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Poetry is a GIFT used to express yourself, its not for the reader its for the writer. His or her enter voice manifested into Living and Powerful words. Words strung together together in and endless visual display of feelings, what ever they may be. Your joys your pain, your triumphs and failures, your immaturity or maturity, highs/lows, whether your there or not and only the pen and the paper this case the keys and screen. It is truly your witness to the world that you were here and had something to say, whether right or wrong, truth or false, a opinion or your version of the story. More often then not, it beats to it's own drum, answers to it's own master and is lead by it's own spirit. The burning desire to speak and be heard, over all the other voices conversing simultaneously in the universe, with no end in sight. One thing the Bible says and I firmly believe is, "When everything else has passed away the Word is here to stay," whether you like or not, read it or not, understand it or not, express it or not, share it, save it or delete it or not! As I have said here before,The gift of Poetry from God saved my life, it was and will always be my therapy. I never miss my daily sessions and I swallow every bittersweet pill it dishes out So on this twisted road of life, where ever the Poetry Man goes, I will follow...searching, seeking...ultimately finding my way through the Word!

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Comment by Mommy Dearest on August 19, 2009 at 12:54am
The Lady in the Yellow Hat

The lady in the yellow hat
A replica...a honest to God, throw back
With a smile that resembles that
of the first woman, who wore, the Sunday, going to church, yellow hat
Then bore another, who's exact...image attracts
Passers by...those who, compliment or glance on the sly
Envying the way, she chocks it to the side...the twinkle in her eye
Beneath it's brim...decoratively trimmed...bows, flowers and stems
Weaved together, from way back when...passed down to the beloved
A of crown of honor, set upon the heads of them
Generations of Grandmothers, photographed in...Big yellow hats

Oh how Grand she is,

Mommy Dearest
Comment by Mommy Dearest on August 14, 2009 at 7:29pm

In the beginning God created heaven and earth
Or did the Big Bang Theory bring about the creation of the Universe
Was there ever an Adam and Eve?
Will the bones of Prime Apes make the faithful disbelieve?
In the Word of God…has science gone too far?
Because He gave us free will to decide who we are
A people that worship the Lord…or the IQ of our
Scientist and Teachers…Theologians and Preachers
Do we believe in Divine Power over charting the stars
Determined to know all that we are…and could be…through advance technology
Just maybe we can create our own destiny
Then sell it for a fee...unlike Salvation that is free
Astrology vs…Scriptural verses…Blessings or curses
When manipulated it all becomes pervasive
How can the study of Man...exist without first acknowledging the Great I AM
The artistry of the strong right hand
That’s the beauty of the sham…the reason many will be damned
Convince them..that there is no Supreme Power
Then the Son of God…couldn’t have died in the ninth hour
For all the world’s sins…therefore we remain separated from Him
The one who longs for us to evolve into Him
Instead the mine set of men is to figure out Him…In the attempted to rise about Him
For he who has the most knowledge and wisdom…wins
The right to say…“I’m a 100% sure it happened that way”
Their intention…is to beat God at his own invention
With all the facts and figures…beautiful minds remain disfigured
Never elevated to peace…a war like people…no better then savage beast
So barbaric we step over the homeless in the streets
And never think about the hungry when we have plenty to eat
An evolved mind...would never cross humanities boundary lines
For love would rule mankind…with the supernatural mind of Christ
That transforms a primitive life
Let the first commandment be the priority…the Bible be the authority
For God is Love…a spirit that reflects what once was...the first and the last
Evolution has not yet meshed into the Creators plan
There are universal secrets no scientist will ever understand
Why do we presume…we will entirely grasp
The infinite possibility…without the use of the first written script and cast
The best selling historical autobiographical…when I looked last…In my science class
We started with a working hypothesis…and that’s what the Bible represents
Filled with facts and evidence…that provides a basis for farther investigation of this
Just as valid as cave men and dinosaur bones.
Is an Almighty God that residences in Heaven and sets on a throne.
Spoke the world into existence all on His own

I refuse to evolve...into a know-it-all,

Mommy Dearest
Comment by Mommy Dearest on August 13, 2009 at 5:32pm

I’m been called...a lunatic
By ever Tom, Dick...and Harry
Because my zeal is over the top
They label me scary
Because I go over broad...for the Lord
I do love...and place above
What people chose to think of me
I’m be called crazy
I’m mentally impaired...I swear...on a stack of bibles
My psyche now reveals…the best of them
Literary scholars…Theologians with collars
That command respect
To their educational and spiritual intellect
I choose to reject, the status-quo
Be content to say the Lord told me so
For in the name of Jesus
It doesn’t matter if they believe this
I had to lose my mind to receive this
Insight and was heavenly sent
To drive me the Lords name
The Master has got mad game...and plenty of perks
He even uses the devil to do his work
Possession oddly...even the godly
If you won’t come, when called
He’ll send a scare the hell out of you’ll
He plans to use...the emotionally abused
Cause the mind doesn’t matter...hen the spirit gathers
Control …of a lunatic’s soul
Comment by Mommy Dearest on August 11, 2009 at 8:49am

What's in a name...EVERYTHING!
Comment by Mommy Dearest on August 10, 2009 at 6:34pm

Thanks for joining us, Apostle Dr. Bradford Howard Jr!
Comment by Mommy Dearest on August 9, 2009 at 7:53pm

Welcome to our newest members, Prophet Dedric Hubbard and
Sister DaJuan W. Larkin, we're blessed to have you!
Comment by Mommy Dearest on August 9, 2009 at 7:44pm
Pass The J.

Hey lets…Light up the J…E. S. U. S.
And pass the twist
Ya might need a roach clip to handle this
The scripture I roll…is scrolled for the soul
Got em lick’n they lips…sniffing the spliff
Are you ready to take a big puff of this
Get your grown and spiritual on
Inhale and blow this earthly zone
Experience a supernatural high
Where you get lifted by…the spirit of the Most High
The one who engineered this roller coaster ride
Take a toke…beginners be prepare to choke
Cause the Word don’t front…it gives it to ya blunt
For all those who wanta stunt
Time to free yourself and get crunk…don’t just fake the funk
Stop messing with that laced junk…the chronic the street pumps
From the breath of God
I shot gunned and drug so hard…I saw stars
From the heavens above it was the best…there ever was
Or will be…it set my mind free…transformed me
Better then hit’n the weed…that had me so blind…but now I see
. like Jay-Z…my act is about to fade to black
Reality shows and movies on wrap
Cause I cut the crap…didn’t buy into the dime sack
I’m dealing some old other smack
The B. I. B. L. E. to be exact
I rip my papers from that stack
The Word is scribbled all over that
sit down with Mommy and hit that
Experiences the burning bush that
give Moses a contact
Had his head so high in the clouds
He didn’t hear the people down below going buck wild
Experiencing the scripture is an on going trip…man
So would ya please…pass the J , cause I am
No longer damned…to hells fire
Jesus took the whole joint to a higher…level
When he smoked the devil
Left death, in the dust…so I could trust…the Hand of God
To past the J and to me someday

I celebrate the pass over,

Mommy Dearest
Comment by Apostle D Tyler Brown on July 29, 2009 at 11:22pm
Oh, by the way, poems need to be 21 lines or less, alright!
Comment by Apostle D Tyler Brown on July 29, 2009 at 11:21pm
Poetry Contest, $1,000 grand prize, fifty prizes totaling $5,000. Entries must be received by August 10 and may be submitted by mail to: Free Poetry Contest, 704 1st Street, Golden, CO 80403, or enter at the web site: for instructions. Your name and address must appear on the page with the poem. Praise the Lord if you are a winner!
Comment by Mommy Dearest on July 28, 2009 at 12:35pm

J. Kiss Ya Ta Death

Son, I go for the jugular…J. kiss ya me muggular
A face only Jesus and a Mother could love…whether a vulture or dove
I will never forsake, my beloved…just because ya gotta whole lot thug…in ya
God still got mad love for ya…and the Momma that bore ya
Is supposta stand up for ya
So, I commit ya to God…give ya good foundation…and refuse to spare the rod
I’ll be leant or hard…depending upon the charge
Let the Lord worry about…the façade…the hood in which you trod
I trust that a man can not rob God...from turning a dope boys…stone cold heart
Into to a devoted counterpart…because of second chances…and new starts
stick up kids transformed…into grow men…blameless in the end
not impenetrable to sin…but surrendered to Him
who kissed the behind of every last one of them…via Momma and them
I’m a servant sent to nurture and support them
until baby boy…man up within…but until then
Mommy gonna pray and lend…their souls to the Lord
Rebuke the money, fast cars and whores
Keep lifting up what is Yours, Lord…and mine
Look forward to my reward in do time…for my dedicated grind
Momma’s boys upgrade, will be divine…personally redefined…no longer blind
To the crime…scene…Judas schemes…trifling woman and bling, bling
My boy will be flashing the Kingdom signet ring
Cause Momma gonna J. kiss ya to death…at the Lord’s request
So my boy could have eternal life and be blessed
With a reputation that attest…to the Supreme Power of God
To turn a hoodlum into an President or a rock star
But know, all that glitters is not gold…so don’t forfeit your manhood and your soul
For fools gold…cause satan is cold…blooded
He’ll stab you in the back…for a few pieces of silver, in a stack
Then smile and kiss you smack…death in the face
Lord, I thank God, Jesus kissed us all before hand with His grace

Give Momma some sugar,
Mommy Dearest

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