Why is it important to have a healthy temple?

Health Tip! Change of Diet!  Let us begin to fast off of the conviences of the world and begin to eat & drink those fresh vegetables, water & fresh squeezed juices and see the difference it will make in your energy levels, the way your body feels and you will naturally begin to lose excess body fat and water weight!    Minister M. Ragland

First things first, what is a temple?  In this aspect of the question it is not a building made by human hands, instead, it is a flesh temple that houses the HOLY SPIRIT of God!

Temple=> a place of worship: residence for a King.

“Or do you not know that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit that is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? (1Corinthians 6:19) Your body was redeemed through the blood of Christ when He went to the cross, the grave and back to the throne in Heaven.  You do not belong to yourself!  Before the creation of the world you were solely a spiritual being, until the Lord God Almighty created a habitation for you, this place called earth.  God, in all His wisdom, after He saw everything was good, took the dirt of the ground and created man, in their image and likeness, and breathed that spirit man (who you are) into the nostrils of the form that He created and “man became a living being.” (Genesis 1:26; 2:7)  One day as I was sitting at my computer, God spoke into my spirit, “You are not the owner of this building but you are called to the maintenance department as head supervisor of it.   Check to see if your maintenance department is doing its job, if not you need to fire them and allow My Holy Spirit to take over.”  Listen, you are to keep your body in good working condition, good physical condition so that the work that God has called you to can be completed to the best of your ability through Him. “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”(3 John 1:2)  As the care-taker of God’s property we are to maintain His temple that He may be glorified in its outward and inward beauty.  That does not mean that we are to fix the temple to look like what we think it should be, no, not at all it means that whatever God created you physical appearance to be or look like He wants you to keep it physically in shape  by eating  healthy and  exercising.  Why is it so important? God can’t send you to the regions of Africa, or other places in the world to minister His word or work for Him in whatever capacity He tells you if you are too tired, too sick or too emotionally or mentally depleted to go once you have got there.  We have spiritual mountains that we must climb in this work but we also have real physical mountains that have to conquer as well.  We in the body of Christ will find that if we are in better physical condition we can look at the work of the Lord without overwhelming feelings of exhaustion and panic.  God does not expect us to be able to do all the things that Christ did on the earth because we do not posses spiritually, all the gifts that Jesus was endowed with.  Jesus was both man and divine, He was God!  We are a merely a physical representation of our heavenly father with a gift of the Holy Spirit, we may possess more than one but not all (that is another subject by itself).    If we continually examine ourselves and study the word of God asking for wisdom, asking for Him to endow us with the gifts of the spirit than we will be able to tap into the ministry gifts that God has equipped us with individually.  If we understand that it is not about us, this life is a gift, the temple we live and move in is a gift, the abilities that we seem to posses through the grace and mercy of God are all gifts from Him , then we will begin to experience the power of God working in our lives.  We must move ourselves out of the way and submit wholly to God.  We wonder why we don’t see the miracles in this age that the apostles worked in the bible days and it is because we have not fully given ourselves to the Holy Spirit of God that He may manifest healings, deliverance and miracles in the life of His people and those that are in the world waiting to receive Him.  If we get into the place where we stop the ritualistic things in our lives and began to let God rule, reign and abide in our lives than we will see the land being healed but we as people are too controlling, overbearing and selfish , so we leave no room for God to work in our lives. 

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