This is a widely debated topic now , not just for the World but for Chuch and Christians.

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Christians should not be debating it.

Thats like Christians debating daughters marrying their fathers.

Just because the world is sick and depraved - does not mean we have to go there.

We have a job to address sin an the concerns today. Dialog & Talking about issues helps  people to know how the enemy is working and serves as a warning to People. The Bible addresses this concern.
Newview, we are not debating. The World tells us to come together & let us reason. If we The Church will deal with more issues facing our World , our Families & Our Children we would have a better World. The Church has stayed between its four walls just having Church while the World is going to Hell , playing Church. The Word tells us to go in the Hiways & Hedges & compell them to come in. We do this by helping, Praying & Teaching people on the issues they need help on the most.

What about those that have been raped and molested and are afraid of adults so now they are pedophiles?


Is pedophilia ok and it should not be preached against?

Should we start allowing those that dabble in it off the hook like those that are into other PERVERTED acts?

And you call yourself a Prophetess?!?

Look stop taking sides with these perverts - its wrong just like adulterers and theives are.

If you knew someone robbed banks - should their acts and them not be preached against?

Yes we MUST love them by telling them the truth.

That if they continue in their perverted ways - they will go to hell.

Also let them know that they must REPENT of these wicked sins.

Also they dare NOT hold any kind of office or position in the Church - not even sing on the choir or play the organ or usher the folk to their seats.

WHY?  because if it is an open sin (meaning everyone knows about it) that means it is a sin that makes the BODY of Christ (Church) look bad.

So you can take up for their perverted devilish ways but God will judge you for doing that.

Dear Prophetess,

Should there be a standard in the church that a pedophile not hold an office or sing on the choir?

Should there be a standard in the church that the man that sleeps with his daughter not hold an office or sing on the choir?

Dont you know it is more to worshiping God than singing?

Dont you know that when you OBEY the scriptures and kill the flesh - that is a part of worshiping God?

And no one said they could not praise Him or sing to Him - just dont do it as a part of the Churches choir.




We are not judging whenever some one talks about issues that face people,  we say we are Judging.. People are hurting &  there are Spirits that are destroying People we are not  Judging. We are not Judging we are having healthy dialog about one of the Major Spirits that is loose in the earth today. Lets continue to talk. We use Judging because we dont want to talk. Maybe some dont want help but there are many that want & need help and this is helping them to understand there struggles. Love all of you with the Agape Love Of Jesus.
How can you say that person loves Jesus when their lifestyle is an ABOMINATION against God. Jesus said If you love keep my commandments. an abomination is something that goes AGAINST the nature of God. So how can you say that person loves God. mSo many people are caught up in "ie" religion that they believe they are saved when they never confessed Christ truly as Saviour.

How can you church folk claim to love Jesus and you don't do His commandments to LOVE, FEED and CLOTHE?!

How about you Mr. Hall?!


How many people have you feed, clothed, gave money to, brought into your home and showed love to?!


Or is your "ministry" one-sided and full of self-importance?!

Dear Dorislyn:


While it is true that we all still struggle with our old Adamic sin nature, that doesn't mean that God accepts our deliberate rebellion and destructive lifestyles! For people to live in an on-going homosexual lifestyle is indicative that they are not truly converted! When a person has genuinely repented of their sin, they do not celebrate their sinful lifestyle, they mourn over it and make every effort to leave that life behind them. That is why the Bible gives a strong warning about those who are "professing" Christians, to "examine their hearts to see if they are really in the faith!"

They have gay churches because they don't want to repent of that lifestyle

Well said, Bro Cooper.


And Prophetess, you said alot but you did not answer any of my questions.



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