It really bothers me that My people don't really love one another. It
really hurts me that My people would offend and hurt one another.”
This is what the Lord spoke to me several years ago at church while I
was engaged in worship. This word broke my heart and my spirit for
days, because I could feel the hurt and grief of Father-God
concerning this matter. The word of God tells us not to grieve the
Holy Spirit. The word grieve used in this passage means to hurt,
offend or cause pain. God is His Holy Spirit. I pray that you would
be careful and sensitive to God's people, whether they are saved or
not saved, and deal with them as God's people, God's sheep and God's
children. We can't treat or deal with God's people like they are our
own children or as we have been dealt with. And if your leader,
teacher,  pastor or whoever talks with you or communicates to you in
such an offensive matter, or as if your a child, please go to them as
an adult and bring this to their attention. And if they refuse to
respect you as a person, an adult, as a human being, as one of God's
children, tell them goodbye. You do not have to tolerate this because
God your Heavenly Father doesn't want you to. God is the one you
should fear!


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God has exclusive ownership of His people, His sheep, His children. As pastors, leaders, teachers, etc, we have been given the privilege and responsibility to be caretakers on God's behalf. My prayer is that we would related to God's people with His heart, with His love and Spirit and not our own. We have responsibility and obligation to God's people but no ownership at all. We offend, greive and hurt the Lord when we deal with His very own in any other kind of way.

I want to thank you my sister in Christ! This is something that has been on my heart very much for the past few weeks. It is so sad and does grieve the Lord for us "church folk" who go around telling people that they are going to hell because of this or that, spouting scripture like they wrote it, passing judgement on people and making a nuisance of themselves while so called "trying to save lost souls". And they are lost themselves. Let us stop acting like we have a heaven or hell to put people in. Let us get back to the Love we were taught to have by Jesus Christ. 

God bless and keep you, dear sister, this is a word that should be preached around the world for all to hear!

The problem comes because we have developed a Greco-Roman world-view rather than a Hebraic one.
Pastors are one of 5 Ascension gifts and as Ephesians 4 tells us these gifts were given to mankind NOT the church.

When these gifts are relegated to the church they become a hierarchy which is not biblical.

Today these gifts have become titles, and they are not. When someone asks me my name I tell them John,
when they ask me my calling I tell them 'apostle' then they start calling me Apostle John. I then tell them apostle is not my name, its my function. Calling me apostle John then demands that we call Fred who God has gifted to be a plumber, Plumber Fred. None of the apostles in the New Testament were ever addressed as Apostle Paul of Apostle Junia.

The apostle is not top dog on the Totem pole, where everyone can see them, it is a foundational role, which means it is hidden in the foundations. When Paul said God set in the church 1st Apostles, it is simply a building term that says the foundation is laid, then the building is built. The word 'set' in this case in the greek is horizontal and passive. If it was describing heirarchy it would use another Greek word which is vertical and active.

Peter an apostle says he is an elder in a local church, not the apostle of the church, and as an elder he warns the other elders, do not lord it over God's heritage. A shepherd never walks behind the sheep, he walks in front of them. Walking behind the sheep to rap the sheep up the side of the head whenever they step out of line is not leading its controlling. It develops sheep that are depressed, repressed, oppressed and will in the end be weak and insecure and will never amount to anything. Man was created to have dominion over the earth not other men and women. Leading the sheep on the other hand is allowing the sheep who follow to step of the path, frolick around enjoy the son, and the grass. They become secure, excited, well fed and confident thus produce better wool and meat.

Using titles seperates us from the brethren we are to equip, effectually puttting a wall between us and them.

Nor is the function of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher to 'govern' the authority of these five gifts, is to equip, not govern Ephesians 4. That is the sole role of the eldership team. Can a Pastor or any of the other 4 ascenion gifts be elders yes. But as an elder they are equal with the other elders.

I am astounded that people 15 years ago who were satisfied that they were prophets, suddenly started calling themselves Apostles. I know one man whose ministry table I set up had tapes that had him as Pastor________then others had Prophet______and his newer messages had Apostle___________ even the sweat towel he used while he was preaching has Apostle embroided in large letters.

Scripture is very clear government withing the realm of church is eldership.

The focus must be on Jesus and the Kingdom, not a pagan Greco-Roman practice of carring titles to show how important we are.

Here is another product of the pagan title junk. People who are insecure drop names to show how important they really are, So when ask where do you fellowship here is a chance to show their importance by declaring I go to Apostle Billy Bobs church. But watch there faces when you say never heard of him, suddenly they are not as important as they thought they were.


We are still operating in the non-biblical but pagan seperation of the Clergy and the Laity


Thanks for reading my diatribe. John McDonald. apostolic leader/kingdom ambassador.


Good practical insight.

Very well articulated. Thanks for sharing.

Brother McDonald,

     Many times we see the word "certain" used throughout scriptures to separtate and distinguish an individual or group from the common majority.  Example:

     2 Kings 4:1, "Now there cried a certain woman of the wives of the sons of the prophets unto Elisha, saying, Thy servant my husband is dead; and thou knowest that thy servant did fear the LORD:..."  Here the certain women has the distinction of being the wife of a prophet which made her a prophetess by association.  The women was concerned with continuing the work of her husband the prophet. 

     Usually biblical "title referencing" was used for illustration, narrative and descriptive purposes by the author of the book.  We don't see biblical characters referencing themselves with descriptive titles like we see common today.  I believe that it is man who requires a title to validate and promote self-worth.    

     I was channel surfing last night and came across my ex-pastor (bishop) who loves to drop names, titles and recite his resume.  He did bring a good argument to justify incorporating and utilizing biblical titles in conjunction with one's name.  His position was that scriptures will let you know who was speaking by referencing an individual as an apostle or prophet, in order for you to understand the importance of the message sent by the messenger.  Further, his position was that you would know the importance of the minister and understand that they were not just anybody, but that they were called and ordained by God.

     After futher analyzing his speaking point and position on this subject (this guy is good & could feed you anything), I find that his claim does have some merit.  I went to Exodust 3:13, "And Moses said unto God, Behold, [when] I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What [is] his name? what shall I say unto them?"  Exodus 3:14, "And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you."  

     People have a need to be socially accepted and validated by man.  A title affords power, authority, distinction and designates alienable or transferable rights.  However, during biblical times it was not popular to be in ministry.  Everybody could not be in ministry like anybody can be a minister today.  Ordain yourself over the internet or attend seminary for a few years and you are a minister.  The "law of supply and demand", to many titles (pulpit ministers} with no demand for truth, holiness, santification, consecration, obedience, faithfulness, etc.  It's all about the title.   





God bless you dear heart. I love the heart God has given you. I am blessed everytime you minister from the heart of our heavenly Father. Yes. This is true that we as children of God can be so rash towards one another as if we have the right to speak to each other as though they are less privialeged than they. Some leaders don't watch their tongue when they call themselves teaching you or chastening you. They do not take into consideration that they may be undermining the Christ in you before they speak to you and they try to intimidate you by trying to make you feel as if you don't know His voice; but they do. But; even in all that, the Word of the Lord tells ALL of Us to love one another; even when one has wronged the other. We are commanded to love. When someone, out of arrogance or ignorance, love. Love is an action verb. When you hurt me, if I choose to do the Word of the Lord, He gets the glory and I am blessed. No one else may see it, but Daddy God sees my attempt to honor His Word and do what it says. Love them that hate you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. Some selfish acts by our brethren are to be overlooked and some we are to go to them and address the issue. I have had to do this and have had no reply. I apologized for a misunderstanding and then explained I didn't believe that they loved me because they always accuse me of the wrong thing; which is never my intention. I have heard nothing in return, but one morning the Lord laid this sister on my heart and I began to fervently pray for her and demanded the enemy to stop his trouble in her life. I still have not heard from her, but I feel no pain nor regret either. I have only love for my sister, and that the love of God.

Amen, Sis, i have had to do that same thing for a sister who accused me of something i did not do. I prayed for her and she never replied either. So, i do the will of the Father and love her anyway. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and love! Be ever blessed!

Thanks for sharing.

You are absolutely right, thanks for sharing.

I feel these types of things happen when there is a control issue (spiritual stronghold).  We have to be so careful of how we walk before others.  I too, have been accused of hurting someone beyond what I knew.  When I approached the sista, she immediately got very defensive.  I responded, it doesn't matter who told me, I'm coming to you to ask for forgiveness to continue my walk with Christ.  I also gave her the word, if your brother offends you, go to him in love.

No one can kick against the word. 

There are so many of God's people who hid behind titles.  Yes, they are important inside of God's kingdom, but the title doesn't establish your identity.  God does.  And He do so without the title before your name.

I feel if the church is ever going to come into the fullness of Miracles, signs and wonders, we have to take inventory of ourselves to allow God to move freely in our mist.

With so much junk in our spiritual trunks, clouds God from moving 100% of manifesting through us to those who are lost.

Church, we have to continue to pray.


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