It becomes harder and harder to defend the Black Church when it comes to her mistreatment of her gay brothers, lesbian sisters and transgender brothers and sisters. 


We act like starving coyotes as we attack no other issue the way in which we attack homosexuality.


We attack no other group of people the way in which we attack the homosexual community.


We have the nerve to cry about social justice, discrimination and prejudice when we have our own group of second class citizens in our churches and communities.


We use the gifts of our gay brothers and lesbian sisters and then throw em away like spiritual trash. 


Our ministers beat down our gay brothers with their words but behind close doors many are beating down their doors to have sex with them. Oh yes, you stand on your feet while the prophet is speaking with disgust on them sissies and homos; but you don't realize he is actually talking about himself with so much anger and disgust. 


Real talk on homosexuality?  You want it?  Here it is.


1.  Nobody chooses to be gay or straight.  We don't choose our sexual orientation, our sexual orientation chooses us.


2.  Your disgust of the homosexual has nothing to do with God but more to do with man.


3.  The scriptures do not support your stance on homosexuality.


4.  Your negative views on homosexuality have been shaped by racism and negative views of black sexuality.


5. God has no problems with homosexuals; you do.


6.  The problems that many gay people face has more to do with their mistreatment by the church than it does with them simply being gay.


7,8,9, 10 will come later.


Minister Gerald Palmer, MSW

Have you ordered your copy of "The Church Has AIDS: Essays On Sexual Orientation, Sexuality, Taboos and The Black Church"? WWW.AMAZON.COM

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