I woke up one morning to discover the strange truth about my wife that she has been having an affair with a young man who came to the church I pastored. Whom I prayed for, to be delivered from the power of Satan. But here I stand amazed at the ugly reality that he has swept my wife away in adultery.


As a Pastor, who fear God I didn't allow anger and bitterness to rattle my mind. In the spirit of love, trying to save my home. I ask her about what I discovered. I was afraid of what was coming even before I asked her. She shouted at me in anger, and hatred. It looks as if all hell has broken loose. I stepped back to avoid her out bust of anger.


My thought was what will happen to the church? We have been married with no issue. I long to have my own child. I am not getting any younger neither is she. We both slept in separate room. The next morning I was surprised at what befell me. She moved her thing out of the house. This was a strange behaviour. She is a Prophetess. And the leader of the women arm of the church. I held my tears back but held on to her hands. Pleading and calling on her to let us settle what may be our difference. 


Have there been any unsettle issue between us? No. She also say no. And for 10 months she has walk out on me. The congregation of 500 membership crashed. Many moved out of the church. Fellow minister use me as an example from the pulpit. Beloved one left me to dance the dance of sorrow alone. I suddenly loose weight. Where is God?


She moved in with the young man. And one day the young came to the church and robbed the church. All the sound instrument were gone. I am back to square one. I could not pay for the church hall. We had to move to house fellowship. I have been praying for my wife to come back home.


I have only meet her 5 times since she left our home. Presently, the young man kick her out thinking she was pregnant. But I am on fasting and prayers. What should I do? Is this true love? She told people that I am her ex-husband while we are not yet divorce. How could this be happening to me. All effort to get her back, has appear abortive. Should I surrender? And let her go?


Whenever we are at ear spot. She curse and call me all manner of names. She is bent on having her way yet I love her. I want my home back. I want my wife back. I sat back and ask God where are you? My ministry is in shambles. Should I let go? Advice me

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I am in full agreement in how This sister has advised you she said only but the truth God needed you to know.

Thanks for the advice and the several contribution. I know someone out there think the story in this blog is actually me and I am looking for an advise.

The truth is that it is not me. And for confidentiality I decide not write is name. I actually use all the advice I receive from here to counsel my friend.

I am happy married with two great kids and they are my joy. Approach the blog with a spirit of trying to save a soul in distress.


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