Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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Do you mind if I ask you a question? Where in the Bible is there a literal illustration of a church that is modeled after American corporations?
You're definitely not saved and very immature.
In matt 10:11 And into whatsoever city or town ye shall enter, inquire who in it is worthy; and there abide till ye go thence.

10:12 And when ye come into an house, salute it.

10:13 And if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it: but if it be not worthy, let your peace return to you.

Above is the real example-
The Disciples was to live with the people (Lay) . And not get Paid!

Nicolaitanism – "separates the ministers from the people and makes the leaders overlords instead of servants".

" Sunday worship, Christmas with its Saturnalian excesses, New Year's with its night-watch and attendant debaucheries, Easter with its eggs, bunnies, hot cross buns and sunrise worship, May Day with its May-poles and lawn festivals, and Halloween, with its attending misrule, are not the feasts of Yahweh as commanded in the Bible. They are all perpetuations of the old pagan Babylonian feasts, belonging to the pagan deities, Lord, God, Jesus Christ (i.e. Zeous-Xristos of the Greeks), and Ma-Rhea, or Maria, the English Mary.

The doctrines of an ever-burning hell, Purgatory, going to heaven when you die, immediate transition, infant baptism, sprinkling, and the conscious state of the dead are not Apostolic, but purely and simply Babylonian. Their presence in the Christian Church identifies Christianity as the product of Babylon's fornications as evangelized by the Nicolaitanes. The 2nd and 3rd chapters of Revelation are prophetic of the history of the church, or assembly, and depict its transformation from the Apostolic faith to Babylonian apostasy."

May the Elohym of
"Jesus" (Yeshua), AbraHam, Yitzhaq ("Isaac") , Ya'aqov ("Jacob"), "James" (Ya'aqov) The Just, and Yochanan ("John") The Immerser ("baptizer") Be with Us All


King James Version (KJV)
Revelation 2:6
But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate.

Revelation 2:15
15 So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate.

sidenote -
"Christians" did not Change his (Yehoshua) name first, but blatant pagans were first to change his name. Not 'closet pagans' (people that accept Nicolaitanes doctrine (rev 2:6,15) under that guise of "Christianity".

The Truth will set us free
IS the object to do as "Paul" does OR to do as "Jesus" (Yeshua) says?
joe writes:~~~"IS the object to do as "Paul" does OR to do as "Jesus" (Yeshua) says?"~
Very Tov point~~~considering well over eighty percent of the text used for a sermon in the common Xian teaching is from a Hellenist slant mostly from the man known as Paul~and very little if anything is from Yeshua or James who was the leader of the Sect for thirty years...and pointed to Torah lifestyles ~ however with that said~Disciple ( Talmidim) John in your christian bible states;~~ 'Those who say they follow in the steps of Yeshua's teaching should walk as he walked..(first John 2:v6) The Idiom used by Yochannon/John is a to a Torah observant Hasid or Tzaddik Simply doing and observing everything your Rabbi does. I presume that Mar Yeshua ben Yoseph walked a very Observant lifestyle,.. Certainly,... considering that he was a disciple of Rav. Hillel the Elder. According to the Sages the Rulings of Hillel prevail in this dimension but in the world to come then the rulings of Shammai' will be in place this was decided because of a Bath kol ~ A Heavenly voice spoke to the Sages in assembly and so the Ruling is until this day.

At the end of the Day ~We are all one'...We are all one,... from the one"
Eighty of the House of Hillel joined the Essene,...It was the Essene the house of Hillel and many others of the 384 Academies in Jerusalem at the time of the Temple,...that Ruled" that Gentiles (Goyim) could merit in the world to come and should be allowed to become Observant..if to nothing else the Seven Noahide laws to all humanity then the(The Goyim) would be Ok to merit in the world to come 'when all is a Shabbat' ( Yom Shekulo Shabbat)

The division is with the House of Shammai'~they controlled the Beit HaMikdash ( Holy Temple) grounds and they were into Very Hard Rulings and rejected the notion that a Goy could enter in to the world to come"( Heaven/ here or in another dimension in the Multi-verse) ~or~whatever your perception may be.

Enjoy your Shabbos

whatever Paul said was given him By Jesus to say...
A preacher or pastor should freely preach the Word! He is not to be brought under the power of money! I assure you many preachers will have to answer to God. The holy Ghost and being in the will of God should be their main purpose. I am totally against salary preachers! Because if you have someone that pays you to preach your under their POWER. WHETHER THEY KNOW IT OR NOT. A preacher cannot have total liberty to preach what God gives them. God is faithful to His Word and will provide ALL his necessary NEEDS. Tithing is biblical. God Will take care of His People!
The reason that I started this discusion. Is that I see a lot Pastors putting into the church and their people. And the church is not taking care of their leaders. Pastors are going without giving more than what they. Are getting from their people.
Pastor Edwards:

Bless you and all the Pastors who are true to their call, they should be paid! Unfortunately there is also a lot of Pastors on the flip side. They fleece their flock, they are cold to their members, they do not call or pray for their members when they are sick and some only work four hours on Sunday. We also have the new trend of Pastors that are more of CEO’s than Sheppard’s.

A Pastor is a call from God and not all Ministers/Preachers are called to be pastors. But in church a lot Ministers are viewed as strange or less anointed when we say that we are not called to be Pastors. That we want to do what God called us to do and that doesn’t make us less of a leader. When I was called, I heard the Lord say that I had the spirit of Caleb. Caleb was a leader but he wasn’t Moses or Joshua.
u are right
So true. SO true!


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