Why Have People Stop Attending Church?


What are some of the reasons why people have stopped attending church? Some people believe that it is not necessary to attend. What is your view?

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People don't attend church because you don't learn anything in the Sunday Church. You just listen to the opinion of the Preacher, and not the Word of God. If you had something to teach that made sense people would go, but it seems confusing to worship the God of the Sunday Church... You will have a real difference between the street person, and the church person. You would have the church people who believe in the Bible, and keep the commandments, and the rest of the world, who don't. Right now, all you have is a bunch of people with no knowledge of the word claiming to worship the God of the Bible, and don't do anything the Bible says. What makes a church person different from the street person if you don't have to keep God's commandments?

I don't see anything, except, you go to church, and the street person doesn't. Not to mention these so-called church people go to church on the wrong day, if they are claiming to follow the Bible as it is written. I see why the street person doesn't want to go to church because they can do the stuff done in a Sunday church in the street. There is no real difference.
knowledge is increasing and so is ignorance. Both with remove people from your church.
Self-seclusion from Christian community, I suspect, is usually a flight from accountability to others. This can be spiritualized of course--with a fond looking back to the holy hermits of old--but it is really motivated by selfish desire. Believers who assemble themselves together (as admonished in Hebrews 10:25) can be touched by exhortation; hermits cannot.
That is an interesting take on it.
Bumped this thread... Needs more discussion....
People are living first of all because, "It's the word of God" (The falling away/Apostasy).
After all God says; that His word would not return to Him void... Churches everywhere
are trying to figure out what is wrong.? This should'nt come as a suprise, but may I
suggest that, the answer here might just be "nothing is wrong." I believe it's God's
will being carried out. An exodus out of," the false god, idolatry, baal worship, money
cometh to me now," Churches... God has NOT changed His word or His mind...
"You'll have no other god's before me, says the Lord."
The Missed spelled word in the first comment is, (leaving)


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