Lets be a blessing to our fellow co-laborers as well as the various congregations around the country that are seeking leadership. Please provide as much information as you may have to better inform the applicant about the church they may wish to seek a position from.


***Please refrain from soliciting preaching engagements in this discussion. The intent is to provide information about pastoral vacancies. If you would like to submit your credentials for consideration by the pulpit committee, follow proper protocol by submitting the following:

A Cover letter, Resume, Audio or Video of a recent Sermon (or two), and Picture. Usually the committee will contact you (if interested) to speak at an upcoming Sunday service. You will then have the opportunity to meet the congregation as they will also get the same to meet you.

Its called BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP! Sheep are not as dumb as you think, so be yourself, they can smell a phony. (There is one thing a sheep knows... Another sheep!) Hope this helps those who are seeking their first pastorate.

If and when someone gets called, share the praise report...

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Gethsemane Baptist Church
55 Grape Street
Buffalo, NY 14204
Attn: Pulpit Serach Committee

*Pastor recently went home to be with the Lord.
Our family is sad yet rejoicing a mighty warrior of our Lord and Saviour. I would like to bless your congregation by coming out to preach. My family and I relocated from Pittsburgh Pa to Minneapolis Mn last year. God has blessed me to travel for minimal costs in this economy and I would love to be a blessing to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Grace and peace,
Rev. James W. Weems Jr.

Was this Rev. Reid's church. I am from Buffalo and am trying to remember for sure.
Dear Pastor Search Committee Members:

I am writing to submit my resume for your consideration for the pastoral position that was posted. I received my preaching license at Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church in Laurinburg, North Carolina on June 11, 2000. I was ordained at St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church in Austin, Texas on February 23, 2003.

My resume provides information on my knowledge skills, experience skills, and personal skills. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management, a master’s of art in theological studies, and an honorary doctorate of divinity for my work as an instructor at Guadalupe Baptist Theological Seminary. My area of expertise is in biblical theology and exegesis. My experience skills include pasturing, working with youth, and working in non-profit management and grant writing for 501 © (3) organizations. I have organized a city wide march representing the church of our Lord Jesus Christ in reaching out to our people who are infected and affected by the AIDS pandemic. I also wrote a strategic plan for the police commissioner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to help improve relations between police officers and the youth. My personal skills include being a community organizer; bring people together in the communities that I have had a privilege to work in; and, being a big advocate for strong families.

I have been serving the Lord in ministry for (10) years and currently work for USAA. I pray that you will consider my desire to serve the Lord by serving as pastor and serving your congregation who deserves a man who has given his life to serve and love God’s people. My family and I would love to grow with you and serve together with the Israelite Missionary Baptist Church family. You all will be in our prayers. May God bless you and keep you all.

You may contact me at (210) 317-9635.

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Dr. Johnny Freemont III

is it still in search of a pastor


Dear Search Committee;

I would like to first take a moment to thank you for considering my resume for the position of  Pastor that was brought to my attention via the internet outlining your church and need.  As a pastor with many years of experience, it is my prayer that in the following pages you will catch a solid glimpse of my heart and calling towards serving and lifting up the church in this role. 

You will see from the attached resume that I have pastored a number of churches. In each case I was able to raise the spiritual standards of the church, increase its effectiveness as a positive witness for Christ, thereby, attracting new members in significant numbers.  I understand the importance of a church ministry that not only builds up the body, but also challenges and encourages them to grow in the community in which we serve, as well as, deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ. I consider it an honor to lead and develop a body of believers in this capacity.

Thank you, again, for your time and consideration. If you have any further questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss this position and to schedule an interview at your convenience.


Serving Him Together,


Anthony M. Utsey

My name is Pastor LaSalle Smith, Sr. I am in search of a church to pastor in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan area. I was licensed and ordained by the Reverend Dr. James H. Sims, Jr., pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia in 1990. I am a graduate of United Christian Ministries, located in Indiana, where I majored in Biblical Education; and currently a student at Luther Rice University and Seminary in pursuit of a Master of Divinity Degree (Apoligetics). I have served both as a senior pastor and associate minister since 1990, therefore, I possess quite a bit of experience. My background includes Law Enforcement and Music. I attended Georgia Perimeter College, Brenau University and Columbus State University, majoring in Criminal Justice and Public Administration. I have served as Minister of Music and church musician for a number of churches throughout the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan area. I can be reached at the following email address: bountifulblessings@comcast.net
Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church
1334 Calumet Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY 14305
Attn:Dea. Charles A. Walker/Pulpit Search Committee
I would like to bless your congregation by coming out to preach for you. My family and I relocated from Pittsburgh Pa to Minneapolis Mn last year. God has blessed me to travel for minimal costs in this economy and I would love to be a blessing to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Grace and peace,
Rev. James W. Weems Jr.

Full-Time Pastoral Position
on Staff of Interracial Congregation
in Chicago 's Hyde Park Neighborhood

Hyde Park Union Church is seeking an African American leader with the passion and vision to team-lead an intentionally and multicultural congregation in a full-time pastoral position. Hyde Park Union is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches and the United Church of Christ .

A multiracial and socio-economically mixed congregation of about 250, Hyde Park Union Church is committed to community service and human rights advocacy as major components of congregational life, as central to us as corporate worship, religious education for all ages, and Christian fellowship and care. In the last ten years, Hyde Park Union has begun several new initiatives: a Transition into Ministry program to train young pastors in urban ministry, funded by the Lilly Endowment; a program of spiritual care and chaplaincy services at a local community hospital; and a community-based food pantry and soup kitchen. We hear in the recent economic downturn a call to do more.

The election of our neighbor, Barack Obama, as U.S. President, and the international bid to bring the Olympics to Chicago 's South Side, have placed national and global spotlights on our community's achievements and its challenges. Anchored by the University of Chicago, Hyde Park has flourished as a racially integrated and socio-economically mixed community for decades, however often in isolation from or at the expense of some of its own residents and the wider South Side. Its religious organizations have played only very circumscribed roles in community change, rather than providing thoughtful and committed spiritual communities in which something genuinely new is shaped. In spite of its rich diversity, the Hyde Park community has never had full-time African American pastoral leadership in any congregation.

Predominantly Euro-American and predominantly African American churches have an important and durable place in American church life, however we believe there is an unfulfilled need for genuinely multiracial, multicultural church life.

Interested applicants should submit resumes to the Pastoral Search Committee, c/o Rev. Susan B.W. Johnson. Electronic applications are welcome ( susan@hpuc.org ).

Hyde Park Union Church
5600 S. Woodlawn Avenue Chicago , IL 60637
Rev. F. E. Gilliard, D. Min. www.positivestart.org


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