Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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I understand that in today's world there are different methods of belief. However, I am not ashamed to say that I believe in God, the trinity, that Jesus died on the cross to save me in advance for what sins I may or maynot commit along with everyone else. However, in reading your comment I was troubled that you felt the need to defend you stance rather than explain it. I am troubled that you used the word dumb it down. Why! Just explain it so that others can learn from it if they wish. For example, in my second career I never allow my students to use the word stupid, why because everyone learn at a different level and everyone has a different gift according to what God has given us. In other words, what you know others may not know so therefore teach us to prove your point. Ruby A. Turner
Ruby there should not be different methods of belief as you state. We should all be with one accord and not many. This is the problem because it has become about man and not about God. There is only ONE WAY and it is not man's way. You will also find that those that have gone on to another level dont' play the "say it so it doesn't hurt my feelings" method of teaching or talking. God doesn't play the "don't hurt your feelings" game but tells it like it is. The problem is that most don't hear God they think they do and are still speaking from the flesh and not the spirit. We have to be real and have on the whole armour of God and be thick skinned and not thin skinned pansies sort of speak. This is the way of the Laodicean, just speak to me with "warm and fuzzy feeling" speeches.
John writes:"God doesn't play the "don't hurt your feelings" game but tells it like it is."
Truly HaShem does not care if our little feelings get hurt...why? because if you really are after G-d's own Lev then you must go the distance...regardless of those left behind...for HaShem is NOT a Respector of our flesh He owns the Nefesh/neshama and it is pure~~~How did I grow??? I had my butttttt kicked all the way because of the Higher Calling that I did not choose I only was available to give my all...Like a little prophetess told me once James your like a bulldog when you get it You will not let go...TRhe only things that YHVH has let me let go is all that is NOT of him...Rome did not tell you the whole truth and nothing but the Truth Folks it is time for a Paradigm shift into the truth that Yeshua taught It was basic Rabbinics of his day nothing more nothing less..Christianity on the other hand is looking more and more as the religion we were supposed to avoid>>>Back to the Torah basics people.. back to G-d.
I can agree with what you say because it aligns with God's Word. If it doesn't align with God then it doesn't fit for me. I understand your zeal for the Torah/Old Testatment (out of order for the Hebrew Torah but the same) because I too have a zeal for God's Word and Truth and His Word is Truth. What I have is the Blood Provision to bring all things back to alignment with what God says because He gave us the ministry of reconciliation in 2Corinthians 5:17 - 19. The shedding and washing of my sins with His Blood gave me this right as a adoptive son of God where there is no Jew nor Gentile. I believe no man until I see if what they say lines up with God in His Word and if not then I discard it.
John:Read Antiquities of the Jews" and the Wars of the Jews ~~from the Historian Yoseph ben Mattathiah ha-Cohen( that name is from the Aharon linage)or as he is usually called Flavious Josephus, born in the year 37-38 CE.

Also read page 55ff from 'Jesus of nazereth His life and teachings." Joeseph Klausner of Hebrew University translated from the original Hebrew~~~.

It is really time to come out of her"
Thanks YaaKov/Hadassah Terry I do know who Flavious Josephus is but didn't know he was Yoseph ben Mattathiah ha-Cohem. I have said I need to read this again, the Antiquities of the Jews and The Wars of the Jews. Thanks for the information. You got any other suggested readings?
Mrs Turner writes:"However, I am not ashamed to say that I believe in God, the trinity, that Jesus died on the cross to save me in advance for what sins I may or maynot commit along with everyone else."
NONE of what you stated here is what any Jew Rabbi, EG Yeshua believed in taught or would prostitute himself before the living G-d teaching. The Imperial church of R O M E, teaches your basic tenants....
Not one of your statement does a Hebrew man teach for the last 3300 the Gentiles.

So who do you say you follow again,Because it is without a doubt not what the Rabbi J-sus taught,now is it...?

Wakeup the class is starting teacher, You might crack open some historical books.

G-d will grade you!

Lastly I have to Break or dumb it down. These kids do not even know the basics of what there Rabbi stood for NOR are they really concerned with it...

Socialized institutional religion does that to folks.they are no longer free thinkers we the Sheeple Unless we run from the Quagmire will always be intrigued with the Mire of foolishness.
You and I definitely need to talk and I'm going to love it I just know. Do you believe that Jesus Christ was God manifested in the flesh for us or are you as most what I call Jews that don't believe in the NT or Jesus and still waiting for the Messiah to come? Not trying to argue just asking to get to understand one another.
I agree that somehow Satan has convinced most people in the world that Catholocism is Christianity when in fact Catholocism is still Babylonism Mysteries from Nimrod in Babel and has nothing to do with Christianity. The only thing the Romans did was crucify Christians until Constantine was high on drugs and saw a cross in the clouds and stopped killing followers of Christ and mixed Catholocism with Christianity.
Personally I'm a follower of Christ and have no denomination because that is from man and not God. Religion is from man and not God and I mean the organized stuff they call churches and religion today. Anyway I will be talking to you hopefully via my email and not here because so many are not ready for this and I want to have a non threatening conversation with you since you are Jewish in your beliefs (I think you Talk soon.
John I am a heretic according to Xianism...for one simple reason...I was more sold out to the whole JC story even unto near death several times in the inner city organization I had founded Interseed world outreach in 91... One night four guys went back to prison because of me. When I ran into a shooting grabbed the gun and then realized I was in a serious pickle,.. Ran into the street to flag down a nice police man who promptly drove over the divider and threw the door open and yelled for me to drop the he was leveled right on my head I still remember his name That gun was so close that I could read it LOL~~~Wasn't funny at the time//when I yelled back I'm a preacher don't shoot,... I'm a preacher he yelled back Oh shit! Give me the gun and so I lived and wrote about it in book "the Cork in the bottle" and four guys who had run the gambit with a shotgun and a pistol that night were headed back to where lower animal types belong well IMHO anyway.

But such is a days in the life of an innercity minister of G-d is it not..pain and degradation is everywhere you just try to stand between the living and the dead daily...what else can you do when thrust into that position,...It was not my choosing.

But My G-d had taken me to places many do not get to it seems....since I was not conformed to the Pew series each week with that social program G-d programmed me to care for His children of all colors and races...{{That was a political fight i will let you know }}

I was sent out to heal and feed the people and so I did... Fulfilling Isa 58:v6-7+ in all actuality G-d had me literally walk out the scriptures in my life maybe I am not real smart or something But real life experience over a superficial reasoning Grows some deep roots of belief in you for sure....Then came 2001...and G-d said either I get into He could get into me..OR Destruction was at my door.

I crossed all the T's did all the Right' things went to all the great meetings Cut checks from hundreds to ten thousand (benny got that one) trying to move the hand of G-d...and save my pitiful existence to the greatness of James~~~Did it work..NO!
You see I forgot to read my Bible.....for myself.....and cross reference everything and question everything as it should be until it is seamless within you.

I had missed an important verse in all the was this one..

Deut states the YHVH or G-d does not take a bribe" PERIOD.

So what did G-d do?? Ripped me, Stripped me and tripped me to my own cross of crusifiction, as it should happen for all of us who say we Serve HaShem..Unless the Seed fall into the ground and die (John 12) it produces NOTHING for haShem.
Fuchia pickett wrote "Five laws of the dying seed"~ I recommend it for those in Christianity who want to walk a fruitful life.

Or read the 'Cork-in-the-Bottle" it may is simple and revealing to say the least... after taking it line upon line apart over many years in the cave with G-d asking One question at a time, and sometimes waiting and wrestling for an answer He lead me right out of xianism into his awesome love.I owe no allegience to another he alone is 'savior"~~Creator~~Father~~my all in all.
I agree with doing cross references and I'm an advocate of this because most people don't and miss what God is saying instead of trying to figure Him out. How can the pottery understand the Potter unless the Potter allow the pottery to do so. The Bible explains ITS SELF and the reason for cross referencing. I also take words from the English to Hebrew using the Strongs to get the Hebrew meaing and not the false Greek meaning that most think the Bible was written in. The Bible was written in Hebrew and not Greek and especially not Latin. I just think and feel deep in my soul that God has preserved His Word in English since it is/was the dominant at the time. I don't mean the first KJV because I believe that like the Bible in Hebrew, God wrote through what others call the authors of the Bible meaning Moses and the rest. Well I believe He also put in the men's heart to translate from Hebrew to English and not Greek to English to ensure the best translation or transliteration was done. God is perfect to me and so only needs to do something once. IT is the other Bibles such as the (and I get in to trouble for saying this each time but I dont' care...not here to please man) NIV, Amplified and all the other fake bibles were written by men on their own with no input or authorization by God to do so. These came from Satan and their origin can be traced to Alexandria, Egypt and not Antioch, Syria. Wescott and Hort were not spiritual people but religious people that came from Catholocism.
I wasn't planning on getting into Bible versions so I'll stop. I'm going to read Five Laws of the Dying Seed. Thanks for the reference and talk soon.

By the way I grew up in Kansas City and South Central, LA and know about the inner city myself. LOL.

One last question on your comment about sold out to the JC story! What is your take on Jesus Christ and you can email me at my personal email I sent to you in your email when asking to be a friend. The reason being is so there won't be all the stuff that goes on when I'm just trying to get an understanding of your beliefs. Thanks.
John and to whom it might concern,...It is why the Master had me write a simple book..(free e-book on our page) so people would know me~~

I am not contencious I love my G-d with all of my heart much like Melech Daveed there is nothing else but HaShem and the georgeous woman /queen and daughter of G-d hashem gave me..

There is nothing else but to help when we can..Tzedakah and teshuvah is our lifestyle

This is what I heard during my year or so of penning some items of my life down and the service to humanity and the religious foolishness all came out I guess But all He said to me is: 'I need you to empty yourself, so I can heal others through you"~and so My lady and I put it out and it has seen most of the world in either free download or paper back...and Yah did not leave me there..the journey was being created and recreated right before my eyes..a daily experience with HaShem daddy take me where I can help and all the time the Shekinah of G-d lighted my path to a higher understanding..and it could be that way for anybody.. I am nothing

Just listen to G-d thats the whole key not to the dogma of sunday You! read your Bible and You! go out and repair the world in some way each and every day...and you! fulfill the golden rule''unto your neighbor.

Stop waiting for Messiah to come fix all your troubles people...You are the lifebreath of G-d You are the created being of G-d now go and do something...
We are on the same page it seems maybe just different roads but same path (if that makes sense to you.

This is what I say when I talk of the Ministry of Reconciliation in 2Corinthians 17 - 21. Jesus was showing us how to live and how to bring things back into agreement with God. He provided that for His disciples and anyone that believes in Him and has Him/God/Holy Spirit in them. It is not me or you or us that does anything as Jesus said. It is He in us that does the work just through us but we have to speak His Life Words and not Satan/man's death words. Trust me I dont' do the Sunday thing in the congregation (that I was raised in). Jesus didn't tell us to wait until He returns but to do what He was doing and His disciples. We are a branch of the True Vine and need to bring forth fruit not wait until we get to the Kingdom of God to do anything. It is about love and doing for others as God did for us when we didn't deserve it but deserved what Jesus went through for us. We should be healing the sick and the lame, casting out demons, helping the poor as we tell His Word and let them know about His Blood Provision and the power of being covered and paid for with a price. I only listen to Holy Spirit and not man. I hear what man says as stated but I do what God says do and not what man says. It is the Holy Spirit that teaches and gives God's Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge and not man or anything else.


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