Is your church teaching Gods commandments or man's traditions. Yes, I am aware that some traditions are to be passed down from generation to generation. But here lately I am hearing a lot more about what seems right unto man and not what God said in his word. Be careful! Are you looking for religion or salvation there is a difference?

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Preacher//// writes "Question: does anyone here keep God's commands perfectly?
How many are you ready for me to list...Really it is all about the "Ethics of the Fathers" I suggest you receive a copy of PIRKEI AVOS for your library~~You would be Miles ahead...Also check out Our Blog for a list of books with Historical Merit so that you can spit out the wood Stubble and Hey"

I will start with the very first one who emanated the Essence of Torah within them they were the embodiment of all that the Torah was before the AAdam Qadmon and to the Very Tav of existance.....Let me know if you need help.

Shalom Aleichem...Peace be upon you

The point is we who keep the law have a desire to do as our Holy Father asks us. Its just like all of us or most of us tried to do everything that our earthly parents told us to do when we were in their household. If we made a mistake and were not perfect in keeping our parents rules, laws, ordinances, they did not reject us or disown us. They continued to love and instruct us.

Therefore, make every attempt to keep the law because Father YAH wants us to. It is righteousness. If we sincerely make a mistake, ask forgiveneness and go and sin (transgess the Law) no more.

By the way, dont we all in the USA and other nations keep their thousands upon thousands of laws, codes, rules on the federal, state, ward, city level. We keep them everyday and dont complain a bit. But when it comes to keeping simple laws (approx 600, not thousands) of Father YAH we give up.

Like now there are probably at least 10,000 tax code laws that we are all going to keep. If we dont keep the tax law we go to jail. If we dont keep the Torah and believe YAHshua was a sacrifice for our sins we are doomed to the lake of fire forever.

So which laws are easier to follow Father YAH laws or the tax laws. (keep in mind we all need to pay our taxes and keep both of these groups of laws, give unto Caesar what is Caesar's)

Keith writes :"So which laws are easier to follow Father YAH laws or the tax laws. (keep in mind we all need to pay our taxes and keep both of these groups of laws, give unto Caesar what is Caesar's).....Peace.
Yes until we the Sheeple get to be the ONE VOICE of G-d we will continue in this propaganda and whipping of the Flock~~TAX Revolt 2010~~if 98 million working class heros were told by their pastors to say enough is enough,... We could simply retake our counrty..Sadly we cannot even worship the ONE g-d of all the multi-verse without contension.The proof is here at BPN daily. The Tool of the Elite is Ignorance...dumbing down in the John Dewey Marxist school system is only part of the problem The other problem is the people want hand outs and welfare instead of Torah Study and learning How to live a right life as it is written in the TaNaKh for all humanity. Sickmess, obesity Big-pharma, government corruption and citizen policing and paganism is not the Way...But too each his own..As for me and my house>>>>

Keith~How often I say the Same thing, I would much better be under the Instructions( law) of YHVH than the Commienatzisocialistmarxism we and the planet are under during the last 70 plus years of this tyrannical rein...Mr"O" is the last nail in the coffin of AmeriKan Sovereignty....We did not wake up and seize the day!~~The kids can not grasp that the Text they hold so dear to their heart is nothing more than a misconstruction from Rome...~Simply Rome Lied:~~~Why? I have not a clue' seriously why would anybody taint the purity of the Marital covenant established for a lesser doctrine climbing up another way"
Historicaly the whole story unravels...and then there is Paul who stated he did not go up to Jerusalem and learn of tht which YaaKov and Kepha led the group with ..which was for two hundred a Torah observant group called the WAY “~Paul /Acts 24 is a good read for that validation accused of being a leader of the Way” it was never called christianity...Rome took care of all that misconstruction much later.

The whole walk is Jewish~~only the real blind can keep banging the Drum that J-sus is the way when really the man being a Sage if anything at all was one who understood his culture and teachings of the Time

Simply it was another Baal Teshuvah Movement..the same teachings of Rav. Hillel and the Torah is what Yeshua spoke out...Simply his own words which are not reconstructed are very much Judaism.
Do not think I have come to do away /change/???the Torah instructions But that I have come to walk them out..That in a Hebrew Idiom is just what Yochannon stated in first John 2:v6 Those who say they walk as Yeshua walked must do as he did...

Do as your Rabbi taught and spit out the added wood stubble and Hey of Rome and it would surffice the Gentile walk ...of simple obedience.....Sadly all the Idol pastors of the church do not want to go and study the richness of their own heritage and instead follow the white mans arrogant ignorance and Romes antisemitic version..

I keep trying regardles, to bring the rich heritage to the table...

Halakah in Hebrew means ~ The way to walk" so youre Yeshua would have taught the Way to walk~ that refers to how one understands how the Torah [ Brides Instructions given at Has Sinai~~~NOT anything to do with the NT]
However for these children seeking a greater answer lets look at this a moment:
What was the first Miracle???It was at the Wedding feast was it not?~why because everything in Judaism/ Hasidic/ Rabbinic teaching all goes full circle to the Marriage to Israel and the stranger" with them. PERIOD

All Israel is ONE ~~Shema Israel Deverim 6:v4-9~ the Lord our G-d is one {{ We say that every-morning and every evening we Daven in forgiveness to anyone that may be given Judgment or that hurt us because of actions taken during the day..

You see Keith Before the Controllers of North Africa sold the Hebrew peoples Namely the Yemenite and Ethiopians of Torah knowledge They were all Torah observant...Then fast forward a few hundred years and they then embraced the white mans Roman Pagan theology and now you are all ripped of on the J-sus story and not the Torah walk of your forefathers...At the end of the Day and after three years of trying to get the blind eyes open...These Kids are again Missing the TIME of their visitation..and sadly they do not see the Door closing...

Shalom Aleichem../ Yaakov
Thsoe who base their salvation on keeping the law do not have christ because they are depending on keeping thelaw if one breaks the law they are worthy of death ( hell ) so who will pay the penalty for breaking the law outside of Christ?
Preacher writes:"Thsoe who base their salvation on keeping the law do not have christ because they are depending on keeping thelaw if one breaks the law they are worthy of death ( hell ) so who will pay the penalty for breaking the law outside of Christ?
Very Tov,... Very Good question: Who will pay??
Lets get right down to the Flesh of the question. Who will pay for your indulgences?
Rome once took much from there respective followers for just such a thing.

Unless one immerse himself in the Knowledge of the One he says he follows How can one understand the Character and motives?

Impossible without a miscontruction of some sort.
SO Your alledged Rabbi Mar Yeshua Ben Yoseph who you Say you follow ~~Followed Torah for the most part did he not....well except with a handwashing issue..That was in the house of a deciple of Shammai...and the Issue of gathering grain on Shabbat..which would be acceptable to Sustain life.

And that Torah teaching which is the instructions to the Bride Israel where 600,000 souls came together and HaShem married them.

They have no penaltie such as Rome suggests Why Because they are alraedy Set-Apart.

It is those who have not obtained their full understanding of the Wedding at Has Sanai that are looking everywhere else for the redemption of mankind.You kids were told the Jews do not know there own Scriptures it is the gentiles that do not Fully" understand the Scrolls of Adonai

Shalom Aleichem...Time to Study your history lesson.
THE point being outside of Christ there is no salvation...even if you've kept the law perfectly as Nicodemus and the young rich ruler note what Jesus said to him the young man kept the law from his youth and yet Jesus said you are not saved there was somethig missing...

his heart had not been changed through salvation he did not keep the lae because he loved God this is what was missing and to show this Jesus told hm to sell everything he had and follow Jesus the young man became sad because he loved the things of the world more than Jesus...

his heart and nature had not been changed by keeping the law, its the same with you now who try to keep the law thining it will save you...

We are Saved by grace
(Ephesians 2:8-9) - "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."
(Rom. 3:20, 28)

"because by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified in His sight; for through the Law comes the knowledge of sin...For we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from works of the Law."

(Galatians 2:16) - "nevertheless knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the Law but through faith in Christ Jesus, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, that we may be justified by faith in Christ, and not by the works of the Law; since by the works of the Law shall no flesh be justified."

Preacher writes ??? a mixture in the message<~~Not one of your references is your beloved funny is that.
No where in your discourse do you reference One single reference from the Written in Stone Redemption written thhroughout the TaNaKh.
Is it really that hard for X-ians to read there Bible...Maybe that Comedian was right about some people do not know how to read, being to socialized with the Tele-propaganda to do the study thing. Telle-lie~Such a waste of time IMHO. Propaganda, Socializing and commienatzimarxist Government endorsed drug pushing~~~ But then what do I know? White boys can't jump, but they can study seeking a higher truth now can't they.

So I suggest that Preacher denies the existence of G-d..and is far more interested in replacement theology misconstructed from the Fathers of the Imperial church of Rome...
Than from the rich heritage of His ancestors. To each his own...young man to each his own and in his own eyes he alone is right.
It is very obviouse that you do not read and Meditate on your Bible every day as it is INSTRUCTED by the Mouth of YHVH and to be taught to the generations.

Really how many times a year do you read the bible cover to cover..Twice three times with clarity????
Abou t six years ago i took a student with the right heart of love for G-d a Gentile who had never read the bible cover to cover.

I suggested three chapters in the Hebrew side and then three in the Christian side

I gave them every translation I had available ( Most of the English are from Wescott and Hort 1841 version anyway) Nothing much different..and I used a ISR ( institute of scripture research) from Africa~~
[FYI~That is a sacred names translation used by the christian-messianics THAT is NOT Judaism It is More Jews for J-sus Mess ~ Do not get involved with this foolishness)]
After the fourth or fith time through reading each day without fail AloudSo all there gates into the heart are receiving..they said to me without the question ever being asked...Rapture is not in the Bible~~~!!!

I said it was a misconstruction and was very glad without any coaching outside of the reading daily that gave that answer.

This one was found worthy of the Instructions the Love for G-d is off the scale in that one ..Not many have that devotion to day without all the facade and trappings..Just simple love for the Father creator.

So Really people Have been lead astray Waiting for a Failed Messiah to come and resuce all your butts when the word clearly tells us to get off our Duffs and then go and repair the world.

Surly it needs G-dly leaders and Not the Fakes we have in official leadership raping this fine country..

So I suggest If you can today Start at the Beginning..

If men continue to walk in disobedience then to them G-d is simply not realized within...or they would know the road to Redemption the Geulah is Obedience.....
Not once in the Hebrew TaNaKh is the word 'salvation used" Not once.
Tell a Jew you are being saved" and he will likely ask you from what Your own self perhaps..Then go study how to tame the Yetzer Harah the evil inclination within..then go and repair your world.

Simply Teshuvah means to Return to G-d!
If you can get any more out of the Parable of the Prodical Son of Israel~~Let me know...that is all Yeshua taught for the Geulah the Redemption,... that and Tzedakah..being Charitable giving and the majority is basic housekeeping and community cleanleness.
Yeshua's biological father was in the story a builder and well involved in the Temple rites and customs..Or at least it would seem.

Too bad the Children keep wanting to climb up another way.
I keep the laws because it is pleasing to my Father. I do not keep them because I will be saved by keeping them. Father YAH gave them to ADAM (mankind), therefore all of ADAM should keep them to the best of our ability.

Father YAH saved us by sending YAHshua to die for our sins. This where salvation comes from.

Now Preacher, didn't you do what your Mommy and Daddy told you to do when you were in their house and then practised and taught those same rules to your children??

Is not Father YAH our "DADDY"? So lets do what he says because we love him.

Deut 6:5

The Jew, the Greek, and the Foolish Thing
In the powerful message Pastor S. T. Nichols shares the importance of not leaning to our own understanding. But trusting God in everything that we put our hands to do
Oh My???????

Son until the Cliches become One with you then how can you teach when you do not comprehend the Teachings of a first century Sage like Mar Yeshua Ben Yoseph:
Paul is not using the the teachings of yeshua as His was mostly directed to the Hellinist proto-Gnostic infiltration at the time.
The word “Messiah” is an English rendering of the Hebrew word “Mashiach”, which means “Anointed.” It usually refers to a person initiated into God’s service by being anointed with oil. (Exodus 29:7, I Kings 1:39, II Kings 9:3) Since every King and High Priest was anointed with oil, each may be referred to as “an anointed one” (a Mashiach or a Messiah). For example: “God forbid that I [David] should stretch out my hand against the Lord’s Messiah [Saul]...” (I Samuel 26:11. Cf. II Samuel 23:1, Isaiah 45:1, Psalms 20:6)

Where does the Jewish concept of Messiah come from? One of the central themes of Biblical prophecy is the promise of a future age of perfection characterized by universal peace and recognition of God. (Isaiah 2:1-4; Zephaniah 3:9; Hosea 2:20-22; Amos 9:13-15; Isaiah 32:15-18, 60:15-18; Micah 4:1-4; Zechariah 8:23, 14:9; Jeremiah 31:33-34)

Many of these prophetic passages speak of a descendant of King David who will rule Israel during the age of perfection. (Isaiah 11:1-9; Jeremiah 23:5-6, 30:7-10, 33:14-16; Ezekiel 34:11-31, 37:21-28; Hosea 3:4-5)

Since every King is a Messiah, by convention, we refer to this future anointed king as The Messiah. The above is the only description in the Bible of a Davidic descendant who is to come in the future. We will recognize the Messiah by seeing who the King of Israel is at the time of complete universal perfection.

Great teaching Nichols keep teaching the truth thank God we are not under the law but grace. If one chose to stay under the law let them be judge by the law.I would rather be a child of God the a foolish SO-CAll Man Keep teaching Man of God

The Jew, the Greek, and the Foolish Thing
In the powerful message Pastor S. T. Nichols shares the importance of not leaning to our own understanding. But trusting God in everything that we put our hands to do


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