T his topic is a very deep statement. I want to start by saying that there is no more fear of God any more! Church folk from the pulpit to the door have an "Anything goes mentality! " You used to see a difference in the Body of Christ and the world but that has ceased! The sinners are seeing the so called saints in the clubs.bars. and hotels where they hang out and they are not winning souls! The church has lost it's power! Also there is no love or unity in the body of Christ! Instead there is strife,competition and jealousy! The church is wounding it's own! I want to know what the body thinks! The soloution is simple ! Is anyone thinking what i'm thinking? 

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Whoaaaa...YES I AM!!!  My...my.....IT IS TIME FOR GODs true worshipers to STAND UP and call those devils out.  We are suppose to be BOLD and of course we are going to get resistance, but to God be the glory.....that battle is not ours, its the Lords and God said the victory is ours, the battle has already been won.  All we have to do is be fully amored, which He tells us in Roman and stand and see the salvation of the Lord.  God just need us to study to show ourselves approved so when the devil rears his evil head God has given us the POWER to tread....Hallelujah, but saints won't do it....they sit back and look and see the devil running rampant and God is just waiting for us to STAND and speak to that devil and cast it out.  But if its not being preached from the pulpit and the saints are not studying as the word admonishes us to then they don't know their RIGHTS as child of the Living God.  They don't know they have POWER to tread on serpents, they don't know that if they have faith of a mustard seed and tell that mountain to be yonder they it will obey, they don't know the battle has already been won and that God is waiting for them to speak those things as though they are....my...my Evangelist....God tell us to sound the trumpet, if they don't listen the blood is not on our hands.  The word of God tells us how to approach the mess that is in the body of Christ.....He tells us to go to that person one on one, if that don't work, take two more with you if that don't work, take it to the church.  We must get that WORD in us and STAND on it and see God do the rest.  God just want to see who will obey...and everybody is more scared of man than of God.....Stand on His word, God got it.  Seek God in EVERYTHING.....there is NOTHING new under the sun, but everyone is UNDER the SON.....I made that up...smiling.  The solution is simple....GIVE THEM THE WORD, that is the SWORD and it cuts deeply. Whew.....kick that jezebell spirit out of the church everytime you see it coming, no matter if you are alone in the flesh, it is not a flesh fight, it is SPIRITUAL warfare...wickedness in high places, not flesh and blood, principalities of this earth....spirits and we have the POWER through the Word of God, who is JESUS our Lord.  In the begining was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God....Hallelujah.....the battle is not ours its the Lords, just put on the amore and see those devils flee.


In Love, Sister Denise

That is so true sister Denise! thank you so much!


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