From the Men's Let's Talk Network; a KING is Prayer Warriors over the home; a KING is a Protector of the home; a KING is a provider for the home; a KING is a leader of the home; a KING is courageous in the heat of battle; a KING loves is wife; a KING fights (spiritually and sometimes physically) to keep his wife; a KING can anticipate danger to protect the home; a KING counsels with GOD on daily matters; a KING rest well in the presence of GOD; a KING does not say he is a KING; a KING is merciful; and a KING is kind.

We must teach these principles to our young men and help our young women recognize the KING!!

All thoughts, comments, scripture and ideas welcomed on this topice.

Love you in the Lord,
Kevin Vaughan, CEO/Servant
The Men's Let's Talk Network 

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a king is a negus?
Great Commentary Brother. Listened to your show on the bold and courageous. Very blessed teaching.

Sister Knox,  Praise God and thank you...please forgive for responding so late; life is good!!


Keep in touch, be blessed and stay excited for JESUS!!    Love to have you on my network, if you are interested.


Brother Kevin Vaughan


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