Over the years, I have heard many men and women in the holiness denominations say that women shouldn't wear pants in the church.

Were is the scripture to support the ideology that women shouldn't wear pants? If it is in scripture then I would have to ask why are men wearing pants? Did men wear pants in biblical times or did their wear something that covered their loins and then long robe like attire? I mean isn't that what you depict in your biblical plays? So why aren't the men being asked to wear similar apparel in the church to maintain a outward appearance of holiness? Why aren't they asked to not cut their hair (both facial and head)

What are the clothing designations for men in the holiness denominations.

After all, without holiness NO man/woman shall see God.....

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please woman should be consourice of what they put on to church. do you want to go to heaven with out the next brother by your side if yes than you can dress nacked to church but if no please come to church well covered


yes, you are right.

Men/women didn't wear pants during "biblical times" because they didn't exist. There is no prohibition in the Scripture on clothing other than modesty. Free to wear pants as long as they are modest. If some brother is staring at you in church, or out of church--and you are truly wearing immodest clothing-then that needs to be changed. There should be no difference between the clothes you wear to church and the other days of the week. Church is the assembly of the saints, not a building where God only resides. 

There is freedom in Jesus. Live and rest(the sabbath) in that daily. Pants fine. Shorts fine. whatever....do all things unto the glory of the Lord.

That scripture is so misinterpted because it is not in there.  The bible declares how women should not wear clothing pertaining to a man. And back then, men didn't wear pants anyway but more like an intire body covering.  So if you are looking for the scripture that women should not wear pants in church, you can stop looking because it is not there. 

Pants don't determine your holiness. Holiness is a lifestyle, as we learn to submit and obey the Lord we will do what we must to please him. even if it's taking off those pants.....

I do understand that you posted this years ago, but it is still such a big issue:

We are not going to find in the Bible that women are not to wear pants. You'll have to twist scripture to get that out of it. Not wearing pants is a tradition in many Black churches, and I doubt if God cares whether we wear pants. What God cares about is holiness.  We are all called to be holy.  In some peoples minds they see holiness not as the true character of a Christian, but are more concerned like the pharisees .. about outward appearance yet are far from the holiness in their hearts that God talks about in His holy word.

On the other hand, if it is the tradition of the church that I attend for women to not wear pants, and if it is the wish of the pastor that I do not wear pants, then I would respect that and not wear pants to church.  Also, if my wearing pants is a hindrance to the ministry God has put inside me, then I would refrain from wearing pants when I minister.  Simple as that.

Isn't it funny that women in white churches wear pants, even in the pulpit, they preach in pants, teach in pants, sing in pants and it is not an issue and God is yet blessing them?

One of the tools I believe that satan uses is DISTRACTION so that we loose our FOCUS.

Hi Sister, 

Good Question and Statement:

The wearing of garments have always been an issue since the beginning of time.  Jewish people were required by their law(Numbers 15:37-41; Deut. 22:12) to put tassels (tzitzit or fringes) on the corners of their garments with a blue cord intertwined in them.  This tradition is still followed by observant Jews during services, in the tasselled tzitzit knotted on the four corners of the tallit, a big fringed, four-cornered prayer shawl.  The Canaanite men wore long sleeved robes over a coloured tunic (ketonet), embroidered in geometric designs. Over their robes the simlah was wrapped closely around the body, leaving the right shoulder and arm free. And on their heads were close fitting caps. The women dressed in long robes (simlah) trimmed at the neck.  Some were sleeveless, some were with loose sleeves, showing the long sleeves of the undertunic (ketonet) and some wore open in the front, decorated with embroidery all around the edges, and with long tassels hanging down the front of the garment.  Some women wore a wide, flat-topped headdress like a crown, over a kerchief. The Assyrian law stipulated that a respectable married woman must cover her head, whil an unmarried girl must go bareheaded.  John the Baptist, clothes were made of camel's hair.  We have those in the Muslims Faith, those in the Christian Faith, those in the Catholic Faith, and many more that wear different attire.  I think that we are all stylish. 


Clothing has always been a traditional thing, I believe.  They say "Come As You Are" but there is not scripture that says those exact words and if I am wrong please forgive me for making that statement.  However, I say that  one should dress for the respect of the house as well as for yourself.  Some people may not have the clothes that others think that they should wear.  Because we do not know what they are going through, or may have been through, or coming from in their life. I have to say their is nothing like being dressed to the nine's for women and men.   I think one should just make the service to get the "WORD OF GOD" and the rest will take care of itself.  We tend to be concerned with the shallow things instead of the more serious issues.

Thank you sister for putting this out there.

Bishop Anderson,



Amen!!! Bishop Ronald, and once the Lord is in total control of our lives, obedience is the result. Paul told us that the Church is the pillar, and ground for the truth. Everything must be in order, because God is a God of order. We thank you for your comments on this subject matter.

Obviously women should not wear pants inside a church, just like how they shouldn't tip waiters when they dine out. I mean cmon, it's in the bible for God's sake

We have to use a grain of salt as we seek to minister on this site. It is good for ministers, as well as church members to give prayer request, and questions to ponder. I have been blessed by this ministry, and while it is not perfect, it does provide a medium for us to support the weak, and fulfill our ministry.


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