The Throne of David and the Bloodline of King Solomon, King David and Queen of Sehba

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Why is the Church afraid to embrace the history of ancient KUSH (Cush) of Genesis 2:13?  Of the few churches we contacted thus far, a few advised us in the strictest of confidence that they (the pastor) are aware of this history but feel they cannot teach this historical truths to their congregations because the Congregation would be afraid to embrace the Truth after embracing mis-interpretations of the bible and bible history for so long.  But, where does this leave Truth...isn't it best to remove the snake from the tree that feed it?  Isn't it time for the Church to stop teaching outdated doctrines that history does not support...we are not suggesting to change church doctrines...but for the Church to embrace historical facts that can be proven.  One minister even acknowledge that our job will be extremely difficult and some may be afraid of us...we are struggling to learn how or why one would be afraid of the truth:  The Throne of David of Ethiopia is currently in exile in America with members of the Royal Family, who are descendants of ancient patriots and kings and queens distributed throughout the world --the Throne of David is the oldest in the world and has been acknowledge by everyone but the Black Church. Why?  Chicago State University is offering a course in the fall term based on this history...shouldn't the Church and its schools of theology also consider this curriculum? 


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