Many of you have inboxed asking my "SECRET" to staying POSITIVE, keeping the FAITH & HOPE alive & want to know who ENCOURAGES the ENCOURAGER... Whelp, here it is... Sometimes in life, we've got to be our OWN CHEERLEADER! It's in my DEEPEST, DARKEST, LONLIEST, MOST DEVASTATING & PAINFUL MOMENTS that I've TRULY SOUGHT GOD... IF YOU SEEK & YOU WILL FIND! God loves us too much to keep us the same. He will even BREAK us to make us WHOLE AGAIN, FREEING us from everything we were DEPENDENT on so we can be DEPENDENT ON HIM ALONE!!! Dont CURSE your CRISIS... It's in the DARKNESS your DESTINY is SHAPED! That said, I have often ENCOURAGED MYSELF while encouraging you! Just remember, whatever you OUT OUT what you'll get, what you SOW, you REAP... Whatever you BLESS will BLESS you & whatever you CURSE will CURSE you! I hope this helps somebody tonight!!! ♥


Gotta keep it 100... Even if that means LEADING WHILE BLEEDING... No more masks... ♥

Uh-Oh! NO MORE MASK!!! No more flying below the radar... I'm a "MADE" woman, I've been FOUND OUT!!! I know this because there's been an INCREASE of DEMONIC ACTIVITY around me... That is a SURE sign that satan has DISCOVERED MY PURPOSE and I'm about to walk into the GREATEST SEASON of my life!!!



The word says they won't PROSPER but they will FORM! Anything that you declare, has to be tested... That's why the enemy fights new believers as soon as they decide to follow Jesus...unfortunately it doesn't stop there, seems with every new level comes a new devil, too!


Having parents of faith is a definite plus! I've carried His word & principles since I first was saved & had water & spirit baptism at the age of 6. That DEEP ROOT kept pulling me back all the years that I strayed. I just thank GOD for choosing me...


One last thought before I go to bed... Here's my PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Remember to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world...Prayer is great & needed but stop just telling people you'll pray for them when you can BE A BLESSING... With the holidays approaching quickl & many people out of work still, please keep this in mind... Churches & local charities all have ways to help, just don't forget about your family, friends & neighbors... ♥ That's all folks... Have a blessed evening!

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