Over the years, I have heard many men and women in the holiness denominations say that women shouldn't wear pants in the church.

Were is the scripture to support the ideology that women shouldn't wear pants? If it is in scripture then I would have to ask why are men wearing pants? Did men wear pants in biblical times or did their wear something that covered their loins and then long robe like attire? I mean isn't that what you depict in your biblical plays? So why aren't the men being asked to wear similar apparel in the church to maintain a outward appearance of holiness? Why aren't they asked to not cut their hair (both facial and head)

What are the clothing designations for men in the holiness denominations.

After all, without holiness NO man/woman shall see God.....

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Can you only worship when there an anointing? What is the definition of "the anointing?" What is the biblical text that one uses to describe "the anointing"?

Is it a feeling?
Is it an act of the will?
Is it a knowing?
Is it a decision?
Is it a ceremonial act?
Is a cloud the size of a man's fist hovering in the sancutary?
Is it shouting and speaking in tongues?
is it silent prayer?

That term is used so much that is has become relative and more colloquial at best. So, when I hear say "the anointing" I ask.. what do you mean by that? Just so I know where they are coming from.
here we go again the anointing question!!! LOL...OOPS did I use the Word anotining...My Bad!!!
If a man comes in a skirt, he better be Irish! Pants in our culture are unisex, but skirts aren't. Thats plain and simple. Sorry, but that one cannot be flipped Evangelist.
LOL....I understand what you are saying.............I have a couple Irish co-workers they told me that the kilt is not a everyday garment.. ..............just for special occassion....
hmmmmmmmm unisex......i've been hearing that word for a long time......Unisex...

I have to comment honestly about that... I hate that word UNISEX.....another tactic from the devil...or the worlds way....

the reason why I say that.......

.because not to long ago my daughter came home from school...and one of the guy told the class that he is a unisex human being.... he was male/women...one day he dress up a a girl the next day he dress like a Boy....

everything is not meant for the sexes to be interchangeable

Sorry I still don't see that....
Isn't the restroom in your home... unisex?

are all the scrubs that doctors and nurses wear gender differintiated? I admit, Dr. James may not want to wear the scrubs with pink hearts all over it but the plain white coat, the plain blue or green scrubs.. who should wear those... men or women?

Back to worship because we can easily get off track... We are not talking about perversion in clothing... but even in that it is an issue of the heart. When the heart is changed, the person is changed. Change their clothes... and they will probably remain the same.
LOL...so true we can easlily get of track

But I was refering to the subject about pants...UNISEX.....and I feel my honest answer that how those unclean spirit of Crossing dressing come in to play... Sorry not trying to offensive to no one...but that my honest feeling about this...
What the lil boy described is a medical fact but not a biblical truth.

Medical fact: A hermaphrodite is an organism having both male and female reproductive organs. There have been cases where children were born with BOTH a penis and a vagina.

But that is not a biblical truth meaning... Seek God's truth on the matter.. never just go by medical facts.

It could be a medical fact that a man was born bliind... but the biblical truth is that God can still get the glory from that


the boy sounds mixed up... and again.. it goes back to matters of the heart.
I know about the medical Fact...

But that's not what he was saying....they were asking why he wear make-up. and a pony tail....on some days.. other days he dress like a boy........then.......he stated I'm a Unisex..... they ask him the question...did he had both organ... he stated no....... I'm just a Male and I like wear Girls things....... Oh yes He Has a Boy Friend...... and he wanted the class to call him Ms. Delicious....

Unisex is the new pretty word at the my daughters school that they are using now...sounds silly ..but they are using that terminology now... Unisex..
That mindset that is at your daughter's school is not new but I agree, it is terribly disturbing to have your baby girl around it. Kinda makes ya wanna snatch her out of school and homeschool her LOL
Oh boy I think about that all time Homeschool my 3 daughters...

My two olders one..are in high School....... this young man is in 9th grade

Sorry for going off the subject... but my Daughters told me some things....that was going on in the high school...they attend....... it really sadden my heart..

Thank you Lord for being that keeper and a protector around my children!!!
Well I have just about 5 minutes before running out to do some errands, so let me really quickly add my two cents..:)

I go and speak at least 2-3 churches per week as my role is to create more awareness and to help mobilize churches to get more involved in going Global as long term missionaries in a diverse world of diverse cultures. I am planning currently in going to PNG (Papua New Guinea) in July for a 3 week workshop in understanding bible translation work in a region where there are over 850 languages in PNG who still have no written scriptures in their own language of understanding.

One thing we are not called to do is to evangelize. I couldn't understand at first why we are prohibited from evangelizing the minority groups in the world since that I thought was one of the commands of God to do the work of an evangelist. The main reason as to why we are prohibited from evangelizing in the global harvest is because we will inadvertently bring our own american culture into our evangelism that is not even really biblical but cultural. Instead we are to just translate God's Word and allow the Holy Spirit to teach them all things. I spoke last week to a missionary in PNG who stayed there to translate just one of the languages in the scripture who spent over 25 years in accomplishing this great feat, who told me that they don't even interfere with some of the obvious and seemingly cultural things that are detrimental to that culture whether its extreme alcoholism, beating of wives which at times even can cause their deaths to even how they worship with women in bare breasts in praising and worshipping God. To us seeing a woman with bare breasts is an obvious cultural perversion that is not acceptable in our culture. To the missionaries amazement, the men are never turned on when seeing an exposed breast in God's sacred church bouncing up and down for all to see and witness her obvious nakedness. To them, the men see the woman's breast as simply food for children, not anything that is sexual in nature. It is the Word of God once sown into their spirit and heart that truly teaches them all things and by them seeing firsthand God's Word translated in their mother tongue to know for them what is truly acceptable or not based on their cultural norms. Some eventually will start to cover their nakedness at some point and time and by perusing the Holy Scriptures and conviction creeps in that even alcoholism is lessened as well as the men starting to learn from God's innerant Word that loving their wives the way Christ loves the church starts to stir the men into being more loving to their wives. I have found one of the most popular books of the Bible to the minority groups in the world is the book of James that speaks of sin. Because really as an ex muslim myself who was very devout, if a woman shows her ankle that is equivalent to whoredom. Its why in the mosque the women are always not in the same place as the men in worship, either at the side or behind the men so that the men aren't easily pulled into a lustful situation. However, men are extremely visual and physical while women are emotional and audible. Really as a man and many men can attest to this, doesn't matter what a woman wears, if she's got a serious body we will see her shape through a potato sack and start the visualization that leads to a lustful heart. When I was a muslim I was very sexualized with the other Islamic women who wore a veil and fully covered from head to toe and I still lusted to try and visualize what her figure looked like based on how her hips and behind shifted..LOL And all you could see of her was her eyes (talk about freaky). We as men must examine ourselves and seek to rid of what hinders us from truly worshipping God, for God through His Spirit to do some serious lazor surgery from what the world has sown into us from our inception into the world where the prince of this world has blinded us for too many years. We are all on a journey, inner journey to seek more of Him and His Glory, but it starts first with us.

I now go to a church that is a methodist and mostly white (they support missions and my children gotta eat) and you should check out how they dress here in sunny Florida... Most come in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. I've seen teenagers who are girls who wear bathing suit tops or low cut blouses, or jeans that are very tight and form fitting. The men aren't much different, with our t shirts or open collar shirts with buttons on our shirts opened down our chest. However, this church has a serious food bank that serves over 500 people per week, a prison ministry that is consistent in going at least 3 times per week, and this relatively small congregation supports over 75 different missionaries who are long term in the global nations of the unevangelized. This is why we are members of this church, for they are burdened with what burdens God. They do more outside of the four walls than in. While we at the black 'cherch' continue to gossip whether who is wearing who and how our worship is being quenched because sista' sapphire has on pants, while people in the world perish wearing dresses or pants.....


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