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Martin Luther King's birthday is today so I would like to ask a very interesting question. Martin Luther King Jr HAD a dream. DO YOUNG BLACKS DISRESPECT WHAT HE STOOD FOR? Please don't take offense to the poetry in the video. One of the black officials in our City asked us to put this together to be shown at a King event a couple of years back. It was their goal to thwart the negative things that happen among our young black children.

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great word and work EW
Thank you Pastor Bell. God Bless.
I know why you say what you're saying..Its because the false churches have taugh inaccurate doctrine concerning the work of those who are born again...We don't makes claims or break anything or even claim salvation for anyone..nor do we command God to do anything...what in the world are these false churches teaching?

you said: I claim them for the Kingdom of God and command you to loose them now.

caught in the trap of churchianity..that sounds like what you have just posted...respectfully
you said: I claim them for the Kingdom of God and command you to loose them now.

the problem with what you're saying is...theres no need to command Satan to do anything Christ has already defeated all this false teaching is always fruitless...we are commanded to preach the gospel..not go around commanding things...
Name it claim it is not the gospel of Jesus...its man made...Jesus never said claim anything..With respect Sister...I'm just trying to show you where you're in error...
And now I will explain these verses to you..Its obvious your pastor didn't...maybe he doesn't understand himself...but this is wat these scriptures mean...

Mark 16:17 (King James Version)
17And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

In Jesus name casting out demons...we preach the gospel the word of God cast out demons.. when they become born again the demins have been cast out,and they are a new creature in Christ...It is not talking about going around and casting anything out of anybody ...speaking with new tongues...yes not the kind of tongues in the false churches...befor we become saved we speak of the things of the world..after we have been born again we speak of the things of God
( new tongues ) the same with healings..when we preach the gospel and someone becomes born again...they have been spiritually healed...not physically...
Ok..but a sign of a true believer is they want to learn all they can about the word of reading the scripture according to what they say...not what man says...the bible was written in parabolic language...example the bible teaches that if a true believer drinks any deadly thing it will not harm them..there are misdled people who have drank poison and have died because they don't understand God...

the bible says If we drink any deadly thing meaning...if we hear any wrong gospel it will not effect us..example if a Muslim or hindu tries to teach their belief to a rue believer it will not have any effect on them because they are endweled by the holy spirit..the bible refers to the word as water...if we drink-hear any false gospel- water..we will not be deceived..
It is not talking about drinking poison h20...


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