word is in Obedience to show thy self approved...Unto Who/ Unto YHVH.

Like the Torn Vail of such great Importance in Xianity, no where in any rabbinic and or Hasidic history or any commentary ( Trust me I and my research team have looked~~Didn't happen)
Virgin Birth Refuted by Rome and Rome authorized historians call it what it is and even much of the stories to be "Embellished" {There word not mine} Brought forth in 646 AD/CE and was canonized in 697 if memory serves me...Blessed HaShem
Actually I could write a Book of hundreds of pages But nobody cares to know the truth So why bother It was my Journey from G-d out of her If you still believe it all Then that is where HaShem wants you...Unless you Cry out a heart-cry for truth~~You will stay there.

It is well known that you must Draw to Him so He can come into you..///Study is a good point to start.IMHO.

I would like to have all the cash I gave to the Shisters and court Jesters of the Triune gods and friends..before I learned Deuteronomy 10:v17 B side of the verse...That G-d does not take a bribe PERIOD~

Judaism is built upon the balance of the Ethics of the Fathers/ Pirkei Avos, and traditions from Moshie given when YHVH decided to Marry Israel as they stood at the Base of Sinai even thou they were afraid [ Deuteronomy 5:v5]

That said I will do ALL that he YHVH say's to do...and All Israel is responsible for one another Jew to Jew One G-d One Savior One Love forever and a day like I love my Bride forever and a day because I know I have a place in the world to Come, The master took me to a high place to assure me...Everything else pales in comparison... To that kind of intimacy.....But the tears paved my path to his love it seems it should pave your way as well

J-sus as most people can figure out, was not G-d but the comments interwoven are good for the gentiles without the Added anti-semetic trash and lies to control thrown in...

Still there is much good to be gleaned although the NT really is not what a pious Jew would teach at Yeshiva...And historically is not what Yeshua taught, Not at much much more love..and no pulpit harlotry...comes from a Humble, Pious, Benevolent Rabbi.
"For in Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily" - Colosians 2: 9.
"And God said, let us make man in our image, after our image - Genesis 1: 26
"Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God" - Philippians 2: 6
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" - John 1: 1
"How shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?" - Hebrews 2: 3
Mr.Miller writes: a lot of NT replacement theology stuff~ stuff....
To answer the fullness of Berishith 1:v26..I would have to teach you the understanding of the Adam Qadmon in Jewish thought...the fullness of the Universe and multi-verse, the Absolute Orders involved in that statement,...or you could go and inquire of it yourself. Perhaps, Join a Midrash: A Jewish style discussion group where a stated premise is investigated,... but all opinions are backed with scripture..(The Bible not the NT bible I am referencing)

But you see Mr Miller I like all that you wrote, however considering that Your rabbi had not that to study...but had the Real Instructions to relate to and the understanding that His Master taught him let alone that his father was a builder and that the bet Ha Mikdash // theTemple controllers of the Day Namely'the House of Shammi" were also builders' for the most part and well to were the Sangedrien/ the Beit Din.
But can you do it the same way that a Jewish Rabbi would have Without Rome involved.. Right from the Original Text that Mar Yeshua ben Yoseph '~Read from in the Temple...

I will give you a Clue: It was the Set-Apart TaNaKh better known as the Hebrew Bible...Oh And it does not read the same as the altered KJV nor the Wescott and Hort 1841~ revised 1611 version and all those modeled afterwards.

The rabbi you say you follow, Followed the Teachings of his day (well for the most part),...did he not..?

Those are the Same basics Judaism 101 that has been taught for thousands of years...the same~Yesterday Today and forever" Because Mr Miller they are the Words From Adonai to His chosen Bride I mentioned earlier that was and forever will be the Marital Vows at the base of the Jew and the Stranger with them,...saying essentially I Do!...

Nothing Changed

To use Rabbi Yeshua a Jew with a Hebrew Mindset not a modern day socialized mind set ...we then see through his eyes differently when he states "Do not think I have come to destroy or Replace the Torah, but that I have come to fulfill it"~~That in Hebrew terminology is simply Fulfill = Walk it out!

Bet Yochannon stated in his writing 2:v6 ~~What I call the Abiding factor...

" Those who say they walk as the Master( Rabbi) walked Should as well walk the walk" That is another basic...Not only to learn Torah from your Rebbe but to emulate his lifestyle to be like him" (Where have we heard that before)

And so in the old days the students would live as close to there Rabbi/mentor to learn of Him.
I will use Paul analogy Do you follow Apollo or Paul or Yeshua or

Like in the Christian religion most all of you folks reading this follow the Rabbi Paul who stated directly He choose NOT to go up and learn of the Talmidim of Yeshua~~So Why inter mix them That my friends is in simple terms A Mixture in the Message"~

The Bible Commands us to Cling to G-d and He will Cling to you Study into the deeper recesses of the psychology of the Soul Son and I will become One with you"...Simple Salvation for all of us No Three in one deity stuff

No JC Blood bath to do

Why? Because it is not nor has it ever had anything to do with what Your Teacher Yeshua ben Yoseph taught.

Yet for those who whish to save themselves about 20 to 30 years seeking after that which is lost Truth that will set you free stuff

You shall know the Torah and the Torah will set you free"

Much better Hebrew Mindset translation

Go and listen to the Jews and then you will see and read it with greater understanding

If you cannot figure out why it is because under all the facade of socialized civilization you are a Jew/ Yemenite or Ethiopian...or some lineage from Mannaseh and Ephraim etc.. But none the less a Jew SO; go study with the Jew because J-sus was and forever will be a Jew..Not the one portrayed in the Anti-Semitic versions commonly found in Christendom.

Yeshua Prayed That you become One with the Creator/Father/Master as he was one with G-d...What does that mean???

In Hebrew Qabbalah which is obvious that John Yeshua and possibly Kepha all were aware of how to walk in the received traditions of power and authority Why? Because they were One they recognized that all of Israel was and is One with the Master Why?// Because we the People ave the life breath of G-d within the Rabbi's and Sages have taught of the Essence within...That is what the Kingdom of G-d is within it is here the table is already set All we have to do is see it>>.I Hope that Helps

And when you learn to construct the "Salvation" message as One with Israel You will do as Paul told the Hellenists and Proto-Gnostics...QWhen I was a child I did those foolish things believed the superficial things...But when I let the Torah become One with me That is when I walk in the Maturity of Adonai and put away those childless things....

Above all enjoy your journey "Out of her"

Can you tell me what Jewish yeshiva Yeshua went to I will give you a clue the same one as Gamaliel went to.
You and I are on two very different pages my brother, I will say God bless and have a good day.
Mr Miller writes:You and I are on two very different pages my brother, I will say God bless and have a good day.
Ok I agree...But Crazy heritek that I am...still are you not curious as to how a Real Rabbi would have taught and really is it much different today? I had questions..Most people do not question because they are taught not to question...basic psychology Right....teach the masses how to act and react..and so It was with Rome...They need to control and the Sword was no longer the tool od choice the victimization of Jesus would work and we all hate evil and so the NT teaches that all those evil Pharisee's are sick nasty killers of our poor little J-sus...and so we have wars and rumors of wars mostly against the Jewish people, because we are taught to have those the beginning it was not so:

Mr. Miller, What we have here is two different roads up the Mountain...One which the Jew Rabbi taught and the One that Rome and misconstructed theology has given to the people.

We the teachers are accountable is that not right?

So we then must teach what our teachers of respected memory taught Is that not right?

To Me the Bible is all I need and to you as this place of understanding you wish to know but are you willing or will you be like seed thrown on fertile ground but dies in the coming persecution..because they were relying on something that never was and never will be.

Please study Is my request.

Hellinstic theology is mostly the problem as it is taught in the Church...Yet James Taught Show me your works without deeds and I will show you mine with Tov Deeds

This too was a man who shamed the theology of today

James was leader of the Sect for thirty years yet this is the only writing from him~Rabbinicly and Hasidically speaking something is missing...there should be much more.

.Rome Lied

James was
Torah observant Man of Prayer.

Man of Teshuva/ Repentence/
And a man of Tzedakah/ Charity.

That was his Salvation teaching in a nutshell.
Have you read Isaiah recently...interesting book~~Oh BTW the Hebrew version reads more correctly...No slants Just One G-d One marriage at Has Sinai...The Jews really do know their scriptures Just too bad we all got told that they didn't..Ah But socialism works that way in religion and in world controllers it is all the same move the herd..However some break free and go and study.

You know reading your bible cover to cover at least twice a year is a very good thing.
The TaNaKh is shorter so I can read mine more LOL
This sounds better than the Antisemitic version;
Yeshua said "You will know the Torah and the Torah will set you free"..That sounds like a Jewish Rabbi now does it not..Oppps thats right Yeshua was Jewish and it really is a bummer being raised as an anti-semetic because you miss the greater works of overcoming the yetzer harah that evil inclination men seem to have an issue with~~pride is one sure signpost and then Rejection is another signpost of maturity lacking.
These folks just cant handle a simple midrash... and will have to take another lap around the mountain.

Like Isaiah 58 tells us NOT to turn away from a brother..:.but then we may be from different tribes...But the Same Diaspora...none the less.and eveybody is from the same womb of Chavah/ Eve that not so? And yet your actions of words States that G-d to you is not real...Simply because you do not obey the Commands of YHVH when you violate them
Obedience is greater than sacrifice/self-nullification/self-flagellation/etc...

I guess that makes us one in the human species...just different stripes.
All Yeshua was about Historically was a baal Teshuvah movement

in English it was a Repentence movement To the Jew to reconcile with the Gentile etc.
The Gentiles to observe the Noahide laws for all humanity...and they could do more if they wanted Like go to the Yeshiva (house of study)
As far as Yeshua Salvation message As the Jews have no such word For Us it is Geluah The redemption...

Yeshua used the Parable of the Prodical Son...A lost son of Israel..

and all the Man did was RETURN..and that is all TESHUVA means To return to G-d.

Also, He stated he came for the Lost sheep of the house Israel. (The Northern ten Tribes)
Really too bad no one wants to Digg Deeper than the superficial version..
.this is really fun in historical studies of the One you say you follow in his teachings.
He did not violate Torah except in the Field with the grain issue.yet two rows are planted for the traveler anyway~~So It was another fight with Shammai and his boys Not all of the Sages as is taught in christian circles.
can you all tell me why you settle for the white mans religion instead of remembering Who you really are Hebrew ~ Israelite ~ Jews. taken in captivity and removed from your rich heritage.

Enjoy your journey......
Amen, Pastor Miller!
Regarding commandments, Jesus gave but two; consider Matthew 22:37-40, "Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."

As for traditions, again, Jesus said it best in Mark 7:9, "And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition." and in Mark 7:13, Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye."

The Apostle Paul put the capstone on this foundational teaching when he wrote in Colossians 2:8 "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ."

I am for sound, Biblical, Gospel teaching that sets sinners free from the yoke of sin and destroys the yoke of religious bondage in the lives of believers. I reject teaching that heaps burdens on men and shuts up the Kingdom of God as to prevent them from entering.


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