You have all been summoned to this place to read what I feel is my time to walk away. For 19+ years now I have been fighting this good fight of ministry. I have preached to thousands of
people, preached hundreds of messages, and yet I feel that it's my time.
In the year of 1991 in the month of January, I began ministering and
felt at that time, it was only for a moment. After I was ordained a
Elder, that is when I felt it was so much more and I had so much to do.

Have you ever felt trapped to be someone that everyone else wanted you to be? Felt that you had to smile when you didn't want to? Had to be
around people that you wish you didn't have to see. Have you ever had to
encourage people when you felt discouraged yourself? Have you ever
wondered when you would be able to really come out of certain situations
and wish you could tell others of it but feel that you must keep the
"perfect person image?" Have you ever? Ever have tears on the verge of
coming out, but had to push them back in so that someone else had to cry
and you had to be strong? Have you ever known that someone was in the
wrong and you wanted to tell them but because of the position you hold
you have to be nice about what you say to them because they are

Do you ever get tired of dealing with individuals that only want to
waste your time? Never really have anything good to say but always are
depressed about SOMETHING, but they never know what that SOMETHING is?
Do you get sick of people that complain about everything but are
thankful for nothing? Can you help me understand people that cry out for
help but the person that tries to lead them to the help is the first
one they turn on.

Now after reading all of this if you think I am Quitting are crazy! I Quit babying grown folk! If you don't
want to know what God is saying DON'T ASK ME! Time is too short and
forever is too long for me to pitty pat with you, so forgive me now, or
hate me later, but I QUIT! I'm over 30 years old, (man do I hate typing
that) and I have the LT disease (Low Tolerance), I don't know how I got
it but I have it and it won't leave.

I know..........someone is going to ask, who made the Bishop mad?
Nobody, this was just my way of.........

inviting you to..............

April 22- April 24

Email us at

Don't hate me, but when you think about everything you just read, you
know you feel like that too. Just Quit, I did! See you at the Conquerors

P.S. Don't forget to join the Conquerors group here on Facebook and give
us some of your memories!

Love you All!

P.S.S. YOU SHOULD BE SHAMED! Thinking I was finished with Ministry,
I'm just getting started! Amen!

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