We are all helpers one to another....So with that been said...
Sometimes I have a good Bible Story I want to Preach from, but I can't come up with a Topic or a Title for the Sermon...So I guess what I'm trying to ask is this;
If you have any Good Sermon Topics or Title (And Refer the Scripture) Please Share...
I like to be creative with my Sermon(s) I like to paint the picture for the congregation...

God Bless,
S. Jamont Flagg, Pastor

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I hear ya' brother Pastor Flagg

Like finding a good hook for a rap song or a movie title. I guess from what I have done is finding what the sermon is really speaking to me about. The best sermons to me are those where I'm alone with God in the closet. It is He who comes up with the title, the beginning and the ending, since it is He who is the Alpha and the Omega.

As a missionary, I have to speak at the different churches about missions from a worldview and to get especially African Americans more interested in becoming aware of global missions. I did a sermon about famine and not just about famine of starvation but a famine of being empty of God's Word and hearing God, as well as the importance of all of us who are called as believers in our collective duty to engage the unreached and unevangelized of the earth of more than 1.8 billion to date who have yet to hear of the name Jesus. I couldn't come up with a title to save my life. I prayed on it, since God is interested not only in the bigger picture but even in the smallest things that we as mere vessels ponder. And through the pondering and asking and pleading for a catchy title, God in His omnipotence revealed to me what to name the sermon. "Why do you live?" It was powerful, and something I never would have come up with. The title was mentioned throughout the sermon, a question. For some reason God has placed in me to always ask a question within the title itself. For it is the question that always leads to the answer. Why do you live? Why do we still breathe on earth? What for? Why after we accept Jesus the Christ as Lord and Saviour at the Altar, we don't just keel over and die and go to heaven? What now? Why do you live?"

Its the title I now understand that sets off the sermon to its core base.

Hope that answered somewhat of your question.

May God continually bless you mightily

In His Grip

Thank You!
I actually get sermon titles prior to the sermons and I have a log of just titles. Bilboards, magazine, T.V. commericials. Now my caution is that when I first started ministering I would try to make a text fit my title. Not good. From the text your message and title will come. In your prayer and study time God will speak to you concerning what you are really after in the sermon. What is the issue that the text is resolving, what do you want the congregation to walk away with. What is the BIG IDEA. In short expository preaching will help you greatly in this search for a title. Sometime titles comes last or will develop as you study. STUDY STUDY and many things will be revealed.
Charges Dropped! Case Dismissed-St, John 8::10-11
What is a Sermon?
I once preached a sermon entitled "There's a fungus, among is!" I came from John 5 talking about the man that layed beside the pool of bethesda for 38 years. And the basic message of this sermon was to reposition yourself.


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