SIGNS OF  FALSE APOSTLES by Apostle Chiffon Foster

‎ Signs of false apostles (2 Cor. 11:20):
1. controlling, domineering and oppressive leadership style
2. Greedy and covetous;
3. Proud, boastful and self exalting;
4. abusive. The greek term for false apostles is pseudo-apostolos meaning one who masquerade as apostles. We are to test those who claim apostleship. False apostles are self appointed and not sent by the Lord. One of the necessary components of true apostolic ministry is HUMILITY. This humility has nothing to do with  the boldness that is on the life of the apostle but even in their boldness they are yet humble. If  you find a cocky, prideful and arrogant apostle chances are they are NOT a genuine apostle or is NOT ready for the apostleship. Paul separated himself from the false apostles of his day.
Authentic documentation is VERY important although some would disagree. Even as apostles we MUST go through testing, training, equipping, mentorship and consecration. Check the text. When the Holy Ghost set aside Paul and Barnabas and sent them forth hands were laid on them and they were affirmed. Yes apostles are called and SENT by God and not man but that does NOT exclude us from proper process.

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