How does single pastors date to lead to marriage without being watched, judged, and criticized during the process.  Are pastors expected to skip the dating process and just MARRY? Curious about what others have to say.

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I believe that the pastor should only spend time with candidates for marriage. This person will be a big part of his or her life and ministry. I would directly speak to each person who goes beyond normal curiosity to allow you privacy to discern a future spouse. If nothing else seek counsel from your spiritual farther.
A Pastor is going to be in the spot-light because of his position. He will be watched, judged and criticized by some for various reason due to the one his select to date. He must date in order to find his mate,(Good Thing). The couple must conduct themselves with much discretion and respectability with one another and before people. There are areas of character that he should look for before approaching a particular lady. One is; does she possess the maturity in demeanor, communication, heart for God's people, attire and spiritual maturity, etc. that will enhance the level of ministry he has obtained in the Lord? To find his wife, he must go through the dating process to learn her. He will most certainly be watched , judged and criticized. Let God do the joining...

Yes, God must do the drawing. But what if you know that God did the drawing and futher down (years)  you learn the pastor does not want to marrry....again. He likes his freedom, and he wants a relationship, so he say but he behaves as if he doesn't yet he shows interest in some women and still even in you. He acts like he doesn't want you to show interest in no one else, but he continues to  to play the game of flirting. What do you do?

Pastors are not without excuse. They have a flesh as well and must be held accountable just like the rest of the body.  Just because you are a leader doesn't mean the enemy will NOT temp you like others.  As a matter of fact, they're tempted more because they are leaders.  When one stand upright before God, they watch and pray on all hands. They have others around them at all times, especially when they have a woman of God in mind for marriage.  


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