Though I would like to be done, the Lord led me to realize that in previous garden discussions I neglected to make reference to Genesis 3:14 which states:

“And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.”

The question is, when God says, “Because thou hast done this,” what specifically is he referring to? The preceding verse (Genesis 3:13) says:

“And the LORD God said unto the woman, what is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.”

It is my assertion that God validates the truth of the female’s confession in Genesis 3:13 (and therefore true initial lack of intent to sin in Genesis 3:1-6) by saying to the serpent, “Because thou hast done this” in Genesis 3:14. That is, God proves to believe the female was tricked into this sin just as she confessed (and was subsequently proven honored in alignment with the will of God in Genesis 3:20).

But what do you think? Did the female speak the truth in Genesis 3:13 and God believed her? Or did she lie in Genesis 3:13 and make God into a fool because he proves to believe her by cursing the serpent in the very next verse saying “Because thou hast done this” (and even allowing her the honor to be called “Eve” (life-giver) and “mother of all living” in Genesis 3:20)? Or if you don’t believe God was speaking in Genesis 3:14 about the confession of the female in Genesis 3:13, what then in reference to the serpent was he speaking about saying, “Because thou hast done this?” What specifically did the serpent otherwise do?

Keep in mind Genesis 3:15 when God says:

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

Genesis 3:14 and 3:15 are written as one sentence (one complete thought/action of God) separated only by a colon (and even positioned as a direct response of God to the words of the female in Genesis 3:13). So we know whatever was the justification of God (a justification determined by the free-will and dominion of humans causing God to either destroy, save, punish, or honor) to punish the serpent in Genesis 3:14, and to even make a difference between his “seed” and her “seed” in Genesis 3:15, had nothing directly to do with Adam. In action, this is solely between the serpent and the female, otherwise Genesis 3:15 would have been inclusive of Adam yet it is not (though we know both sinned).

What do you think?

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I don't understand the Precept of this Thread, by your title. Will you explain?
Did you read the post? It is explained in the post. My ultimate position is to prove the righteousness of God in the garden in the face of tradition.
What is the righteousness of God?
That he is just and without sin.
Why I ask these things is because it is clear that the woman repented when she said the Serpent beguilded me and I did eat. If she would have not repented, she would have lied or said she did eat, and not involve the serpent. She was sorry when she said the serpent beguilded her. Both died because of their sin, and all are under sin from birth until they repent, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and keep the commandments to the best of their ability therein. So, this is why I am confused to the title of this thread. Is God a fool? I don't get it.
The title is such because there are many who do not believe that Eve repented in Genesis 3:13, that it was just a statement which does not equate to repentance of sin. Yet, even post-fall God honored this woman in the garden in name as an "Eve" and even as "mother of all living." I say God honored her as such, though spoken through the mouth of an Adam, because all that was taking place at this point was under the correction (even punishment of God). Previous to this Adam simply called her "Woman."

So, if one believes that the female failed to rightly repent, then how is God not now a fool given that he clearly honors her even proving his belief that she did.

I also have a question for you. If you believe that Eve repented, then why is it that you also believe she died because of her sin? She would have spoken truth and the Son as Word (even as a slain Lamb) was with the Father even in the beginning. Should we then expect the same end?
Answer these questions, and it will answer the ones you asked.

Is she dead?

Do all die ?

Dust thou art, and dust thou shalt return, right.

Did not the Lord say that if ye eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil ye will die?

So, is Adam and Eve dead?

We will all physically die, but We will all be made alive in the last day by the Blood of Jesus, provided we keep the commandments to the best of our ability. This is Eternal life, or simply to be made God.
Let me answer you this way. Adam, along with Eve died due to sin, but not due to her sin, she confessed. But she and her husband Adam were as one in marriage and the curse fell even upon the earth. So yes, all died and the Lord most certainly said they would die if they ate from the tree, the caveat I believe is this. The command in Genesis 2:17, though applying to both, was specifically given to an Adam. But what did the foreknowledge of God already know but that it would be Adam alone, though both had eaten, who would fail to make right confession of sin. As a result, although both were subject to death after eating the fruit in the absence of right confession, the female did rightly confess. Only Adam did not and it is through Adam, and not Eve, that we received death.

Also, the female was not created of the dust, only Adam was. Again dust is what she, like all of us, have to share in due to the confession of Adam which was not received by God. He was punished.

It is also my belief, that while Adam did not repent in the garden, he did eventually repent after the death of Abel and the banishment of Cain but before the birth of Seth. I believe this because in Genesis 5:3 word says, that Adam begat a Seth (who we know was righteous) in his own likeness, after his image. A punished garden man called an Adam, was certainly not then just, but now he is. Adam saw his change too. I believe in addition to his harsh punishment received from God, Adam was greatly affected seeing the continued effect of sin upon his sons Cain and Abel.
Question, I just re-read your last post. what did you mean by: "This is Eternal life, or simply to be made God."

Only God is or can ever be God. Lucifer (the devil) was cast out of Heaven. What do you mean by this?
Means that the whole purpose of man is to become a God. The Lord said let us make man in our image and our likeness. So, if Adam and Eve would have obeyed God instead of the Devil, they would have been Gods in the garden, but instead they died, and won't be resurrected until the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. That is when we all will get our change. Some to eternal life, some to eternal damnation.

How could that have been a true purpose of a God having full knowledge? He knew before making us that we would fall, thus proving our fault. From my perspective, what it really pleased God to prove in the garden, is that he alone is and can only be God. Though created in a perfect state, the human is otherwise incapable of perfection, even maintaining it. God himself, wrapped up in the Son, had to come to earth to do it.
'Adam's repentance after Seth'. Yes, that's a very interesting take upon the matter. Truly it is.

Imagine that, up until the death of Abel, Adam and Eve had only known of the sentence. Now they were with their own eyes beholding death in full effect. Yeah, that should have wrought true, grievous, repentance of 'unleashing sin' into the Earth.
How horrific they must have felt especially since the memory of their former existence had to still be fresh in their minds.

I mean, at this point in history they still knew the location of the garden they were thrust out and probably could still see the guardian angel's flaming sword that forbid them re-entrance and now look, 'death'. Oh, the horrors of sin, amen?


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