Why is it necessary for those of us who minister to put such a cloud around ministry

First let me give you some background. I have been involved in ministry for most of my life. My father, brother, grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather, several uncles, a even more cousins are all involved in the pastorate. I have watched most, (I did not know my great grandfather, or his father) the others I had the opportunity to watch and observe.
As I have done this and watched others I have noticed that in the black church we cloud the ministry make it all spooky and unknowable. My question is simple why? I do not see it in other churches, I have been a member of an interracial church, and it was great. The pastor was approachable, there was no mystery there, and if I had been allowed to remain in Seattle I would be very involved in ministry there. I am just curious as to if my brothers and sisters here can give insight as to why that is. Most importantly how it can be undone, I do not think that God wants such things in His church.

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And if you sent the friend request without the intent of being friends why waste time like that...
Basically, for communication's purposes. If one is to hold some type of conference in order to educate another, one must come peaceably in some way shape or form.
That would require developing some type of friendship even on a peripheral basis. Once again, if that is not your intent, why waste time?
I never said that anything died with anyone else I will note however that it seems interesting that this movement is prevalent among the black church and those that serve them. Not as prevalent in other churches and it seems that everybody either wants that title or is enshrouding themselves in said title. Just an observation.

You really don't understand it then, do you? The Apostolic and Prophetic movement that you presently see here is from Azuza, true, but thats not the beginning of it. One can easily go back to the 1800's and see in Germany the move of the Apostolic; one can easily look over in China at the underground Church and realize that they have Apostles and Prophets; one can easily look at South America's revival of the Apostolic and Prophetic. Lets not even go and check the "white Church" of America, and the Middle East!

This is not a "Black Church thing". Did you ever take time to study what its about, even for the sake of examining it to find the flaws?


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