Why is it necessary for those of us who minister to put such a cloud around ministry

First let me give you some background. I have been involved in ministry for most of my life. My father, brother, grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather, several uncles, a even more cousins are all involved in the pastorate. I have watched most, (I did not know my great grandfather, or his father) the others I had the opportunity to watch and observe.
As I have done this and watched others I have noticed that in the black church we cloud the ministry make it all spooky and unknowable. My question is simple why? I do not see it in other churches, I have been a member of an interracial church, and it was great. The pastor was approachable, there was no mystery there, and if I had been allowed to remain in Seattle I would be very involved in ministry there. I am just curious as to if my brothers and sisters here can give insight as to why that is. Most importantly how it can be undone, I do not think that God wants such things in His church.

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Actually He shrouded very little in mystery, He revealed all to those that followed Him closely. Those that thought He was speaking in riddles even after He spoke were able to see answers when the apostles who wrote the gospels wrote them, the audience that were eyewitnesses during the time when Christ was here were still alive.(This is why the four gospels are believed to be the most accurate telling of the historical record of Christ's ministry) They were able to see the answers as given through the writings of the four authors. So even the answers to the "riddles" were given after the fact. In most black churches this is not the case. in some instances the riddles go on for decades, and are still going on.in many cases.
Funny thing though, you have not been involved in "most black Churches", have you? I could easily get "theologically deep", but why bother? We can stop at that very simple point and expose enough error till JESUS comes!
No response Jonathan Anthony? I was hoping for one.......
Trevor, I did not see this posting until just a few moments ago otherwise I would have corrected your assumptions.

1. I am black
2. I grew up and was raised in the black church
3. many of the churches I have attended have been black churches
4. My experience with interracial churches did not begin until after I was over 30
In terms of not having been involved in most black churches, I do not have to be shot by most guns to know that they can kill..... By all means come "theologically deep" So far you haven't, its all been on the other side of the pool...
1. I'm black just as well. What does that have to do with anything?????
2. So was I. What does that have to do with anything?????
3. Same with me. What does that have to do with anything?????
4. My experience with interracial churches began before salvation, so whats your point? Your analogy was poor at best. Your way of viewing this is like saying I don't like steak at all because I ate it once or twice from a few diners. The problem there can come in many forms:

- was the meat bad where you went?
- how was your steak prepared?
- did you know even know that there were different ways to prepare a steak?

"By all means come "theologically deep" So far you haven't, its all been on the other side of the pool..."

I asked you about your experience within or knowledge of the Apostolic Ministry before. You passed up on commenting directly, but actually twisted my statement, calling it the "Apostolic History". Many wouldn't find that as being significant, but it very much so is. The statement comes from the mindset of actually believing that such things as the Apostolic and Prophetic ministry are only evident within people named Paul, Peter, Elijah, and Jeremiah. In other words, it died with them. Now, if this is what you believe, then plainly say so. If not, then correct me. You don't need a D.D. or a Th.D. to speak bluntly about your beliefs.

Its kinda hard for you to claim that your end of the pool has been the deep end when in fact that you seem to not be able to even swim! It shows that you can't swim yet because you haven't even shown that you stepped into such deep waters. The kiddy pool is deep for babes, Mr. Anthony. Concerning this subject, the Prophetic, and others like it, stay within the kiddy pool.
Once again SELF IMPORTANCE rules. You put yourself up as an expert, and yet still..
I never said that anything died with anyone else I will note however that it seems interesting that this movement is prevelant among the black church and those that serve them.. Not as prevalent in other churches and it seems that everybody either wants that title or is enshrouding themselves in said title. Just an observation.
Kiddie pool? actually I don't swim, I prefer long distance driving

Jonathan's tactic seems familiar - more like dodge ball.

You ask him where he's going and he'll tell you where he's been, and THEN, he'll tell turn around and YOU where you've been and where YOU are heading.

Like you, I'm waiting on him to get "theology deep."

Now, watch Mr. Anthony respond by twisting what I stated above as if I didn't know what I was really trying to say.

I am not the one who stated that I was "theology deep" your boy Trevor did that. I never said I would go there, he implied that he would
Pat Once again:

Honestly if you are that offended I do apologize however i do not see where you said that I was wrong in my extrapolation, I do however see an accusation of lying, I do see where you said that I could "read your mind". With all due respect in my opinion this is a debate, regardless, Trevor has extrapolated things that I have made statements about, and I have called them "fair" because they were "fair". I have also corrected the extrapolations by detailing exactly what I was attempting to say. That done, I did not whine, I did not obfuscate. With all due respect if this is how you react in cyberspace I fear for how you react when questioned IRL (In Real Life)
What is a black church? smh

I'll wait for Mr. Anthony' homily on this.....


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