I believe in the bible. There is only two things you need to preach God's word , a calling from God and the Holy Spirit.the Spirit will cause you to study and seek proper knowledge of God's word. It will also give you the power to preach God's word with the anointing. There are too many preachers out there who are teaching false doctrines. Some of them are highly educated. Also the reason there are so many denominations is because there are too many lines of thinking taught by the different institutions.when it comes to preaching, it's not what you know but Who you know. Christ didn't choose the Scribes and the Pharisees to be His disciples but common men because they were teachable. I'm not against education. In fact I'm in an Advance Minister's Training at my church. But education is the supliment to help  your skills in the modern world and not the primary means of becoming a preacher. God will use dummies if He so choose and he may even allow stones to cry out.

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