"Give me control of a nations money, and I care not, who makes the laws." This is a quote from
a very powerful man, name (Mayer Amschel Rothchild) written in, 1838...We as a nation, have
become blind, we have been dumb down by the greatest "Medium" in the world, ie; (Television)..."Dont
change, the "Chanel" You are chanelling spirit's."
We have been lied to by the government, religious leaders, voted officials, and hollywood..."how close
we are to the return of Christ." Hmmm!!
Leaders no longer, teach on the rapture, ie;(caught up), nor the coming of Christ, nor living Holy unto
the Lord...They are too busy telling their members to vote black, get rich, and do as you please, (cause your a little "g"), by the way, little "g" in the word of God is a false god!! "BLASPHEMY"....
The truth is, this "world" is under the influence of the devil, and the dumbing down, that, this nation
is causing it's own citizen's is demonic...Most people dont read, study,or research, and believe everything, they see on TV...We(nation) have forgotten how to love, not just our neighbor, but even
our families,(self preservation)...It's disgusting to hear celebrities (christians-nonchristians) and
politicans boast on the immoral things they do...We watch in awe every sex scandal (christians-non
christians), "ya'll aint saying nothing"...
We have pro-life and pro-choice debates, and all kinds of foolishness, and the Church is scared...
"Touch Not, God's Anointed, and Do His Prophet No Harm," is taken out of context, to stop you
from exposing these devil's..."Everything that's happening in this world, and to this world, has already been prophesied," So, why is the church scared to come against the enemy? Why are you silent?
"Christ return and the unveiling of the anti-christ is sooner than we think".... So, look up, your redemption draweth nigh"....Be ready!!
God Bless the reader!!

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