How Do You Reach A Hip-Hop Generation With Tradtional Methods? The Message Stays the Same But Can The Method Change?

Im wondering since they say Rap/holy-hip hop has no place in the church how do you reach a generation that is cultured in that genre??? do you continue to run them off or find a new method?

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What we should concentrate on, is going for the lost {unsaved] hip hop or not. We use the blue print that has been Laid out in the bible. Every christian minister should KNOW Gods plan for salvation.The method in which you appraoch one about Christ can be altered very little. Simply Because sin must be confronted and one one must confess, repent and ask Christ Jesus to come into there lIfe as Lord and Saviour. This all must be done from the heart.
Methods do change, but the method should not look like the world that you are trying to draw them from. Like the Pastor said, sin must be confronted. The sins of this generation are like the sins of the last. The Hip-Hop generation is a generation and culture of children with a mindset of looking for power against the regime, love, money, and trying to express one's self concerning the struggles of the inner city youth. Sounds familiar? It should, because that the theme for EVERY culture before it!!

This is coming from a 29 year old Apostle's mouth, not some 50+ year old Bishop. I grew up listening to the likes of Biggie, Africa Bambata, Furious 5, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Warren G, Nas, Wu Tan Klan, Tupac, and the list can EASILY go on. The Gospel is not a "feel-good" message with a funky beat. The Gospel is the introduction to the Kingdom of GOD. You reach the "Hip-Hop Generation" like you reached the Jazz Generation, with the message of the Kingdom and power of GOD. Holy Hip-Hop is not holy at all.
What church are you referring to? . If you are talking about the body of Christ or Israel, there are few, and hiphop really has no influence. If you are referring to the Mother Church from Rome, and her Daughters, I really can't comment if hiphop influence them.


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