c      FEAR;Defination of Fear;fear is that invincible demon or force or unclean spirit battling with our existence.it medium of attack is our mind and what i scoming in and out of our mind which is sometime related to our heart.we d think so many times time sthat fear is what we can see but we are very wrong because it an invincible demon or unclean spirit.it take some in the right spirit to know when the demon responsible for fear comes around.fear is the opposite of faith,and both are been control by two diffirent spiritual being,fear is a weapon form the demno[unclean spirit].----symptoms of fear;1.confussion.;;;2.worries''';;3.irritation.;;;4.e.t.c.-----When you are experiencing or seeing all this symptom,then the demon of fear is all in you and around you and all that you represent.----------------------CAUSES OF FEAR.----1.WRONG DOING.-----2.LOW SELFESTEEM.----3.REGETTION..-----4.FAILURES.-------5.DISSAPPOINTMENT.e.t.c.---------the output of fear.---------1.suicide.-----2.stroke.---3.hypertension.------4.high blood pressure.-----5.madness.e.t.c.---------------------------------------------------------------solution.this first solution is to believe in  JESUS AND understand his world and belong to the family of God,then you will be free from all attack of this demon of fear.---------i.believing in JESUS AS YOUR HELPER AND SAVOIUR--------2.FAITHING[having faith in in JESUS,in yourself and in all your do].-------3.This is the greatest of all the solution.you need to fear fear  itself as in your nedd to be very bold at anytime in your life and in all you do.BIBLE REFEREE,;;Phillippian1;28.[Don’t be intimidated in any way by your enemies. This will be a sign to them that they are going to be destroyed, but that you are going to be saved, even by God himself.]im sure with all this insight you will overcome fear from now in Jesus name.this is from Pastor.ABRAHAM.B.I.OHIWEREI.OF C.C.C.I.Gog bless you and you are comforted.

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