Why is it necessary for those of us who minister to put such a cloud around ministry

First let me give you some background. I have been involved in ministry for most of my life. My father, brother, grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather, several uncles, a even more cousins are all involved in the pastorate. I have watched most, (I did not know my great grandfather, or his father) the others I had the opportunity to watch and observe.
As I have done this and watched others I have noticed that in the black church we cloud the ministry make it all spooky and unknowable. My question is simple why? I do not see it in other churches, I have been a member of an interracial church, and it was great. The pastor was approachable, there was no mystery there, and if I had been allowed to remain in Seattle I would be very involved in ministry there. I am just curious as to if my brothers and sisters here can give insight as to why that is. Most importantly how it can be undone, I do not think that God wants such things in His church.

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Black Church, is defined by me as a church were the pastor, the majority of the members if not the entire membership is made up of black folks. Secondly it is a church that has the first facet mentioned but to that adds a realm of tradition that is not met in most other churches. Because of this most black churches are often rooted in tradition, and unable to break free of same due to ministerial constraints. ergo the question asked....
Don't take my word for it, here are some references for you:


This IS EXACTLY WHAT I am talking about. NOW, you have the NERVE to try and READ MY MIND.

How in the world can you TELL ME what I am attempting to say????

I said what I said and I didn't stumble at it.

Nope sorry I did no such thing based on the word that I used, extrapolate, I added nothing, I merely brought forward what she was attempting to say, based on what she wrote albeit if that was not what she meant, she had opportunity to say so.

Oh, by the way, since you can read minds, you should have been able to read that I AM A FEMALE, while you were addressing me as "sir."

1. I never said I could read minds,.Extrapolation is the same as comprehension. I read what you wrote, and based on what you write I am able to form a picture of what you are attempting to say based solely on your writings. You do it everyday when you read a book,when you read a newspaper article, when you read a blog posting, you take away a picture of what you believe the author is attempting to say.

Once again if you have an issue with what I said, all you needed to do was to simply attempt to clarify if I made a mistake in my extrapolation. You did not, you decided to have a rant about how I "lied" and now you are saying that I said I could "read your mind" I said no such thing. And addressing you as sir, all YOU had to do is correct me from the onset as opposed to now feigning some high outrage, not correcting me from the onset it your fault madam. So far you have spent more time attempting to obfuscate as opposed to actually making your point......

You are so wrong in all areas.

When I first mentioned that your extrapolation was in error, you told me I was wrong as if I didn't know what I was saying or trying to say.

So, if I had told you from the beginning I am a female, who's to say you wouldn't come back and tell me that I'm not because based on my writings I sound like a male?

If you didn't agree with my comments, all you had to say was "I disagree."

It is as simple as that. Instead, you tried for force feed your extrapolation down my throat as if I was a child who didn't know how to talk.

Why don't you climb down off of your ivory tower and just be real.

I joined this network for the purpose of sharing and receiving, and thus far, with exception of this fruitless debate, I have learned more than I have shared, and for that I am thankful to God for the people He has connected to me.

With that said, your arrogant attitude shall not hinder my growth and fellowship with others who are respectful and Christ-like.

You are who you are, and whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Honestly if you are that offended I do apologize however i do not see where you said that I was wrong in my extrapolation, I do however see an accusation of lying, I do see where you said that I could "read your mind". With all due respect in my opinion this is a debate, regardless, Trevor has extrapolated things that I have made statements about, and I have called them "fair" because they were "fair". I have also corrected the extrapolations by detailing exactly what I was attempting to say. That done, I did not whine, I did not obfuscate. With all due respect if this is how you react in cyberspace I fear for how you react when questioned IRL (In Real Life)
Trevor with all due respect I believe that it is men like yourself who desire power over passion, in essence you want to keep the people in the clouds because so long as you keep them there, and not thinking, YOU are in control. The reason that there is a spooky side is because men like yourself want to keep it that way, It has nothing to do with ignorance, and if it does its because you allow it. Paul said that there is a five fold ministry and all the parts are to be building up the church, for the equipping of the Saints, like a brother once told me, we ought to be working ourselves out of a job, But it appears based on your writings that there is a level of SELF PROMOTION, a level of SELF IMPORTANCE. And a need to tell everyone else how ignorant they are, Holding people down to raise yourself up is not ministry
LOL!!!!!!!!!! You really don't know me, do you? If you did, then you would recognize that I am not one that tolerates ignorance, especially amongst my Ministers and Ministries. I demand that "in all thy getting, you get understanding", and therefore, I am ready, willing and able to sit down and teach what I mean. I do it all the time, so much so that people consider me long-winded! LOL

An Apostle's ministry is a Ministry that is determined to reveal the Kingdom of GOD's mysteries to the average Joe, no matter how hard the task is. We are far too often spat upon and called know-it-all's and "overly-deep" for our passion to have others know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. This you may never appreciate about me simply because you read one or two posts from the prejudice of your past experiences in Ministry.

Hmmmm wow I guess you extrapolated that from my writings with regard to my experiences, and that is fair. However prejudices aside, There are far too many ministers like yourself, and please note I am not accusing you of this, but there are far too many ministers who engage in spiritual abuse. (Note Pat if you are watching, having extrapolated from my writings Trevor was able to make an inference, a fair one at that, and I acknowledged it, and now I am clearing it up). Once again not saying that you do, I have seen far too many wounded, far too many hurt and disillusioned people inside and outside the church. Its not just the job of the apostles, it is also the job of the pastors as part of their ministry is to teach, As far as what I feel about you though, I have already said my piece on that. I accepted your offer of friendship to see if you can clear that up. I am fair, but I brook no foolishness from those who say that they are entrusted with the mission to build up God's people. I have seen too many take advantage of the people.
Lets clearly lay some things down right here and out in the open for all to see. I sent you a friend request, true, but I didn't send it with the idea of becoming friends. Though it would be a nice thing to achieve, the ONLY way that would happen is if your prejudices are released. You have no right to come at me as if you know what sort of Apostle I am, regardless of your beliefs. You have yet to express anything that can be backed up by scripture, just personal experiences gone sour.

The ideas I received from you are not fair, they are true. There is the difference between you and I. Its not fair that you are judgmental of men/women who claim to walk in the Apostolic and/or Prophetic; its not fair for you to be ignorant to such ministries; its not fair for you to have run into false Apostles and Prophets and that such experiences have caused you to ask why these men/women hurt the body of Christ with no regard. However, its true that you have run into false Apostles and Prophets and that such experiences have caused you to ask why these men/women hurt the body of Christ with no regard; its true that you show to be ignorant to such ministries; its true that because of such encounters and false doctrine you are judgmental of men/women who claim to walk in the Apostolic and/or Prophetic.

I'm not here to clear anything up, because I left no mess. I'm here to speak what you have either never heard before, or have been taught to deny: the Apostleship of today is actually genuine, and if you miss out on such a realization, its your own fault, and no one else. Even with your comments of "please note I am not accusing you of this", you accused me. I ask this again, do you know me????
asked and answered, make your point if you have one.


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