Is it just me? It seems as though many of my colleagues/friends/associates are «falling off» I have taken the time to self-evaluate. MUCH room for improvement. What I cant grasp is ......When I MESS UP? It seems as if a CHEERING SECTION is on STANDBY....WAITING for me to fail.......smh

And OH MY GOODNESS.....LET ME voice something that I KNOW to be true.....And the majority doesnt think the way that I DO? Im deemed CRAZY.....JUST LOOKING FOR ATTENTION.....CRAZY....etc

Sometimes? I think that I am before my time. OR I may be WRONG about ALOT of things. What I find INTERESTING is that the opposition generally has no SOUND proof to support what they «know« is true. They seem to BLINDLY follow the majority.....FORGETTING a couple of things.....

Everyone thought that NOAH was CRAZY until the flood came. Some called Jesus everything in the BOOK.....OTHER than who He is....The Son of God and OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.

Taking a hard look at HOW I deliver.

Shalom!!!! FX

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