This is a widely debated topic now , not just for the World but for Chuch and Christians.

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Simply put, it is not ordained by God. I can understand the world being in a great debate concerning this topic but the Church and Christians should know what the Lord says about it. God meant for marriage to be between a man and a woman that's really all that needs to be said.
Its an abomination, a shame, and a scandal. Tell your "Christian President" that one......
Ditto Prophetess Laura
End thread.
Lets continue to discuss this subject.
Dr. Brown, my feeling on same sex marriages is this, it is proof of the work that Evangelist, Missionaries, and Children of God still have, in spreading the gospel. It is not enough to say that THE ISSUE is not a debate for the church, although THE SIN is not debateable a Prophetesses stated.

We must be ready to address all questions that come our way on this matter, and be able to express that just because the flesh may desire something does not mean that it is alright to act upon that emotion.

The flesh can't tell the difference between gender, kinship, animal.... but the Spirit man that lives inside must be fed the Word of God and must be adhered to or one will find themselves as Bro. Elijah posted ..... not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.
Evangelist Altha Fugett, & everyone. We believe the Word on this subject & its wrong but we wanted People to talk as they are on this subject. The Church want talk , we hide to much . People need to talk. Talking & Communication brings great healing, reconcilation & healing. While we dont agree with all the comments , we do respect Peoples rights to talk & there opinions.So Grateful to see us share & talk so freely. We need to do this more in the Body of Christ. Sometimes in Bible study I like for my people to just talk & not teach. People need to talk.' Love everyone of you with the Agape Love of Christ. Lets keep talking.
Marriage equality is not a church issue, sorry. Same sex marriage or the legalization of a union is between the couple and the state not the church. Religiously we can decide who perform the ceremony or even to recognize the marriage but it is up the government bodies to determine who is married.

Sorry not a church issue.
Marriage equality is a Church issue. The Church should teach the Word of God , whats right and wrong and morals and values and not just Conferences and principals of the world and act and imitate the World..
Minister Gerald Palmer, Sorry this is a Church issue. When we have people struggling in Churches we need to talk about this , teach about this & every issue our people face. Thats why the World is in it because the Church want Teach & Enlighten with The Word or take a stand with The Word Of God. . The Bible addresses this Subject & we are to teach The entire Word. If We dont Teach  Truths, The World will Teach our Families & Children in an ungodly  way.


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