It is a very sad love story when you have two people that are saved and married, and there is no real love, support, encouragement and the like for one another. And though the couples recognize this, they are not spiritual enough to realize that the enemy has targeted their mairrage for divorce, destruction and failure, and they are their own weapons of destruction for th...e ruin of their marriage. Their lack of spirituality - not walking in love and the Spirit, will not alow them to see this and to take the word of God or enforce the principles of the word of God to make their mariage work. Spouses are to love one another because of love's sake, not because you feel like it or you feel in love or feel romantic. You are to love one another for love's sake just because it is Godly, and right to do so.  You are to love one another because God requires you to do so. I've never seen so many of God's leaders and people alike who are saved and doing ministry, who have such unhappy marriages, and one or both spouses aren't even trying to change that. GOD WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER bless a marraiage and couple like He wants to when there is no oneness in spirit with each other, and there is dishamony, disunity and disrespect for one another as a person, or child of God, let alone a spouse. O' there will surely be consequences to those spouses who are hindering and stopping God's hand in thier marriage. And when it comes to being one and your mariage, you don't have a ministry, nor does your husband have a ministry but you both now have a ministry and that is GOD"S ministry, and you both will have to answer to God about His ministry that you both have been called to or entrusted with. And you cannot expect God to anoint and bless you or what you do because your heart is not right with one another. But because God's people lives and souls are at stake, God wil not allow them to suffer or lack while in your care so to speak. But surely you will have to answer to God. Somebody ought to be afraid right about now and be ready to repent to God and have the heart and do the ways of God.

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I hear what you are saying Apostle Barclay, but let us also remember what Jesus said in the Word, "What GOD has joined together let not man separate". If God wasn't the one orchestrating this union it is not going to work. I understand that whatever situation if we would just turn things over to God and keep walking in that union doing what the Word says is good. But some things are not going to work out Apostle Barclay. We as people of God think that because they got married they're supposed to stay together . I agree with staying together; but believe it or not some unions are of God, not from God and certainly will be with God. Be true to oneself is foremost most important. Some marriages die. Many years ago, people stayed together for peoples sake saying that it was spiritual. Only to live in misery. We ought to think before we decide what people are not doing. Some people get married because others say "They that they should. Some get married to a person because of various reasons;only to find out later that they had nothing in common or were not in love. Should people remain in a loveless marriage looking for the Word of God to change their hearts and they fall in love with one another? Maybe. But God is the only judge. I wish all marriages would remain together because divorce is terrible. But sometimes divorce is the best thing whether we believe it or not.."The end of a thing is better than the beginning thereof". Maybe in some cases

I agree. Thank you for sharing. So I pray for these such mariiages, relationship and people because they really need it and it is a miserable situation. And we have to pray that God give grace to those who have chosen to stay together regardless of.


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